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Does anyone know how I can contact Free Spiritz?

Feb 5, 2006

    1. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I have been waiting on an order for about 6 weeks, and am just wondering what is going on. I have tried to email more than once,and have tried to PM them also. Does anyone know how I can contact them? Are they usually like this? Thanks,

    2. Her phone number is also on the freespiritz site. I haven't suceeded in getting through to him but I've heard of a few people getting through so it's not totally a lost cause. And yes go to the thread. At least you wont feel alone in the wait. -_-
    3. My orders have taken a bit but theyve arrived just fine also you can check your orders status on their site
    4. This is so werid, my order from them came in three days, really.
    5. Personally, I've had fabulous service from Davona (she runs both sites). She's never failed to answer an email I've sent to her, and I've gotten both large items (like dolls) and small items (like boots) within an acceptable amount of time.

      If you are concerned about your order, definitely email her with your questions. If that doesn't work (I know she has trouble with her mail filters and certain service providers) try using the "live help" button. Even if it's not active, you can send an email through the system, and she can reply back if you leave the necessary information.