Does anyone livestream about their dolls?

Feb 7, 2020

    1. Or, alternatively - does anyone know any doll collecting livestreamers whose streams may or may not center around their BJDs?

      So a friend of mine does livestreams of video games for a sort of side income aside from work, and that made me wonder if there was anyone who did any doll based streaming?
      I've heard of plenty of Youtubers- and I think a fair amount of youtube-curious folk have made a few box opening videos, and 1 podcast which is in it's early days... but no streamers!

      If you can't think of any streamers- what sort of content would be interesting? Live box openings? Sewing together? Concept art and drafting? Faceups?
    2. I for some time streamed me painting doll pieces and editing doll photos.
      @MisMantis did the same when she was painting dolls, and @Adalwolf sometimes streams box-openings and such too.
      I am not aware of any people though who do this regularly, as in, similar to how a lot of gaming/artists streamers work.

      I personally did so...uh, well, by pointing my phone at my hands/screen and streaming it onto Instagram. I would read the comments people leave and then reply by speaking into the mic. I also had some kind of soft music playlist in the background so people had something to listen to while I was silent.
      It was very pleasant, but I had to stop because most of the time I'm not painting in a way that makes it comfortable for me to record at the same time. As in, the angle is often not working well when painting details, and airbrushing is too loud I fear.

      I think the painting stuff was what attracted people the most though, lots of people enjoy watching other people craft. Box-openings are usually interesting too, but I personally highly prefer those in a more static and/or pre-recorded way. Makes it easier to reference when needed or get to the parts that matter. I also prefer there less "emotional" or completely silent approaches, I know people are excited and all that, but I just want to see the goods so to speak :sweat
      But people are very different there, some enjoy the emotional parts because they get excited by seeing others being excited for something, or because they get attached to the person behind their camera and their persona.
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    3. I never have. On Instagram Bimong-art sometimes streams his sculpting and finishing of dolls, that's interesting.
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    4. I've streamed other crafts before, but that was before I got into dolls. I could definitely see a stream focused on faceups/sewing/crafting/etc for dolls, though!
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    5. I have watched Bimong-art stream on insta as well; not sure if there is sound or not but would be fun to watch similar with talking as well. Or even just a 'highlights' stream where you show work (even sped up) and answer questions/provide commentary. A lot of work though!
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    6. I didn't realize that Instagram had any sort of streaming- goes to show how much I use it right now!

      Anyways, thanks to everyone for the answers!

      I don't foresee streaming in my immediate future, but I've considered it. I feel like a 'sew with me' attitude might carry the stream far, or just talking about sculpts- I'm always curious to know what sculpts people like and why. Maybe make an arbitrary scale of stylization and sort dolls based on what details their prospective owners might like etc etc.
    7. I’ve enjoyed live streaming of anime commentaries, episode by episode where the fan watches a live broadcast and streams his comments in real time. I think it would be so cool to watch a live stream of doll artists such as Bimong-art stream live.

      I have ever only recorded videos of BJD box openings and my first gunpla model re-paint project. It was a lot of work to set up the camera and prepare the space and in the case of gundam model repaint, I had to prepare equipment and yes, I scripted my audio! Watching a BJD hobby live stream would be interesting.
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