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Does anyone prefer SMALLER eyes?

Apr 5, 2009

    1. This is my first thread in any discussions, if it needs moved, please put it where it goes. ^-^

      I was just nosing through and was reading some posts in a thread about prefering the larger eyes in a doll... So I was wondering, are there those who prefer the smaller sizes?

      I like my MSD dolls, and I love sculpts with smaller eyes, because the eyes are what draw me. If the doll has large eyes I'm usually quite turned off from them. I changed my RS An's eyes down a size just because they didn't look right with the size he came with. I took it from a 16mm to a 14mm because too much of the iris and part of the pupil vanished behind the socket, making him look blank and sort of vapid.

      With a 14mm eye he looks much better, because you can see that he's looking in whatever direction, without looking lost.

      I'll probably size down my DZ Mo when I get him as well, because while the sculpts eye-shape is attractive, and in the photo's of 16mm eyes he looks quite good, I like the photo's of 14mm's better, he looks more alive.

      Am I insane in the fact that I don't want them to look like 'dolls' with their huge vapid eyes and bland stares, but I want them to look more 'human' by putting in smaller eyes?
    2. I am also one of those individuals who likes smaller eyes instead of the larger ones. The larger eyes seem to overwhelm the socket. I think you can create a better expression with the smaller eyes. AnnMarie
    3. If I can get a doll into smaller eyes then that is what I do. Larger eyes makes dolls look too cute (unless they are like my RS An, his eyes are too large to fit on purpose) and I want mine to be less cute and more serious looking. My liking for smaller eyes has come to a point where my Obitsu Gretel (older type) is actually wearing two different eye sizes (though that is because 14 works best in one eye but not the other, so he is wearing one 14 and one 16)
    4. I try to use the smallest eye size possible for my dolls. I like that it makes them look more alert and focused and side glancing eyes are more expressive when you can see a little more white around the iris. :)
    5. Yes, I do prefer smaller eyes in nearly all of my dolls. I think it adds so much to their character! I love the 'sideways'
      glances and the puppy dog/sad look one can get from just moving the smaller eyes around in the sockets! I do love to see more of the white around the iris too as Idrisfynn has mentioned above!
      I am finding I rearly buy anything over 14mm these days!

      xen :)
    6. I also prefer smaller eyes-sizes, the smaller irises make
      the sculpts look a lot more mature, and also a bit more
      realistic. My larger dolls are supposed to be adult-characters,
      so I want them to look older. Particularly more-so when it comes
      to my more stylized sculpts, which tend to look a bit too-young,
      to pass for 25/30-year-old adults. ^_________^

      KarieChaos, I own a DZ Mo-Wen, I prefer him with 11-12mm eyes
      (the smaller the better), even if the default are 16mm, I think those are
      just a bit too big for him. ^ ^

      - Enzyme ^.^
    7. Me and my gf generally like to put msd eyes in sd dolls, so the pupils and irises aren't so freakin' huge, like the 'specail Puss in boots' look from Shrek. The default eyes are just too, too big for our liking.
    8. It usually depends on the personality I want the doll to portray, but I do usually lean towards the smaller end of the scale because it tends to give a more mature look to the doll, especially in some of the more immature sculpts. If I have a doll I want to have a more sweet, wide-eyed look I might go high on the scale. But yeah, in general my guys tend to have eyes on the smaller end. So long as there are no gaps and I can position the eyes in a few different ways then I'm good~
    9. Enzyme - I will have to look for pictures of your Mo then, because I really do like to see different eye sizes in him, since he's on his way.

      I like the smaller eyes because the larger eyes seem too much like a younger look than my dolls need. Its just too much like a normal doll that you'd buy at the store, with it's huge eyes. Although I can only semi-afford MSD dolls, the characters they're meant to portray aren't children. So the big eyes don't work.
    10. Nope. I like em big and stupid:aeyepop:
    11. I much prefer smaller eyes. Mine all have 14mm in right now, and I have considered getting Riddick some 12mms to try, but just haven't done it yet. The 16mms in him were all iris with practically no white at all.
    12. I prefer smaller eyes for sure. I always put one size smaller than the recommended size in my dolls. I think it makes them looks a little bit more realistic. Which is good for me because I also like realistic sculpts.
    13. It partly depends on the character, but overall my SD sized dolls (with the exception of my minimee who takes size 12), use 16mm rather than 18mm. Having a little more white around the eye makes them a little less soft looking and a little more mature.
    14. Yes!! I used to have 18mm eyes in my girl, but from now on I think I'll stick with 16mm because they make her look so much more alive. : )
    15. I often prefer the look of one size smaller. My Mei has 14mm, I think she's much more expressive with them than the 16mm default.
    16. I don't think you are insane. I think it is just a matter of personal preference. Personally, I do not like smaller eyes. I love large eyes, but again, it is simply personal preference. There isn't anything wrong with liking one over the other.
    17. Both my SD kids take 16mm by default but I much prefer 14mm I makes them look a lot less vacant and much more expressive. You can do so much more with the smaller eyes, as far as moving them around the sockets for different glances and what not. So I would definitely say unless I was going for a younger or innocent character I prefer to down size:)
    18. I definately love smaller eyes the most, and always go smaller than the reccomended size. I think it makes the doll look more alive (it can also make them look intelligent, cruel, bored, etc...depending on the position) the doe-eyed look is really not my thing. (well I'd probably do it for a little girl)
    19. It really depends on which doll the eyes are in for me. For my DOB boy, I just recently put Kala's old eyes into him and they look wonderful. I think they're 16 mm and I was going for 18mm all the time for him but it actually looks much nicer, it opens up his expression a lot.

      As for Kala, Kala has completely red eyes and Whisper will, in a few weeks, have completely black so I use much larger eyes in those two. And Adelaide... well, he's currently got his vamp head on so you don't get to see his eyes too much.
    20. For dolls that are meant to look more mature and older, I'd go smaller every time. I'm a little worried that the eyes I've gotten my first doll will be too big! XD