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Does presentation of a doll matter to you?

Dec 27, 2015

    1. Different doll companies pack and send of their dolls in different ways. Some send the dolls in foam, others sandwich the doll between 2 pillows, and the very few include cases with the dolls. Does the presentation of when you open these dolls in these diff ways matter to you?

      Personally, to me, it always makes me feel great when something comes in a cute package and is neatly wrapped.
    2. Always! For me it shows that the companies have pride in their work and that they want you to see how much they care about their product arriving to you safely. I don't have a preference of what I like, as long as it shows a high value of effort. I love my luts box as much as I love my Lillycat bag and my leekeworld boxes are adorable. It is a signature look that comes with the product that you are buying and well, it shows creativity on the company's side. Like, I don't have a magictime doll but I seen their boxes and pillows and they look so freaking awesome it makes me want to buy one, cuz if they care so much about presentation then I'm sure their product is decent.
    3. I want to feel safe with the packaging. My doll came with the two squish pillows and bubble wrap for days. Which was fine when it got to me. But I could be moving. I might end up putting the dolls in with all our normal stuff rather than transport them with me in the car. I would love to have the foam cut out to him and just some bubble wrap but I wont get that luxury. I do know those bags some people get. That freaks me out. I'd much prefer a box that can take blows... but a BAG ahhh i'd be so scared!
    4. I don't choose a doll because its packaging is awesome, but if I decide to buy one and it's wrapped up nicely, it's a very pleasant surprise. The importance of the doll's head sculpt always comes first for me, and the body sculpt comes second.

      Linda S.
    5. That's very true! Presentation also shows a lot of the time the company's professionalism.

      I hope your dolls will arrive safely to your new home. And I thought the bags had a sort of cushion on the outside to protect the doll. If not, I would be scared too.

      That is also very true. The body and head matter to me almost the same though.
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    6. I've watched a few box openings and a few people have pulled out bags. the might look like regular shiny bags but i guess they could be squishy. Then the dolls themselves are wrapped up kinda normally.
      Fancy boxes with logos are pretty to me.
    7. I'm a sucker for packaging that looks cool or really professional, and of course everyone likes extras and gifts and little surprises that make it fun to open, but the most important thing to me is how well the doll or part is protected during shipping. A not-broken doll is the best surprise, I have discovered.

      Everything else is just icing, if I can avoid busted fingers and having to deal with returns and contacting companies asking for replacement parts I'll take a mountain of plain bubble wrap or a cartoony doll-shaped foam cutout in some brown cardboard over sparkly boxes and cute stickers and colorful mesh bags and custom printed glossy full-color tracts advertising the rest of their doll line. As neat and thoughtful as all that is, that stuff just goes in the closet.
    8. I loved the box/packaging my Pukifee came in. It made the doll feel completely official and not only did it assure me that my doll would be safe, but also reflected the pride the company has for its work. Why go through all the effort to make a beautiful doll and not have its packaging reflect that idea as well?
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    9. I prefer a doll in a thick, pretty box and in foam, like Fairyland, Iplehouse or BlueBloodDoll. I won't avoid buying a doll I love just because packaging isn't pretty, but I am somewhat disappointed in receiving a brand new doll in nothing but a shipping box, or maybe a generic doll box with one thin pillow at most. I've received two dolls straight from companies with damages, and neither was in very good packaging. One was just in a thin layer of bubble wrap inside a sleeping bag, the other had almost no packing materials and was inside a black carrier bag with no padding/lining. Thankfully, both companies did send replacement parts, but I feel that neither of those dolls would have arrived damaged had they been in foam in a nice box.
    10. Oh my goodness... Dolls getting busted... I feel a bit sad that some companies don't care as much to safely package their dolls. I mean they did spend a lot of time making the dolls in the first place.

      That's good news that you got replacement parts. I would feel cheated if the company didn't. I hope you won't be having anymore broke dolls in the future.
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    11. Packing and presentation are an extension of a product. The user experience of opening a package and revealing the product can impact the perceived value of said product, and people love to feel like every penny was worth it. It's also an added plus when companies design with multi-use in mind, packaging that doubles as another useful thing (like a storage container or organizer for doll clothes and acc.)

      I love when doll companies have good quality packaging with great design. It really just makes me feel good to see the time was taken to do those things. Being a graphic designer and advertiser, I always have a steady stream of 'Is the design good?', 'How is the user experience?', etc. simply because I enjoy thinking about those things. :D

      I remember when I got my IH JID the experience was a bit... lackluster? The box itself wasn't great quality, and the design was pretty rudimentary. I remember it broke super easily, so I thought there was no use in keeping it and threw it out. On the inside of the packaging, I did enjoy that I could see the doll clearly as opposed to some box openings where the doll is wrapped up like a mummy. It's probably challenging to balance a good presentation while also keeping a doll safe on the inside, but I think Iple has the right amount of both in that aspect.
    12. I expect packaging to protect the doll. A pretty box adds to the Wow factor but getting an unbroken doll is what matters to me. The problem with packaging is that it takes space so everything goes to the bin except the bag if there is one. I've kept all the bags sent to me. The padded ones are the ones I like best.
    13. Packaging doesn't make or break a doll purchase to me, but I really enjoy it when a company puts thought and care into their packaging and makes it special. My favorite box opening so far has been the arrival of my Rosette Marguerite, who was wrapped in a padded cushion with a zipper on the side (so bonus because it can be used for transport) and came with an "Acceptance Letter" from the "Rosette School of Dolls." The letter in particular was a really cute touch!
    14. The packaging doesn't impact my decision to buy a doll - although I have to admit that the ones that come with their own carrier bags are pretty cool & practical! Plus I don't feel the personal pressure of saving a box. I have a couple dolls that came with their own carrier bag and the dolls were packed perfectly - lots of bubble wrap and padding. I also have had dolls with the foam cut outs and a little section for each part. I've also received heads in handmade wooden boxes and tied with ribbon and other dolls that come in their own velvet lining over a foam shaped core. It definitely feels like a special event when unboxing a doll that is packaged with a special flare.
    15. I find it exciting to see how the dolls are wrapped and presented but if a doll just came in a plain box with some bubble wrap it wouldn't spoil the arrival or anything like that.