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Does it hurt or annoy when outsiders say "You should sell your dolls!"?

Oct 16, 2009

    1. ;w; I get this ALL the time. I carry my dolls with me everywhere, even to school, so I get a lot of comments about them- I'm glad when I get compliments and I'm more than happy to let people hold my doll, but I always feel so angry and sad when, after they find out how much she cost me, they tell me that "I could make a fortune selling them", "I should sell my dolls", "is there much of a market?"....

      Does anyone else feel a pang of hurt when an outsider tells you to sell something you obviously love?
    2. Not really. I got that comment once only , but I brushed it off.
      It's silly to care what some strangers say offhandedly. More often then not I'd imagine it's said without them really meaning to.
      I admit to making similar comments when a friend shows off their new overpriced handbag for example.

      Love what you do and I suggest not take comments like that personally :)
    3. Yes, of course it hurts! Unfortunately, some people only think in terms of dollar signs.

      I think what the pain of it is, is that it's hard for us to understand that people may not love these darn resin wallet-drainers like we do. We see wonderful things, potential, characters, and art in these, other people just see them as dolls.

      I'll agree it does get saddening when you hear it over and over again.. Or when you tell somebody how much you paid for it and get the phrase, "Are you insane?!"...

      But I think it comes with the territory.

      At least we have our solace, a place where we're fully welcomed, a place of like minds....

      I suppose it eases the annoyance and frustration of hearing it all the time.

      Just my two cents.
    4. No, because I don't really care what other people think. :lol: And well, they're right. If I sold my dolls I could make a lot of money, that's like me being mad at someone for telling me the sky is blue - it's true. Do I want to sell them? No, and I'll just tell them that, I wouldn't be hurt about the comment at all. Just as I'm not hurt when someone says I should sell my old books or games, it's more of a suggestion most of the time then them actually trying to make you do something.

      Also, if you get hurt by the attention your dolls bring to you out in public, maybe leave them at home a bit more often? Being in the hobby should be fun and make you happy, not make you feel isolated or hurt. This isn't a hobby everyone can understand - specially in this day and age where most people don't even have an actual hobby, they just play video games - it's not something they're used to, you shouldn't expect everyone to understand. It may not be so obvious to them that you love it as it is to you, you know how you feel, no one else can just look at you and know how you feel about something, communication is important in humans.

      I mean, I have friends who carry ipods everywhere they go, even if they're not using them, half of them admit they don't even really care about them. They just like showing off that they have one as a status symbol, someone may think the same of your doll, that you're just trying to show it off, not that you take it with you because you love it.
    5. All you can do is chalk it up to ignorance. Most people don't spend lots of money on something they really want, just to turn around and sell it for profit. And anyone interested in dolls would most likely know what it is worth and not buy it if it is too far above its regular price from the company (not unless they are really desperate). Most of us who collect realize that it is not about the money, but the happiness of owning something so beautiful, that we can make our own. Other people, may only see $$$. Its a re-occuring problem between doll owners, and outsiders. I don't see it ever being resolved, but we do our best to educate those that will listen.
    6. It doesnt hurt - but it certainly makes me roll my eyes. Unfortunately greed is a driving force for some people and when face with an item that is so valuable rather than singing praises for your hard work to earn it - "those people" will only ever see the aspect of making a quick buck... Whilst annoying I've had far worse comments that have hurt my feelings but money related snarks are like water off a ducks back to me....
    7. I've found they don't mean "sell the dolls you have", they mean "wow, you did a great job customizing these you should do more and sell them to make great money". Thats ALWAYS how everyone who's said that to me has meant it.

      I consider it a very high compliment, actually. They think I did a good enough job on the dolls to be a professional at styling them. How could that be hurtful?
    8. If someone said to me, "You should sell them!" or "You'll make a fortune if you sell all your dolls~"

      I'll simply reply:

      "For the right price, I'll sell it!" Or "Make me an offer!" as if to dare them on their remark.

      I guess since I'm old, such remarks would not bother me since my skin is quite thickened. :lol:

      But if I was easily upset by such remarks, I'd avoid carrying my doll in public unless it's to a doll meet.
    9. Aaaand there's the reason I don't tell people what they're worth! Aside from anything else, it's really no one's business but mine what I do with my money and time, and whilst it's eyerollingly irking to get those comments, I don't lose sleep over it. People are idiots, they'll always feel they have a right to stick their nose in so you may as well ignore it and move on tbh.

