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Does it ever seem like your dolls aren't getting along?

Jul 17, 2011

    1. I looked for a thread similar to this and haven't found one. If there's another thread that's similar or if this is the wrong place, Mods, please move it. ^^

      Now, I don't mean the characters of your dolls, I mean the dolls themselves. About two days ago the Souldoll Miryu floating head I bought came in, and I was pretty stoked! My first doll, Vivica, and the Miryu head looked pretty close in skintone and since I don't have a body for her yet, I borrowed Viv's so I could layout some plans for Sophie (the Miryu head). Vivica wasn't happy about that, but altogether, they seem okay together. However, my Aubree (RS Li) just seems... she's kind of giving me weird vibes since Sophie got here. x_x I know it sounds weird, but I'm serious getting odd feelings from her when they're near each other. Aubree was my second doll, and she was - in a sense - the "baby" till Sophie's head got here.

      It's calming down, but it made me curious: Have you ever had an experience like this?

      Or, has it ever seemed like your dolls hit it off together, or were really close?

      Has it ever seemed like your dolls gave you feelings/vibes?
    2. This has never happened to me. Then again, I don't view my dolls has having any kind of life, opinions, feelings, etc. aside from what I give them as characters. When I bring a new doll home, there's no getting along or not getting along. There aren't any vibes, good or bad, and there's never an issue of them "hitting it off" with the dolls that were already here. To me, the dolls don't get a say, and they have no thoughts of their own, so it's impossible for them to convey any such feelings. If there are positive or negative feelings or thoughts, they only exist through me regarding the dolls that I bring into my home. A doll might not live up to my expectations, which might cause some conflict on my part, but there are no feelings coming from my other dolls.
    3. I think sometimes there is something off between the aesthetics of two dolls--so that they just don't "work" together. I generally don't photograph dolls together that have this problem, though I enjoy all of my dolls separately. It's a real issue if they were intended as a set though, or if you were planning tea parties or whatnot together. On the other hand it could make for some interesting photoshoots!
    4. I've got a couple that just seemed to instantly not get along for some reason. When I got my newest boy, I got the feeling that my second doll didn't care for him much at all. I tried sitting them next to each other all day to see maybe if Taki (the 2nd) was just unsure of him or something, but to this day, whenever he looks at Dak, I sense the mild disdain and it shows on his face lol. Maybe it's jealousy over my first boy? XD
    5. I bought a FL Chic line Rou to be paired with my Unoa 2.0 but as soon as I put them together to introduce themselves my Unoa was instantly put off. His head was smaller than hers, and he was a few cms shorter. So when I went to pick her up her leg swung around and kicked him in the face with her high heel! He had a big blue mark down his cheek from the paint and I was like D:!!!!! Usually my dolls behave very well but she just wasnt having it... I think theyre a little better now, though lol
    6. My dolls all get along really well, which is odd because they're all very different characters. But you can see it when they're together; they just kind of lounge against each other and look really relaxed. A while ago they were separated- some of them were in Plymouth, some of them were in London, and at first the ones with me seemed to be relishing the extra attention, but after a while, you could tell they missed the other guys! And when I got to see the others, they gave me a look like, "So, you're allowing us back into the family circle, huh?" :D
      They remind me of a bunch of housemates who've been living together a long time, which is I suppose what they are. When I got my last new doll, he was pretty shy and seemed to hold himself stiffly and somehow apart from the others, even when I posed them together. Now, though, he's completely relaxed, though he does have his favourites! He generally clings to his two special friends and leaves my other dolls alone :D
      So I would definitely say that dolls have relationships with one another. You can just tell with the energies they give off. I hope I don't sound crazy when I say they definitely have moods, likes and dislikes just like people ^^;

      ETA: These are just MY dolls I'm talking about, of course. Your mileage may vary, etc ^^
    7. shou-kun: I've never really thought of them having their own lives/souls/feelings aside form character traits, or the owner-doll bond. Kind of like... they have a soul only because we care about them, so they're like part of us. But since Sophie came, I think I've kind of changed my mind about the feelings aspect.

      fishcake: I hadn't thought of the aesthetics. Sophie isn't really all that different from Vivica though, and Vivica and Aubree are perfectly fine together. Kind of like sisters, in a way.

      neonraver247: Yep, that sounds like Aubree and Sophie! Only, the doll I already had is the one who seems irked by the new one. I think with yours it might be jealousy- you already have a bond with your first boy. Maybe the new boy doesn't like competition? Haha

      ArouraAnn: Oh my gosh! That's so mean! That definitely sounds like intent to heel! XD Aubree's actually kind of similar with Sophie. Not with the kicking or anything, but she refuses to look at her- no matter how I pose Aubree, she always ends up looking away from Sophie. AND she's been really temperamental with movements, which she wasn't before Sophie, and I haven't done anything to her before or since. Sophie, on the other hand is more indifferent at this point.
      Maybe time will help like it did with yours. ^^; Or maybe once Sophie has a body...

      Harlequin-Elle : You don't sound crazy at all, dear! ^^ Actually, that's what I'm starting to believe too. I was starting to think I sounded crazy actually. xD Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll warm up to each other eventually. ^^ That would sure be nice since they all share a carrier at this point... xD
    8. I'm pretty sure that all of us mentally healthy, normal collectors are fully aware that our dolls don't actually exist the same exact way people do-I do however (because of the way I designed their characters, face-ups, clothes, and backstories, and because I am quite imaginative) know that Cass does not get on well with Edissen. Ed is technically my first doll, and he "bullies" Cass who pretty much wins out as my favourite (although it's a very close thing these days.) Whenever I put them together Cass is always cringing away, he'll twist back or fall over, always away from Ed who tends to look extremely smug at those times. They've really never gotten along... I doubt they ever will XD
    9. Oh, I definitely understand that most of us are aware of that. :) I was just stating that the only feelings I apply to my dolls are the feelings between characters. The original post asks about the physical dolls themselves, not their characters, getting along, which is what I was talking about. Even what you describe is about the traits of the characters you've applied to your dolls based on backstories, etc. It's the same for some of my dolls (and planned future dolls) based on characters. The characters may hate each other, but the dolls themselves can be considered neutral parties. XD If it weren't for the characters I give them, they'd have absolutely no feelings, personalities, etc. at all. If Rook hit Saa in the face, I'd chalk it up to poor posing or string tension, not feelings between the dolls. ^^
    10. shou-kun: But it's not necessarily the characters. I admit, I'm usually the first one to look for a logical explanation. But I can't find one here. Sophie doesn't have a character yet, and Aubree isn't the type to hate (Love and peace and all that) and is really shy. They really have no reason to hate dislike each other. So I can't see assigned character traits as the explanation for all of these instances.
    11. Hmm. Sure, I've seen it happen. I must admit, I might be *looking* for animosity between the dolls, though, since the characters they are based on don't get along. My MNF Rheia seems to glare at two of the other girls on her shelf (DOC Petsha and AF Alice). She looks angry if I photograph her with either of them. Character-wise, this works since the other girls get more attention from her current crush than she does. ;)
    12. This really isn't a "debate" thread but more of a discussion thread amongst those who believe their dolls are not inanimate. This would be better suited to a private blog. Thanks!