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Does asymmetry in your doll's sculpt delight or bother you?

Jul 7, 2005

    1. As these dolls are sculpted by hand, it seems most have a little asymmetry in them. Have you noticed? Does it bother you, or is it endearing... or something else? Please share your thoughts. :)

      (Idea from this thread, but I didn't want to hijack it: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16677)
    2. I've definitely noticed it in Lucien, because one eye is different, and his lower lip is decidedly asymmetrical. At first it bothered me a little, but now I'm delighted by it, it just makes him that much more "real" to me.

      Kuwamiko noticed asymmetry in Shouta's face right away, and it just endeared him to her.
    3. Human face isn't asymmetrical either, so no. I tend to check eye-positions and such from a mirror and the dolls look really different through it but it doesn't bother me. It's just realistical.

      Take a photo of a human, copy the other side of the face and mirror it on the other: it looks really creepy and unnatural.
    4. Delight, definitely, as long as it adds to a doll's expression rather than takes away from it. An eyemold, for instance, that's really skewed--that rarely looks pleasant; however, a slightly uneven mouth or lop-sided smirk is often a wonderful way to lend a doll character. I know personally, I intentionally paint eyebrows one-different-than-the-other, I love them that way... And I don't force myself to be super-symmetrical when painting the other parts of the makeup, either, I just aim for a look that's harmonious overall rather than painstakingly even.
    5. J is more asymmetrical than G. O_o

      The asymmetry doesn't bother me. But I don't find it endearing either. It's just there. Like a lot of things in life, J and G aren't perfect.

      (I'm more bothered by conspicuous seams. =_@ Then again, I'm not ready to take my boys apart and sand them, so I won't complain. ^_^; )
    6. My fav boy, Darryn (sch A) is not asymmetrical at all... But I love him for his uniqueness XD XD XD ...

      Doesn't bug me in any way~ XD
    7. Juniper's mouth is a bit lop-sided. I think it's cute.

    8. I preffer assymetry. =3

    9. Hana's (old F-14) eyecuts are slightly different; one is larger and they're ever so slightly higher and lower. Took a little work to position 22mm glass paperweights situated in her sockets so as to minimize the difference, but worth it. I don't think it affects my love for her though.
    10. One of Erina's eyes is not the same as the other, and while it bothers me at times, I've grown to love it.
    11. Don't have dollies who are symmetrical, so it doesn't really bother me *except* when I try to position eyes and they simply won't look in the same direction... I think this is especially obvious in my F-08~
    12. One of Chy's eyes is off a bit, and it drives me up the wall. (So is one of his eyebrows, but that's my fault. ^^;) Being both mildly obsessive-compulsive and almost completely unattracted to flesh-and-blood humans, having a doll with a deliberately asymmetrical sculpt to simulate 'realness' is... Not the most pleasing thing in the world, particularly for the type of money dropped on them.
    13. Eh, doesn't bug me. What does bug me is my continued inability to get Nai's eyelashes even, heh. XD;;;

      What bugs the hell out of me, though, is if a pair of eyes has slightly uneven pupil sizes. ^^;;; It can look really weird. n.n;;;
    14. All of my dolls have slight imperfections. Varekai's eyebrows are a little uneven, but I did that because my own eyebrows are a little uneven. Ahriman's eyes are slightly different, but I ended up liking it a lot, and Bael...uh...I've never really noticed if his face is asymmetrical at all. But to me, those slight imperfections make them more special. As long as it's not a glaring "Oh my god that's way off" type of thing, I love it!
    15. imperfections are what makes us human, and imperfections make our dolls seem more human, and more real. so, i kinda like em.
    16. Well, nothing's perfect.

      I don't mind at all. :daisy
    17. Doesn't volks do that to their molds on purpose? I thought I heard that somewhere.

      I don't think it matters if it's not glaring, I don't notice that stuff, just faceups, wigs and eyes.
    18. Assymmetry in a sculpt bothers me, but only around the eyes. I don't mind if the eye placement is uneven, but if when you put the eyes in, there's more white visible on one than the other... it drives me crazy. I guess it's a personal thing. Real people aren't exactly symmetrical, but I don't have to position eyes in real people either. :)
    19. Sabrina's eyes are not even at the bottom, or I'll eat my hat. Sometimes it does kind of bother me because I think it's fairly noticeable.
    20. Assymmetry is a delight to me. I love quirkyness, and even a noticible lack of symmetry is okay by me (except for eyes being put in off-kilter). I guess it appeals to me because I have a tremendous lack of symmetry in my own face, and find it endearing in others.