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Does anyone know where to find Geta?

Nov 14, 2006

    1. Hi,
      I am looking for geta for my doll and I haven't been able to find them. I have found geta advertised in DoA but they are really zori and very nice too but zori are not geta. Here is a pictura of geta of a type called ukon.

      Has anyone seen such a thing? Please post here where you have seen them. The thong part are called hanao and can be any color or pattern. The above picture is full size for ladies.

      Thank you
    2. Azone sold a pair of that type of getas for their 60cm dolls a while back. Check Hobby Search 1999 or HLJ if they still have them.

      The only other place I have seen geta - usually the more traditional version - is YJ.

      Good luck with your hunt!
    3. Uneide was selling the more traditional geta for a while.
    4. Sorry for reviving this thread, I have a question...

      Quiet Queen ~ How do you search for SD getas on Yahoo Japan? What expression should I use? I find lots of human getas when I seach for the japanese word geta, but don't seem to find anything when searching for geta AND SD (except the tabi feet and some tabi socks). Thanks! :D
    5. Here's the search: SD shoes.

      There's no geta at the moment, only a pair of zoori. It varies...
    6. This is the search for geta within the Super Dollfie footwear section:

      Sometimes you can get them at ¥100 stores in Japan. I don't really know what to call the little ones, but searching for mini geta brought some up:

      Often though because they aren't really made for BJDs, you have to buy them quite large in order for the foot to fit behind the toe strap, unless your BJD has the feet with divided toes. Probably the round decorative ones wouldn't fit BJDs, but some of the narrower ones might.
    7. Uneide-chan hasn't had geta for a while, or so she told me.... they are notoriously hard to find. I reall have no desire to pay the huge deposit required to buy on YJ so I hope somebody finds a source. T_T
    8. I don't think they'd be hard to make. You could post a wtc in the accessories thread. I'm set to be making some in the near future and I'm sure others could make them too.
    9. Dezarii, this type fits SDs.

      Huge deposit?? Huh? You can choose to forego depositing actual money by choosing a shopping service that accepts verifying your credit card instead, or you can choose to pay a small deposit - $10 is not a huge sum to my mind...
    10. It's been a while so I thought I would perk up and ask if there is anyone selling Geta on an English language site. Specifically for an Iplehouse EID. Or in the marketplace.