Does anyone own Impldoll Dream's art dolls?

Jun 14, 2016

    1. I can't seem to find much about people owning these Impldolls! I was wondering if anyone here has one of these cuties? I have ordered a 32cm sized doll from them and I wanted to have some clothes ready for her so she's not naked. I know 1/4 size clothing will be too big and I was wondering what kind/sizes of clothing would fit their cute little bodies? If possible I'd love to see some photos please?
    2. Bumping this because I'd love to see some owner pics of the dream art bodies!! :)
    3. I received my dream's art Claudia yesterday! I find they fit some barbie and blythe clothing. But depends on what it is, some might need minor alterations. Will post some photos when I get the chance :)
    4. Oooh yes I'd love to see photos!! If you could take a photo of her next to a normal mini sized doll that would be great too. I'm struggling to get the proportions clear in my head.:sweat