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Does anyone have this problem with LUTS's new delf body mature type3B V breakaway?

Mar 21, 2008

    1. I got my Breakaway yesterday and discovered something odd on its body parts, there're some kind of lines and I don't think I can call them "seamlines". They make a circle around the joints, when you touch the lines you can feel its uplift.
      Is it normal?:...(

      arm part

      left arm

      right arm


    2. It looks like a seam in the cast mold in all honesty. I know that from working with sculpts. I don't think it will effect anything other than you might have to sand it down if it bothers you. but it shouldn't cause any problems on the actual structure.
    3. Just taking a wild guess... but to me since its only around those joints? It seriously looks like where they might have cut off those parts of an older version type 1 or two, sculpted the new joints on to the existing body. And made a mold from that? And it just didn't get smooth out all the way.
    4. Oh man that sounds bad. Well I hope not, because it's like the company's unfair and cheating! XC

      momi: You should go and inform luts about it. I'm sure they have an explanation for this and might even replace the body for you. ^^ But for less effort, I guess you can just sand them down if it bothers you a lot.
    5. Remmah is correct. The lines are evidence that CP modified the Type One bodies by cutting off the joints and replacing them with the new style. HOWEVER, this is not cheating, nor is Luts likely to consider it a flaw. CP modified their own sculpt. It's unfortunate that they didn't make the modifications seamless before casting from it. You'll probably just have to sand the lines down if they bother you. I hadn't actually noticed the lines on my boy's Type Three (Lu-Wen) body until the light was at just the right angle. :sweat
    6. Hmmm...yeah, my boy has them too...but like St. James I hadn't noticed as the light has to be at the right angle for them to be really visible on him...I hadn't even seen them until just now, when I went to check him. I can see sand-lines there, too, so obviously they did try to minimise them as much as was feasible. I agree that they should have sanded the modded limbs better before making the new molds, but oh well...it's not a tragic flaw or anything. :sweat
    7. Ohh I see. Glad that was clear. :)
    8. Those rings kind of irritate me... If someone's paying 500-600+ for a doll, they should do their best to make the mold as flawless as possible. I don't see a reason other than laziness that they would even consider not making it a smooth edit.
    9. Both my Lu-Wen and Breakaway type 3 bodies have those. I ignored them because I wasn't going to go through a lot of hassle complaining to Luts but this actually makes me feel better :3
      Although they bother me xD they look damned weird. ><
    10. Oh i quicky went to check my breakaway body and he doesn't have any. Phew!

      he shipped on the 21st!! *__* he should be arriving tomorrow!!!

      i'm definitely going to check for these marks1!! :0
    12. I've never noticed them on my Lu-Wen.... I'll have a look... I can't see or feel anything

      Though to me it looks like they sanded those areas a fair bit ^^; and he's NS so maybe its not as obvious as WS?
    13. We had to get the light really close and a little from behind to see the rings at all and you can just barely feel them. Perhaps they've fixed it in newer dolls? kiradyn_rhiode I'm be interested to hear if you see them on you doll.
    14. I just received my boy yesterday and investigate really really close to his parts. I did not see any rings. Hope that means they have fixed this problem @_@