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Does it bother you when They have lovers?

Oct 10, 2009

    1. Wow. This sounds like a stupid question.
      My friend and I were talking about her next doll, and she showed me one she likes, then she told me that the only thing stopping her from gettin him was because the site gave him a 'lover'.:doh

      I just dont get it, why would that stop you from buying something you like? I would like to know what people think, and if maybe someone could explain it to me?:aheartbea
      Sorry if there is already a topic like this.
    2. No, I don't care what stories the doll companies make up for them; when I buy them, I make up a new story, and often change their looks as well.
    3. Maybe it makes her feel that her concept is either wrong or that it has spoiled her ideas and she doesn't feel able to "forget" about the company ideas.
    4. Them having lovers doesn't stop me from buying one or the other. I could imagine it might make you want to buy both though, which could end up as a turn off as you don't want to spend that much.

      I have an issue something like that with Volks kids. :lol: Alot of them look like they could be siblings, or have little backstories. Such as MSD Toppi & Mihmi - from the nose down they are exactly the same, it's from the eyes up they're different. They say they're best friends, but I look at them more as sisters, which makes me want both of them, even though it's almost like buying two of the same doll. :sweat

      I'm the same way with MSD Mika & Ken too, they're the same headmold but one's one on a girl body and one on a boy body, I want to get both as they're MSD twins. :| Just these little bonds and similar faces makes me want more and more since they're cute together, it's like collecting lots of different sizes and colors of teddy bears. I get that way with SD Kurumi, MSD F-18 & Yo-SD Lin/Shin too. They all have very similar molds, which makes me want all 3 to have them be siblings.

      But to answer your question, no, their relationships with other dolls wouldn't stop me from getting only one of them. If you're really curious about why she feels like that, why don't you just ask her straight out? I'm sure she'd tell you and wouldn't mind you asking.
    5. Thats what I thought, and I was going to ask on it, but my roommate came in and began teasing her that the only reason she wants dolls is to date them. It completely killed the conversation and I never got an answer (plus she moped around the house all night).
    6. i dont hate it, but like most already said i just kind of forget about their background stories that the company gives him. However if they have a couple or another doll that goes with them like a set, i kind of feel bad i cant buy both. The second doll i want to buy is a DOC Kirill, but i feel bad i cant buy Ivan too, it seems like they go together. but of course it wont stop me from buying him which i will anyway.. perhaps i'll find an ivan later lol
    7. I don't really care about the company backstories, I make the doll into the character I want it to be. I mean how many people actually made Too and Bee-A into lovers? Most made them into siblings. There's one doll that I want mostly because of the company character/backstory though, that's Volks Amakusa Shiro, and I'm a fan of the historical figure.
    8. I get the dolls to make into my OC, with their own backstories and relations etc so whatever story the company makes holds no power in my decision really. Even back when I collected Pullips I didn't have the matching sets between my girl and boy dolls and they're pretty much released in theme sets.
    9. No, I wouldn't allow a company's backstory into not buying a doll I really wanted, however I can sort of understand why it might be a bother. For example, the little story snippets that are given such as on the Dream of Doll website don't bother me too much as they are so brief and easily overlooked. However, some companies such as Iplehouse and their circus dolls, with all the work that has been put into their storyline as well as the actual dolls themselves, it almost feels as if the company would be insulted for changing the dolls' background. True, if I really wanted an Iplehouse circus doll I wouldn't let that hold me back as once the doll is mine I am allowed to do whatever I want with it, but it would still be something I'd think about initially.
    10. No: when I buy them they're my characters, not the company's -- I couldn't care less about the backstories that companies assign to them (though they're nice to know, like Volks' stories for each of their limiteds) Really, I feel that 'official' stories or lovers cease to matter the moment I click on that 'Buy' button and spend my hard-earned cash on them: at that point they're mine, with my story and my character being the only one that matters.
    11. If I believed every story the companies stuck on some doll, I'd probably hardly ever buy any. I don't mind the lovers so much but the fantasy stories about So-and-so is God of the Isle of Whatsit bore and annoy me. I never read or think about that kind of stuff in real life.

