Does posability a matter for sleeping doll?

May 2, 2020

    1. I've been searching for this topic but can't seem to find out any where, if there's any previous discussion please kindly merge my thread.

      Ok what to begin with is... I'm looking for a 1/4 sleeping head. I've keep watching here and there and found many of them (But still can not decide who to choose yet)

      Some of them come with a single joint body with... limit posability and some (for example the MNF) come with the very nice double joint body.

      The question is do the posability matter that much for a sleeping doll?

      I mean... they are sleeping. (Ok, I could make them to be a character like Rock on pokemon serie who never open his eyes if I want, but I'm still... unsure about the character of this doll.)

      I really like some of double joint but mostly the price is also double :sweat.

      Do you have a sleeping doll?
      Do the posability matter that much for you?

      Please feel free to share your experient and opinion.
    2. I have two sleeping Yo-SD-sized dolls, and poseability does matter, but for different poses than my non-sleeping dolls! I want to be able to get into natural-looking sleeping poses, whereas for my non-sleeping dolls I would focus more on action poses, like whether they can crouch, kneel, etc.
      That being said, if you like a face sculpt enough, and the price range is comfortable for you, it may be worth a try regardless! You might find that the doll poses well enough for your preferences, even if it's not "well-known" for being poseable.
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    3. I suppose it depends on how you plan on displaying the doll. If they're going to be covered with a blanket or some such, the visible jointing won't matter much as no one will see them, until you change their pajamas that is! Generally, I would say yes though as you can do more dynamic sleep poses that way. If they're just going to be slightly slumped over sitting on a shelf, then double jointing won't matter much; you'll just need to find a torso with a joint that would allow slouching! Just some things to consider.
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    4. Personally I always go for good posers, even if the doll won't functionally be using their full range of posing much. But I think sleeping dolls could still make great use of a very flexible body... like, if you wanted to take a picture of them sleeping curled up or slouched over a piece of furniture. There are a ton of cute ways for a doll to sleep that isn't just flat on their back, so I feel like the doll being a sleeping sculpt doesn't necessarily limit what you can do with it! :3nodding:

      I would aim for good arm mobility at least, since I like to pose my sleeping/reclining dolls with their hands near their face/head.
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    5. I am one that prefers aesthetics over posing ability, more so when the dolls just have joints for show and don't actually do anything. I love sleeping and dreaming sculpts, but sadly only own one optional face plate for one of my smaller sized dolls, because he was the only one that came with that option. I love extra parts, including optional face plates, if all my dolls came with those as optional pieces, I would have gotten all. Having said that, the sleeping plate my doll came with is not a character of its own, it's an extra facial expression for my doll, so I think of it as that. He is on the same body my full doll is own, and that's a greatly articulated Fairyland ChicLine male body, with a three-piece torso, and double jointed knees and elbows. However, I chose the doll based on the opened eyed plate, not thinking of the sleeping plate as lead or a separate character.

      If I had a sleeping head that didn't have an optional opened-eyed head, that I had to make into a character of its own, then I would go with a body that was as aesthetically pleasing to me and was proportionate to the head. I wouldn't chose a body based on the articulation because I don't do much with it. I suck at posing my dolls, I rarely take photos of my dolls anymore, and I just honestly prefer aesthetics over posing ability. Which I rarely use to their maximum potential anyway, so I just choose whatever is prettier and more proportionate (to me), rather than picking based on how articulated the doll or body is. Everyone has different ideals, and preferences and I just like things I believe are pretty, over how well they'll pose when I don't actually pose my dolls (they live wigless and naked in my closet, so extra joints is really not a priority of mine). Good luck with your search for a perfect body for your sleepy-eyed character. (:
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    6. @shan Thank you for sharing, I will research more about natural-looking sleeping poses.

      @Zeodyte Honestly I'm still lack some idea about this doll's personality and how will I display him/her. I only have plan of some photo shooting him/her sleeping (lay down and on a chair). I think I need more solid plan for this doll then.

      @0bsequi0us This is really a good advice. You give me some visual idea of how should I handle this doll. Thank you!

      @Enzyme Thank you for sharing:)
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    7. I *love* sleeping dolls (there were times when my collection solely consisted of them and now I still own several). I often have to make them into hybrids (for example, there are not enough sleeping boys, so I have to make them myself) and I also care for the posability. However, I have set a limit on the price and I also care for the aesthetics. So each (money, looks and posing) is like 33% of importance. And I recommend that rather than torturing yourself with a block of resin that can't at times even sit properly.

      That being said, sleeping faces are not just for constantly asleep characters. They may be meditating, joyful, angry, tired with life, patronising and many other... as their main feature. to give an example, I used to have an MSdoll Drayton (at some point three, in fact xD) and with his pout, he seemed the grumpiest, dissatisfied little brat in the world. I never perceived him asleep, just rolling his eyes on the world and his closed-eyed expression was perfect. Now I have a sleeping Supia Lina and she's just peaceful, mysterious and smiling. She's hardly ever asleep, unless I make her lie down on a pillow and take such a photo. I also have an AiL Alice dreaming and she (ok, soon to be he) is just a littel depressed/suffering. For all of those one needs a matching, well-posing body.

      To me, sleeping dolls are often far more expressive than the open eyed ones and I love both just as much :D
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    8. I agree with @CutieKitty on sleeping faces, they don't have to be solely used for sleeping, per se, but can also just be a standing or walking doll with their eyes closed, they have a whole range of expressions that an open-eyed doll can't do. I like to think of sleeping heads as an extra expression, like giving your doll the ability to blink! There's also different positions you can do for sleeping as well- dozing off while sitting, different ways to lay down, or resting against a wall. So I think the body does matter, it's just all in how you plan to use it.
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    9. @CutieKitty The word "torturing yourself with a block of resin that can't at times even sit properly" really hit my heart lol :XD:
      And thank you for sharing about your doll. I think I will put more weight on posability this time.

      @zzsleeps This took me back to re-consider my candidate sculpts. And now I start to understand that they are expressing some feeling even when close their eyes. Thank you:)
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    10. @xxxsaturnxxx I'm glad I could share my experience. Sleeping dolls are so underrated :D And I've gone through 50+ dolls, so let me just say: if someone does more that just have the dols sit as heart-warming decorations, posability is very important <3
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    11. Poseability doesn't really matter to me regardless. It's a nice bonus to have, but as long as they can sit and stand all I care about is how they look.
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    12. Posing is always important... Just think about it: with a good poser you can make more funny photographs. Or you can display the doll in more complicated poses.
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    13. @Nefla Thank you for sharing.
      @Triexiz To think about this, I've never asked my self how to display this doll before. :abambi: Only have some idea of how to photographing him/her. Many comment here had convinced me that posability is a really important factor though. And I think I will keep the advice ^ ^
    14. I think it would be important to me, but maybe not as important as for an awake doll. Still, good posability can make the difference in a sleeping doll appearing to be comfortably resting or just stiff as a board and lifeless. Some bodies lay much more naturally than others.