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Does owning BJD's help you with your job(s) in real life?

Jan 1, 2010

    1. First of all, I would like to say that I thought up this question because I can't think of any more excuses to tell my family why I want a BJD. Hopefully, if I tell them that it might help my future job, maybe they'll finally leave me alone and quit giving me those ridiculous "Are you serious? Why would a girl your age still be interested in buying dolls?" stares at me. Plus, it seems interesting to hear from owners how they use their BJDs in the work field, if they use them at all, that is :)

      The questions-

      Does owning BJDs help you with your job(s) in real life? Does it help enhance your abilities for that job/hobby/activity?

      If so, what kind of job/hobby/activity is it?

      The following question below is targeted mainly for those who do or have done faceups.

      Do you think doing face-ups help you become better at doing makeup for people in real life? Would you say that it would greatly help any beauticians in training? If so, then I have FINALLY found an excuse not even my family will reject!

      Thank you very much in advance for all who answers! Your time and answers are most appreciated!
    2. Hmm... I couldn't say about the faceup/makeup thing, since I don't know anything about either of those, but it could probably help in just about any creative occupation, right? If you wanted to go into set making for theater you could make furniture and small rooms for your dolls. If you wanted to go into the fashion industry, you could make clothes for your dolls. Oviously photography could be a big part of it too. That sort of thing, right?
    3. I know that having done makeup for the stage helped me with faceups-so I suspect the opposite is true.
      My sewing and pattern drafting skills have improved since I started sewing for BJDs.
      My creative life has flourished since discovering these works of art and I spend my free time much more creatively. Instead of watching television, I sew, draw, write and am learning photography.

      I am in my fifties and a school teacher. I teach high school and I know that my dolls have helped me make connections with students that other teachers have said were unreachable.
    4. I have a little sewing business ( as a sideline to my main job) and having BJDs has DEFINITELY helped. My dolls are great models, and it's easy to work out ideas for human-sized stuff with them. Also, there's a bigger market for BJD clothes than for my own handmade cloth dolls (which is what I started out selling). I'm not paying the rent with my Esty store or anything, but my first doll has gradually paid for herself.
      I don't know about the faceup thing--I'd say, probably. I've heard it definitely helps to be good at makeup when you do faceups, so it probably goes the other way. Faceups can teach you about contouring and color mixing, things like that.
      Also, if you're in school, it's really relaxing to fuss with your dolls. I wish I'd had mine in college. I have a kind of stressful job, and doing doll stuff really helps me unwind and not go crazy. Having a hobby (any hobby) can be really beneficial that way.
    5. Well i am curently a student, but my major is textiles and clothing (will double major in fashion merchandising) so hopefully these dolls will help to continue my improvment in my sewing skills and drawing. they make great models! lol but it will definately help in my future career :3 as for faceups i think it would improve my skills in drawing facial features and brush control. I'd imagine its alot harder to paint on a 3d object like a dolls head than a flat canvas.
    6. I'm a Theatre Technician and having a doll has definitely helped in my job. I use everything in my job that I also use with my doll-sewing, make-up, building things (though...not on such a tiny scale!). Hmm, though, I was doing those things prior to dolly ownership...so...really my job helps me with my doll...But! My doll certainly keeps me in practice between shows!~
    7. I can see that doing photostories would help with learning to storyboard for scripts, if scriptwriting was something you were planning to go into.
    8. my photography is getting a little better. that does help with my job. so is my photo editing, which is even more important XD

      im a graphic artist/illustrator full time irl and anything i do with the dolls can be thought of as art imo so it counts!
    9. Hmm, I pondered replying to this question because I don't use BJDs in my job. I'm an auditor and I think my clients would give me the side-eye if I showed up with the gang. BJDs are a hobby for me.

      April, I hope you get your doll soon! I'm of the opinion you can never be too old for dolls - collecting or what have you :)

      Does owning BJDs help you with your job(s) in real life? Does it help enhance your abilities for that job/hobby/activity?Mainly my various hobbies. I'm improving my sewing skills. Also, my photography skills. Just trying to learn better "natural" poses.

      If so, what kind of job/hobby/activity is it? Sewing and photography. I've picked up jewelry making as well. It's fairly easy (and fun) to make necklaces, bracelets for my girls.
    10. Does owning BJDs help you with your job(s) in real life? Does it help enhance your abilities for that job/hobby/activity?
      Well, my current job is a Dietary Aide in a hospital, so... no. He can't really help with that, lol!
      He has helped me with my photography though, and hopefully soon with my art when I get around to actually using him as a model. |D;
    11. Wow, so many wonderful answers!

      Hypnos Amplexicaule - Bingo! You've pinned it down! That's exactly the kind of thing I was talking about C:

      richila - That's pretty interesting. So you'll still be able to gain experience doing it the other way. Hmm. I had no idea your BJDs could help you make connections with other people!

      wildwoodflower and Shirayuki - I'm learning how to sew and am taking an introduction to fashion designing class next year in school, and I'm really glad to hear that your answers match up to what I was thinking about how BJDs would help in fashion designing.

