Does Doll Leaves Teenage Dream fit Slim MSD? & Shoes?

Apr 17, 2018

    1. I keep seeing outfits listed as "Fits Slim MSD". My Doll Leaves girl has some curvy hips, so I wasn't sure if she would be considered slim or not. I believe she has the new body type, if that helps.

      Also, any suggestions on where to find proper fitting shoes? The measurements I find online are too big for her. I plan to make some easy shoes of my own, but for things like boots and sneakers, I'm not sure where to look. Too bad Doll Leaves doesn't have a shoe selection for them on their site.
    2. Finding shoes for msds is so awful honestly. Everything is made so BIG for msds.

      Sumomo82 on etsy has really nice flats that fit my Withdoll girls' small feet really well. Since Minifees are so popular I usually try searching "minifee shoes" and that helps a little with finding smaller ones. (Though keep in mind ones for Moe line will be even smaller)

      Hope this helps!
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    3. Doll Leaves feet are the same length as Minifee feet-- 5.5 cm. Shoes that fit this size of foot are usually 6 cm long. Is this what you mean by too big? If the size of the shoe is 6 cm, it should fit; if it's something like 6.5 cm it will not fit at all.

      My Doll Leaves girl fits Minifee and Slim Mini-sized clothes. Her ankles are thin and a bit spindly, so there will be a bit of space around the ankle for pants. But as long as the material is stretchy, I've had no problems fitting her hips into pants and skirts.
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    4. doll leaves feet are 5 cm... i had a hell of a time trying to find shoes that fit my girl. (she's the old body by the way) :...(:...(

      i don't know much about clothing, since i make them myself, but some of my doll friends tried the dresses i made on their minifee (even on a boy) & they fit quite well. so i guess anything that fits minifee can also fit doll leaves, & vice versa.
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    5. This shops msd shoes measure 5.5 and they will do custom orders: Marble Moon
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    6. Thank you! So helpful!