      If it bothers you, start asking them why they don't sell their ipod/phone/game system? That lot could make a lot of money too after all and most of the fools who make these ridiculous comments don't have the brains to imagine that their heinously expensive gadgetry probably cost more than the doll in your arms anyway, let alone realise that in a year, all their gear will be out of date and your doll remains beautiful.
    10. Yes it does. I have had this comment only once so far, from my best friend of all people. "You should sell them, they're creepy. You should buy porcelain dolls instead!" I was just...shocked, to say the least - I had thought she didn't mind them. If a stranger said something like that to me, I would not just be hurt, I would also become very mad. I would never tell them how much my dolls cost, what if they tried to steal them? *paranoid* Thankfully, most people here just stare. *shrug*
    11. Ask them, if they would have all that money that selling a doll would bring up, what would they do with it?
      They'll probably want to buy a Iphone, computer, stuff like that for example.

      Maybe that will help them see their own ignorance xD
    12. Yeyo Yuma is too new to get comments like that. I suppose after I have her longer someone I know will make the statement in reference to any kind of financial situation I might be in. I sometimes get short on cash and people will say, "you should sell your camera." HA! Yea, right....

    13. I wouldn't be upset about it, I've had people say that... I came back and said to my friend,
      "I love my boy as much as you love KAT-TUN. You could make money of your collection, would you?"
      She now cuddels and wants to hold Kell all the time. :)
    14. I think the hurt would come in because they are obviously putting a price tag on your joy, and that hurts. I think it would hurt more coming from a close friend or loved one, because to them my happiness should be paramount as long as I am not doing without necessities to have my dolls.

      I am just glad for anyone who finds some joy in this world.
    15. Honestly, No you couldn't make a fortune selling your dolls. You'd maybe break even, but no fortune. I mean, if you've already spent a fortune buying them, how can you make one selling them off again? And add in the cost of faceups whether you make them yourself or get them done, and there's honestly now way you could make MORE money then you spent unless you magically had a super limited doll for very cheap and managed to make him or her better somehow. So yeah, you could just ignore people in their fetid ignorance. This is why I don't carry mine around outside XD I feel like I couldn't deal with all the judging so I just keep them at home and sometimes it's really nice to walk in and see them going "welcome home!"
    16. I've only ever gotten it once...from my mother in law...through my husband. She couldn't even say it to my face. I got annoyed, then I got pissed, then I sighed and realized it's like EVERYTHING else my husband and I do that she doesn't approve of. It's not the last time I'll hear of her saying something like that over a hobby of mine, or of his for that matter (his may not be dolls, but she gets on MY case about his hobbies all the time, and how I should make him give them up as he ''has to grow up sometime') so I decided that I just won't take my MSD or larger (future) dolls to her house with me...instead I'll take my tinies who fit into my purse or the side pocket of the diaper bag without her ever knowing they're there.
    17. Shinku doesn't leave me the option of leaving her at home, unless I want to have a world of trouble with biting and pinching the next time I try and change her clothes -w- she has a mind of her own.

      What I find mostly is people tell me I should -make- my own dolls... I live in New Zealand, where it's hard just to find super sculpty, let alone silicone, resin, etc. Plus, I don't wanna die of Resin fume poisoning >>; but even after I've explained this, they just tell me "well why don't you sell all your dolls?", as though I'd make a profit- so I explain again, citing the original cost, that mods and stuff lower value nine times out of ten, etc...and then they'll either leave it or tell me I should sell them because they're creepy.

      I always get suckered into those conversations, too, because it usually starts off so innocent and friendly, then falls apart. So I don't talk much about her, I just keep her with me in silence ^^
    18. Perhaps because people expect old ladies to be batty anyway, I've never heard that. I do hear people who turn up their noses and say something like "I collect only porcelain!"
    19. Well it annoys me but it does not hurt. My grandfolks and mum are into telling me I should sell them, regardless of the fact I don't need the extra cash ect.

      Especially when I just finish one, like my Heliot who I painted up, first question was how much I planned to sell him on for and if it'd make a profit. I know they are just taking an interest in their own way in my life and how I am doing financially and hobby wise, I just sigh inside and nod and smile back. I'm not to into buying dolls to paint up and resell, I'd just get attached as I would only want to paint the ones I like anyway.
    20. XD are you serious? I make porcelain dolls, but I like Resin ones more... and everyone I know who's into porcelain have liked Resin kids owo