      But, as others have noted, once you buy the doll it's yours and you can make it whatever you want, which in my case is usually a normal old human jeans-and-t-shirt wearing doll.
    12. It doesn't phase me.

      For example, when I ordered Petsha from Dream of Doll I read her short bio and saw she had fallen in love with another doll of theirs, Kirill.

      Despite Kirill being a handsome sculpt, I have no interest in purchasing him. I knew this at the time and it didn't effect my love and desire to have Petsha.

      I can see how somebody else may feel like they "need to have both," though. From a different point of view, perhaps a "collection is not complete" unless both lovers are obtained. Guess it all has to do with what an individual wants to do with his or her dolls and the reason dolls are being bought in the first place. For me, dolls are based on my pre-existing characters so while I find a company's official back story interesting it has no bearing on what they are, how they behave or who they love.
    13. I feel as though the company stories are their way of keeping themselves motivated when they design their dolls. And with some, (Iplehouse's circus and Soom's legend) it makes it fun to try to predict their next releases. I do like seeing what the company or designer may have thought about while creating their dolls, but it's not something that then I think about much.

      I think of their parings and such then as the same way we might have a story or "world" that we like to consider when working on our dolls once they arrive to us.
    14. Wow.....I'm surprised something like that would really put her off to a doll considering that many companies make up their own connections between the dolls they create~ Volks, Soom, Luts/Cp, DOD....pretty much major companies have a tendency to add that "X Doll is the sibling of Y Doll ^^" or something else of the like~ To me it seems a little silly to let something like that bother you when you are buying a type of doll that was created to be totally customizeable in case you wish to do so and not keep it the way it was in case it is a fullset doll or something. Like someone said before...maybe the concept the company came up with totally changed her view on the doll and she can no longer see it the way she imagined it or desired it to be? Even though I still think it's not that a big of a deal to be put off so much by something like that..but to each their own I guess~
    15. I don't even really look much at the company's stories. It's nice to know they care enough to give each doll a little bit of storyline, but it doesn't affect my wanting the doll in any way at all. If I want a doll, the company's story, personality, even AGE all go out the window; the doll becomes my character, with his own story, personality, and whatever age the character is.

      I suppose if I was a "collect them and keep them as they are" type collector the company's story would affect my purchase; but I'm more of a "buy them blank and make them how I want them" collector so the company story is just like the faceup, wig and clothes they have in the photos - a pretty but entirely superfluous extra.
    16. No, this doesn't bother me at all. I remember when the Haute Hound came out and thinking they gave him the backstory of a guy I would probably dislike...poetry reading and pretentious... (this is my own opinion and not meant to insult anyone who does love poetry) and yet I still liked the doll itself. Years later I have one Hound and am working on getting another and I can't see either of them at a poetry reading..;) If I like a doll, I like a doll no matter what the backstory is.
    17. Doesn't bother me when companies give their dolls stories. I like it, actually, it shows they care for their dolls and go an extra step for them in advertising.
      My dolls have totally different stories to what the companies have developed for them, and am sure companies know that buyers will develop new stories for dolls.
    18. Company doll stories don't bother me in the least; sometimes they're really cute and that might make me want the doll a little more, but I generally don't care. Especially when it comes to lovers because very few of my own characters ever have ones.

      I really enjoy familiar resemblance though. When they look like one another like a little family, it's really cute.
    19. I don't pay a lot of attention to company doll stories to be honest. I just examine the pictures. Now if the photo story is particularly cute I might be more interested in the doll. I'm more turned off by really bad company photos than by whatever character they've put on the doll. I'm shopping with a character in mind and am looking for the right sculpt.
    20. means zero to me. The only thing that might influence slightly is if I think they need to be a pair and they are very limited and I could never get the other one. That has never happened but I guess its an if. I don't let MARKETING influence me!!! we have to make these dolls are own ;)

      She must be young!