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Does Anyone own a KANA-Pink

Mar 22, 2008

    1. Hello Everyone, just wondering if anybody owns a KANA-Pink from angell-studio? :lol:
    2. I do. What do you need to know? You can PM me or ask me here. :)
    3. I own a Gabriel in the pink skintone..... she's VERY pink....
    4. Sweet.. Im hoping to get the girl soon so I can start taking my opening pics and having her around in my life I really want a BJD. :)

      Hugs, Apple-Pix
    5. Is there anything I would need to keep her clean and safe when im out of the house?

      Hugs, Apple-Pix
    6. Anyone got any pics of one :)

      Hugs, Apple-Pix
    7. With any BJD it's a good idea to keep them out of strong light when you are not playing, and somewhere they cannot fall or be gotten at by pets or children or anyone who does not know how to handle and respect the doll.

      And don't touch the faceup or eyelashes - finger oils can degrade a faceup, glued lashes are on with only a little glue and can loose. Faceups are just pastel and water-based paint with a couple of thin coats of matte varnish.

      And do not leave your doll in dark or strongly colored clothing or wigs - resin can stain especially with dyed natural fabrics. Dyed wig caps can also stain. I usually take the wig off and put them away in light color undies.

    8. This topic can be deleated now.. :)

    9. I thought Kana was a SD sized doll?