      Siddie - That's really wonderful how your job helps you with your doll! You already had the experience before you even started Cx

      VictoriaVictrix, VampireAngel13, LeighBee, and TridentSplash - I had no idea BJDs would help you out in photography. I've always thought that photographers who take pictures of their dolls were doing it because it's fun...heh heh! Guess I was wrong! This is great news! One of my classes I'll be taking next year is photography Cx

      LeighBee - Thank you, Leigh. My spirits have been lifted thanks to all of these wonderful people! You're never too old to love anything! Cx

      Thank you everyone for your time and wonderful answers! I'm sure it'll be much easier for me to get a BJD thanks to all of your help! Feel free to keep posting how your BJD helps you with your job or vice versa! C:
    12. I think BJDs would help very much in a few jobs! For one, they are great for artists practicing anatomy, photographers, and even fashion design! I have no idea for the face-up, but I wouldn't doubt it.
    13. My current job is live-in assistance for the developmentally disabled, so no, not directly - but having a hobby is a necessity if you want to hang on to your sanity in this line of work, hurrhurr.

      I love to draw, though, so it'll definitely help with that. :]
    14. Interesting question. Well yes I actually think it does.

      Video game art director here and my job involves creating art for a large company. Sometimes I feel like my job is sapping all my creativity because every major decision needs to be discussed with maybe 4 people. I need to sell my ideas and monitor the progression of those ideas at every stage. I don't get to do much hands on anymore either :(

      BUT MY doll!!! I can come up with any idea I like and NO one can say anything! I love that feeling. I am my own committee. Also, working on my doll helps me shut off my brain from work and just make stuff with my hands again. I don't come home and go over and over what happened at work and what I need to do the next day. Instead I come home and concentrate on something for me and take the time to be creative in my own personal way. I am not very experienced at sewing and I am only learning how to do face ups so I feel less pressure when I am creative with my doll. No one expect me to be an expert at any thing with my BJDS. If I make something that sucks I can just chuck it and start again with no repercussions.

      My hobby is related to my job because it is arty and it actually refreshes my brain and gets me into a good creative mind set when I go back to work! Expressing your personal creativity is good for the mind and practicing something like face-ups will sharpen your eye and teach you to be a good judge for quality.

      **Interesting note** Many people at work are envious of my hobby for the reasons I have given above :D
    15. my dolls will help me to become better acquainted with human anatomy in the Art field and especially since I am venturing into the 3D/computers aspect of said field haha.

      btw Ashercroix , I love your ky kiske avatar. good to see another GG lover in here too.

    16. Unfortunately, no. But boy do I wish they did. :)

      ... ok, well maybe they do help me in an oblique sort of way; they give me something to look forward to at the end of the day. As I have been doing variations of the same thing for the last 20 years it's sometimes difficult to get motivated; and knowing that my job might allow me the wherewithal to get another doll, or something FOR my dolls, or for someone else, sometimes is just what I need to get into gear and keep slogging away!
    17. I'm an art student, so using BJD as somewhat of a pose/perspective model really does help for me! It also helps me get a handle on anatomy and the like, which is really crucial when it comes down to it. It's always a plus to have something beautiful within reach. <3 ;D
    18. Does owning BJDs help you with your job(s) in real life? Does it help enhance your abilities for that job/hobby/activity?


      If so, what kind of job/hobby/activity is it?

      Sewing...i'm getting to know my machine better, the sewing tricks, certain fabrics nature...

      and i also ordered a crocheted hat last month...she usually made for human...i think she felt challenged, too...i wish my hat will come soon...i can't wait to try it on the doll...i believe, she would be happy if her work works on doll size ;)
      and she's a professional hat crocheter. She sold quite a lot in etsy...her hat is very unique...
    19. Does owning BJDs help you with your job(s) in real life? Does it help enhance your abilities for that job/hobby/activity?

      It does because making things doll sized first is a great way to practice and improve techniques. Also a great way to try out new techniques without wasting a lot of material. Hopefully I can continue to improve with continued practice in this.

      If so, what kind of job/hobby/activity is it?

      Mainly sewing. I want to be able to sew for myself at a later point in a more professional manner as well as possible do commissions for dolls and people alike. I've also started making some doll shoes which will more than likely help with shoes for cosplay when I don't want to spend a ton of money buying ones that look similar to what I need.

      Also, it's very fun to try out different styles on dolls since some styles I would love to wear daily but its just not very practical or feasible for my current lifestyle.
    20. Does owning BJDs help you with your job(s) in real life? Does it help enhance your abilities for that job/hobby/activity?

      I'm still waiting for my dolls, but I ordered an SD so I can try out my designs and practise sewing on/for the doll.

      If so, what kind of job/hobby/activity is it?

      I'm on a fashion design and tailoring course