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Does Kish Riley's clothing fit any tinies?

Jun 18, 2006

    1. Are there any Tinys that can wear Riley's outfits?
      Marti Garner8)
    2. I know Kish Ellery clothes fits my I-Elf. I buy clothes for him all the time that are made for Ellery but fit him. Don't know about Riley, though.
    3. I have a riley and a PF. She can't wear any of riley's clothes...To long and big arround...maybe a lati yellow could? I have some betsy mccalls too, and my PF can wear 1 of her outfits, it's high waisted and short to betsy. Hope this helps.
    4. I am waiting 'til someone gets their Roxydoll Lucy because she is 7.5", same as Riley--if Lucy and Riley can share outfits, then I will start saving my pennies!!
    5. I had asked about Roxy doll, and peoples told me she was super skinny tiny compared toPFs. So you may want to ask for how big arround she is and stuff, becuase she may be to tiny arround to share clothes...just a thought.;)
    6. The 8in Hautelier angels should be able to waer Riley clothes. I have Ari and Tori and will try to get a bit of time to try some Riley clothes on them. I'm hoping the next OrientDoll will be Riley size.

    7. My Roxydoll Lucy cannot wear Riley's clothes. Riley is downright purdgy compared to Lucy. She also has very long arms and legs.

      There is a thread with a picture of Lucy but I can't find it. (Too early - it's only 4 A.M.)
    8. That means I am glad I lost my bid on the Lucys that were on ebay. I was outbid by less than 8 dollars. 8) :) :)
    9. CustomHouse Bisou wears Riley clothes. Lucy I have heard can wear Blythe - I hope so - I have several sugar mag outfits for Lucy when she comes. CustomHouse BisouAI - two that I have seen - I want BonBon - I have ShuShu - so far - the Riley clothes fit perfectly - and they are not expensive compared to other small BJDs.
    10. Amen to BlueDaisy06. The Custom House Bisou fit Riley clothes perfectly...though some shoes fit some are too tight. Here are mine wearing Riley outfits:



      Also, my Monday's child by Rosen Lied can wear her tops and shorts. (Everything else is a bit long.)

    11. Marti, the Lati Yellow Sp, which is 20cm, can wear a lot of the Riley clothes...although she can't wear the shoes as the Lati's feet are much bigger. The Lati has a much bigger bottom but doesn't have the sticky out tummy that Riley has.
      I think the Hana Angel/Devil can wear some but she is a lot thinner than Riley, probably almost as thin as Lucy.
    12. Thread for Roxy Lucy http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119608&highlight=roxydoll+lucy+clothes
      Basically, Tiny Betsy's things fit her very well including shoes; some Bratz (except for length in sleeve & pants leg)
      As far as Riley goes, the Free Spiritz Pixiez Lily (which are listed as off-topic here) are adorable and exactly fit all of Riley things, including shoes, wigs and clothing. I do think there is a small Bobobie that may fit as well.
    13. I've also heard of people using Riley items for Curo/Baha. I felt it was too wide for Lucy, OD Joong or Hana, though the height worked. I'm waiting on my Bisou, so hopefully I'll be able to use Riley things in the future. They may also work on Rosenleid's Monday's Child. Riley seems to have short legs, so I worry that the pant length will not be long enough.

      Hana isn't as thin as Lucy or Joong, but she is very slim, she fits into 6" fashion doll items quite well (my Devil is currently wearing a Power Rangers outfit from a 6" doll), as well as Only Hearts Club. It's a shame, because there are some very cute Riley outfits.
    14. My ElfDoll Hana, LaTi Yellow Special, and J'aime Doll Vito can wear short-sleeved Riley outfits.

    15. whoops...post...was trying to edit my other post and it landed down here!
    16. i second the Lati Yellow SP suggestion. All the clothes I had for my Yellow were made for Riley or Blythe.
    17. BJDollarama Lily can wear Riley's wigs, shoes, and clothes.


      I emailed to ask about them, and more pictures will be put up soon, too.

      They did say they are available in 7 different resin colors, but not all that information is up, yet.

      I like the pink one with the elf ears!
    18. Can the Jaime doll where the Riley size shoes, too?
    19. J'aime Doll Vito wears a larger shoe than Riley. Vito is 30mm while Riley is 24mm.

    20. Ocean-girl - Your girls are wonderful - I just now saw your pics - love the red hair on bisou ShuShu - and Mondays child is darling - I really didn't know what size she was. Thanks for sharing.