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Does Minifee fits Latidoll Blue line clothes/shoes/wigs?

May 19, 2007

    1. Hi there. Alot had been mentioned that Latidoll Blue line can fit into Minifee clothes but how about the other way round? Does a Minifee fits Latidoll Blue clothes, wigs and shoes? I am asking this because I have no idea just how slender Latidoll Blue line gals are, Minifees are pretty slender too but I am not very certain of their size comparision, say if Minifees stuff are actually bigger for Latidoll.

      Anyone with a Minifee tried out Latidoll wigs, clothes and shoes? Would their wigs fit or are the Latidoll ones too small? I heard Latidoll had got pretty small heads and they cant fit MSD wigs which are too big on them. But I do like a few of their wigs for my Minifee Shushu.

      I have frens intending to get Latidoll Blue line gals so this information would be most useful for us to share tips on getting our gals clothes, shoes and all since MSD stuff are pretty much out for them. Only problem now is if my Minifee can fit Latidoll stuff.
    2. Hrmm... I don't have either of these dolls and haven't seen them in real life, but I don't think clothes swapping LatiBlue to Minifee would work. I think the LatiBlue girls are much, much, much smaller than the Minifee girls from the looks of this comparison with a Narae and this Narae and Minifee comparison. Since the Cara is thinner than the Narae in some places... wow, that's small. :o! Meanwhile the Minifee girls are curvaciously bodacious. XD

      Minifees are 7-8" and LatiBlue girls are 6-7" inch, so that might not work... except I've heard that some Minifees wear 6-7". Lati has a chart that shows what's compatible between companies and what's not compatible here, and it says "the wigs for Mini fee are compatible with Green/Blue size, but the opposite is impossible." So LatiGreens and LatiBlues can wear the 7-8" wigs, but the MiniFees can not wear the LatiGreen and LatiBlue wigs.
    3. Dear Chienism

      Thanks so much for your informative reply! You helped me out much with it. Personally I would have thot that a Latidoll Blue gal will be of similar size with a Minifee but now I am not too sure now. Okie, wigs-wise, I am convinced that my minifee wont be able to fit LatiBlue wigs.
    4. Sorry to trouble or bother anyone, but can anyone with a LatiBlue gal help me out on measurements?

      I need the following:
      Shoulder span

      Sorry for the trouble, your kindness will be much appreciated. Cheers!
    5. Personally, the LatiBlue Girls appear to be much thinner than the Minifees. Specifically, their breasts are more like "tea-cups," (as of the new body, since it looks like they made the bust area smaller) and they have very thin waists and hips. The Minifees have a very full figure. So I don't think LatiBlue clothes would work on a Minifee (though it would definitely work the other way around, as sspearls has pointed out-- but that doesn't help your situation at all, I guess).
    6. Dear Chienism and sspearls

      Thanks so much for your replies! Yup, so I guess even for clothes, Minifee wont be able to fit into Latiblue dresses, oh well, I guess I better stick to Luts or Ajumapama Unoa range then ^^

      Thanks for your help and links to measurments, they are very much appreciated!
    7. My friend has a Lati Blue Yern and bought her default dress. I put it on my MNF and it fit really well actually. Maybe it was just that dress, but I am now tempted to buy one for my Shushu.
    8. Hi Imgonnakickit,

      Yup, that was the dress in question I am wondering about ^^ I am glad that it is fitting on a MNF!
    9. Does your Shushu have the normal sized bust or the smaller one from the LE elf? These are good things to know. I want a MNF one day too!
    10. Yeah, I forgot to mention that! She has a small bust so.... it could only fit because of that... :[
    11. Hi, mine is an elf Shushu with small bust ^^ Well, it might be 1-2 mths from now, but once my frens managed to get their respective LatiBlue dolls, I will try to do a comparison or something.