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Does LUTS recycle sculpts?

Sep 24, 2016

    1. I'm not sure if this is the place to post (feel free to move if it isn't).

      I saw a blank picture of a LUTS Yul online and noticed that the sculpt has a LOT of facial similarities to my LUTS KDF 2013 winter event head.

      So seeing as I would like to have a twin of the sculpt I was wondering if Yul is indeed a re-release of sorts for the event head and if LUTS releases event heads later on as a permanent sculpt.
    2. A lot of companies put out sculpts that have the same overall style, so you'll notice similarities between heads. LUTS actually used to release what they would call "arranged" versions of some of their heads, meaning that they modified an existing sculpt and called it something else, but that was a long time ago with a completely different sculpting team and they were clearly labelled. You're probably just noticing things that are coincidence. (It's super convenient when you're on the hunt for a sibling for one of your dolls, though!)
    3. To be honest it could well be a modified version of the earlier head. It could also just be that the sculptor has a very specific sculpting style and as such their works come out looking similar. It's impossible to know. I think a lot of companies DO indeed sell modified versions of earlier heads under new 'sculpt names'. I'm a 100% certain Volks, for example do this occasionally. Take Maki and Kei, this is clearly the same head with slight differences. It's possible they sculpted Kei entirely from scratch, just with the intention of making him look very much like Maki, but somehow I doubt it. Most likely they took a cast of the Maki head and edited it a bit.
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    4. I know that they definitely re-use some event head sculpts for future events (ie the 2010 head was also the 2014 head or something along those lines) and sometimes event heads are modified basic sculpts (I think it's the 2012 Kid Delf head that's an elf ear version of a basic) however, I think the similarities between the 2013 winter event head and Yul may just be that they've likely got the same sculpters. While the head may look different in person, looking at the Luts pictures, they appear very different to Yul. The mouth in particular seems strikingly different. Personally, I think Choco or Pudding looks more similar to that event head, but that's just what I think from the Luts photos.
      However, if you think they look similar enough to be twins and can get your hands on a Yul, don't let any of that stop you. After all, how you think they look is the only thing important for your dolls.:)
      (and to answer the question, I don't think they re-release event heads later on as permanent sculpts. They may incorporate elements from them for basics, or re-use them for other events though. Or they could all just look similar because of the fact that they potentially have the same sculpter)
    5. Ah, thank you for all your help and answers everyone!

      I looked again at Yul and I ended up seeing differences I didn't see before on the owner picture I first saw her in so I guess despite the REALLY similar aesthetics LUTS really do have differences between sculpts.

      I also looked at Choco and Pudding and they definitely give off a better vibe for the remaining sibling than the head I already have if I decided to use the same sculpt (just have to see if either one would be more identical and which would better fit a boy). :3nodding:
    6. If you don't mind teeth I think the Darin sculpt is super, super close to the Winter 13 KDF head. Only with an open mouth. :)
    7. The Darin sculpt does look very similar to the Winter 2013 KDF head! I'll definitely keep it in mind since the small teeth are really cute, thanks for the suggestion!