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Does Luts Delf clothing fit Volks SD or SD13 clothing? Or vice versa?

Jun 24, 2005

    1. I'm going to stop torturing G with my badly sewn shirts and stuff and get him decent clothes. *_*

      Do shirts and pants from eluts.com that are meant for DELFs fit Volks' SD10 boys?
    2. Shirts from eLuts definitely fit SD13 boys; I would guess they'd be a bit big on SD10 boys, but would probably be serviceable. I've heard the pants will fit SD13 boys as well, although I haven't tried this personally.

      Overall, I think outfits meant for Delf boys will be big on SD10 boys but could be made to work.
    3. Thank you for your helpful reply! :daisy

      If they are too big, maybe if I buy the ones that look snug-fitting, they're be all right...? I hope. :lol:
    4. Most pants will fit SD13 boys, but some are a touch too small as Delfs have much slimmer waists. It's kind of random I think. But I don't think you'd have a problem with them fitting an SD10 body. ^_^
    5. Or is he strictly SD13 size?

      I did a search but came up empty... any references to this are off in cyberworld.

    6. I don't know if it helps you, but I have a girl SD13 and she wears Luts clothes. So, maybe, Luts clothes fit Heath too.
    7. I've tried both tops and bottom from Luts on a Heath body and they fit fine.
    8. Thank You Shin and Nikittin!

      I'm off to do a group order now... :grin:

    9. I remeber seeing a Heath here w/ a Luts suit and the owner mentioned the pants didn't really close... I wish I had more info....sorry.
    10. Yeah, I believe inertia mentioned that the pants didn't close. I think it's sort of a hit or miss situation. I have several Luts things and some of them fit my Kaine (who is not a Heath, but is a SD13 long legged boy similar to Heath), and some of them didn't fit well at all.
    11. I just bought some pants from Dollmore.. and I just had a manic moment of panic and have questioned my memory.

      Do SD boy pants fit CP Boys? I thought so, because they are so slim...

      Am I just being manic and panicy over the money I spent, and should just be quiet and wait for my pants?
    12. I have a school uniform that came from Dollmore (pants and shirt) and they fit my El just dandy~
    13. sd10 pants DO NOT fit delf boys. Make sure they are at lease SD13 if you are purchasing volks outfits <3
    14. And note, some SD13 pants that are tight will not fit CP boys T-T; Shirou's jeans, for instance, to not fit Mr. Huge Thighs McChinSeung >_>
    15. Nod nods. u_u Thick thighs and a big butt. >>

      Also, they need pants made for the long legged boys, their legs go on forever. @.@ Stuff made for short legged SD13's will make them look like they're getting ready for a flood.
      Some of the pants I've bought from Dollmore have this problem. :/

      Do you have a link to the ones you got, maybe someone has them and can verify for you that they fit?
    16. souldoll clothes don't fit CP's either -_- as souldoll has shorter legs and bigger butts believe it or not
    17. This cracked me up for a good ten minutes. XD

      Also, thank you for the heads-up! I'm looking at suits for my pending El; sounds like maybe I should just go with the Luts Pinstripe after all.
    18. I have a pair of V-jeans(SD13) on Alex (El) and they are actually a big. he can have them completely buttoned and zipped and with a good tug they slide right off.
    19. Ditto on the V-jeans I have. Only they're "SD-SD13" size and are way short in the legs. :\ They have to wear them pushed way down hanging off their hips so they'll reach their ankles.
      Too big around the waist, too short in the legs, but not bad with a pair of boxers for the baggy look. :roll: