Does size matters for dolls being couples?

Jun 13, 2011

    1. Well, I'm just curious for I have seen lots of doll couples of the same size (eg. SD with SD or MSD with MSD) Does the size of the doll matters for them to be a couple? What about SD and MSD couple?:D
    2. Personally, I prefer it when a doll couple is around the same size. Some variance is fine- for example, my 65cm boy would still be acceptable with my 54cm boy, because the proportions fit in well. They look like two adults: one tall and one short.
      Also for me, it's not just size that's important but the style of doll. I don't think the very realistic dolls look good next to very anime-style dolls. I don't think a Soom Dia would look great next to a Delf El, but of course that's only personal preference. I just think it makes the Delf look like an alien, while the Soom goes rocketing into Uncanny Valley.
      I don't really like SD and MSD couples either, even if, say, it's a Delf and a MNF. If the Delf were the parent and the MNF a teenage child, OK. But put romance in there and it starts to look a bit like child porn to me O.o
    3. Actually, I'm getting a female DOC from Dream of Dolls but compare to the MSD guys, the SD guys looks more appealing in a way so I thought coupling them but I don't really have much idea about how it turns out...
    4. Size in dolly couples to me only matters in so far as having the characters be the 'right' height next to one another. In the future I will have a 60cm girl whose 'man' will be about 75cm tall. I also know someone who has an adorable couple who are made up of a 45-ish CM girl and a 65-70cm boy, that are darling together. Of course, for that couple, it REALLY helps that the male has a smaller head, while the female has a larger head, for their sizes...the girl actually has a bigger head than the male. So they LOOK 'in scale' as a taller man with a shorter woman.

      In smaller dolls, it also doesn't really bother me when you look into smaller dolls (27-ish cm and smaller) if there's a larger height difference, so long as both have more mature looking figures, or both have childish figures (as innocent child 'couples' can be darned cute together, too)
    5. For me I don't think it's size but maturity that's the issue. If they are both adult looking dolls then the size won't bother me, I can understand proportions being more important. There are some very extreme size differences with adults in real life, so I think if it can happen in life it can happen in the doll world, btw I'm definitely talking as a barely 5ft girl here lot's of men are much taller but that won't stop me!
    6. I think it largely depends on the specific dolls, how they're styled, and the possibly some kind of photography tricks. Also on the sizes - a really short SD next to a really tall SD would still look different from a tall MSD and a tall SD.

      In my personal opinion, I have never once seen a single regular MSD/SD couple that didn't look like a much younger (pre-pubescent, no older than 12) sibling next to a much older one. I know it's possible to have a really short person (4'0") dating a really tall person (6'0"+), so that WOULD technically heigh-weight factor into MSD and SD, but I find that the proportions of the dolls just simply do not allow for that. MOST MSD's - especially ones with bigger heads - are sculpted with childish proportions in mind, and as such they look more like a regular child, not a short adult. You can of course get a mature mini, but then they've got a head-size difference of 2 and end up looking like two adults of different scales (which is what they are, essentially). Then, factor into the equation the fact that most SD's have really long legs, making the shorter one end somewhere around the waist/pelvis of the taller one and therefore appearing even shorter. I won't deny that in all likelihood it possible to have an MSD/SD couple, with the right dolls and styling, but I've personally never seen it work with standard SD's.

      When you start hitting the weird sizes though - specifically in the 50 cm range - it gets a lot trickier. For example, having seen pictures, Soom new Idealian's and Souldoll's new Vito's (51, technically an SD-size) look REALLY good with MSD's. So then it really just depends on how the dolls look next to each other.

      Me, personally, I have a really short Japanese woman character who marries a really tall European man, and I'm sticking with getting her as a shorter SD (55+ range) and getting him to be around 70cm, to have the size difference without it looking really... funny.
    7. I'd actually love to have a SD-yoSD couple where the other character would be cursed to be a child, but thinking about it, it would seem like I wanted to do some not-very-innocent stories... Which I don't, but I don't dare do that anyway. I'm asexual, and tend to forget how people might see sex where it isn't, lol XD
    8. It depends on the specific dolls involved. Almost all my guys are 70cm and most of my girls are SD sized. More important to me is that their heads are a similar size and that I think they look good together. I am thinking of getting a Souldoll Vito to go with my Bambicrony Brava girl. He will be taller than she is (51m to 45cm), but because they wear the same size wigs, I think they will look ok. It will be like a small woman going with a tall man. If dolls look good together and they are photographed in a way that any size difference is minimal, it is fine with me. I am not concerned with what other people do with their dolls, I am only expressing my guidelines with my own dolls.
    9. Definitely adding my voice to the 'depends on the maturity' crowd. I think SD/MSD would be perfectly fine together, as long as the MSD didn't look like a child! But, then, I vastly prefer mature minis, so it wouldn't be much of a problem in my house.
    10. in the case of MSD/SD, the small one shouldn't look too much like a child and even less BE one! the other thing that would bother me would be the proportions.... a MNF next to any SD looks incredibly stupid so I wouldn't want to pair those.... xD
      personnaly, I'd love to pair a zaoll with a 70cm guy! (they would look similar to MSDxSD since they have about 20cm of differences)

      edit: IRL I love couples where the guy is much taller than the girl x3 also, why I don't see a big size difference as ''wrong'' or anything is because in real life there are drawfs and and people over 6feet tall and they could fall in love :)
    11. I like the proportions to be close. Of course for some dolls, like Rosettes, that is near impossible. They look odd next to other dolls.

      I like couples to be about the same size so they don't look too far apart.
    12. There's actually a movie rather like this. I can't recall the name, but the vampire girl stays a 12-year-old girl and her human boyfriend continues to age. It was very interesting. ^^ I think it'd be super cool in doll form!
    13. I have a SD/MSD couple (RS Dan & RS Jun). It wasn't planned that way, but it happened. They are both mature looking sculpts and I think it helps that they are both fantasy dolls
    14. I think that if the hight is simmiler, it's easier to get two shots of the couples, but I like it when the boy is taller than a girl about 5~10cm so that the if the boy is hugging her, it'll look good
    15. If you don't care, it doesn't matter. I have all types of pairings among The Horde and no one has been bothered yet. All one needs to keep in mind is to add warnings on your photos so people who are put off my disparate scale pairings are alerted not to look.
    16. Size difference really doesn't bother me really, that being said I have an SD/MSD couple and it works.. Really it's more a looking for a doll who suits the characters.. and it wound up that way. It's my friends character and she had the choice and really.. character wise Vaunce is supposed to be much shorter than Lesley.

      I understand where some would not like the combo. There's some I'm sketchy on.. Like I was looking for an MSD size for my cat boy, but learned she was looking into pukipuki for my catboy's bird.. so I've since decided on a pukipuki I already sort of wanted as my cat boy.
    17. My 60 cm UniDoll UH-14 looks like a mature woman (as far as a stylised doll can look as a mature woman, because she has a big head with big eyes) and I thought about matching her up with my 80 cm MechaAngel Sabik, but next to him she looks like a child. It looked terribly wrong so I stick to making pairs with dolls that don't have a huge size difference.
    18. I think that one was called "Let Me In" or "Let the right one in" or something like that. A very cool movie ^^
    19. For me, yes, I don't care if my character is cursed to be a child (I have two of those. Twins.) or just ages body wise very slowly, I will NEVER pair them with an 'adult' (or anyone in my case. Just dun work story wise)

      You have to think about how a person who ISN'T in the know would look at it. If you're doing less than innocent photoshoots of a YSD and a SD (or some of the childish MSDs with an SD) there is a huge chance people will think "Pedo". No doubt about it. And as mentioned in another thread I do think it's silly to put ANYTHING on the internet that could connect you to being a pedo.

      Even if the character is 6000 years old, it still has the body of a child and normal not in the know people will find that creepy. But again, it depends on the stylization. Or how it's handled. It's not unusual for little kids to get crushes on older people but even then, it should really be one sided on their part.

      At the end of the day, I don't really care what you do with your dolls and their storylines, Its just not for me and makes me uncomfortable to see a very obvious child paired with an adult.
      (That said, there IS a pair on flickr. MSD and SD, and I adore them. She doesnt look like a child though. Facially, bodywise or stylization.)

      I don't have any couples in my doll family but the most I'd go is 5-15 cms a difference. I do like pairings where the girl is about shoulder height (well, rather, I like the guys to be tall) C=
    20. I think it matters a bit. They have to be believable as a couple. If you pair a 70cm boy with a 45cm girl, depending on their build, it may not even be passable as a pedo relationship let alone a relationship between an of age, short girl and a tall guy... If you're going to go with different size doll lovers, make sure the smaller doll has a more mature looking body and that the size difference isn't too big!