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does soulkid fit in narae clothing?

Dec 16, 2007

    1. I have a new body soulkid and people have compared measurements and stuff but i was wondering if anyone actually had any experience in trying narae clothes on a soulkid. thankies
    2. naae a pretty skinny. . . unoas are little less slim but im not sure. . .friends2Bmade stuff fits very well i heard.
    3. Soulkids have a much more chunky body than Narae. It would be like trying to wear a size 2 when you were really an 8.
    4. It depends on which body you have. There are 2 basic types of Soulkid girl bodies.

      1. Has small breasts and a chunky body - like an MSD with breasts.
      2. Mature slim-waisted body (is or was default for Miryu, Yewon, maybe Apple and Linn?),

      EDIT - See below about #3 female body which is double-jointed and even slimmer. (body for Mirebyeol and Ahee ?). Not sure if you can get it for the others, but it does not seem to be not sold separately as a body.

      I would say #2 could wear many but not all Narae clothes. Both Souldoll's breasts are larger and maybe the waist. I'll have to check.

      I don't think #1 can wear Narae.

      Here are both bodies.
      Scroll down to the middle to see the less mature girl body and its measurements.
      Scroll to near the bottom to see the more mature body.

      Less mature: 19-14.5-19
      More mature: 19-13.5-19
      Narae: 17-13.2-19

      So both bodies have chests 2cm larger than Narae. The mature body's waist is just slightly larger than Narae's, and the less mature body's waist is 1.5 cm larger than Narae. Both have the same hips as Narae and the longer-legged more mature body might fit in Narae slacks. Stretch Narae tops may work on both, and hip skirts might work on both.

    5. hmm, i have the second body but 2 cm is a pretty sizable difference. Think i'll stick to the safe side and not order any (or ask for that area to be made looser)
    6. actually there a re 3 bodies now. #3 (first shown on Miribyeol) is even slimmer and curvier than #2 (Miryu body).

      #1 is more or less "msd" size
      #2 is a bit sliommer and is inbetween "msd" and "narae" size
      #3 is Narae size
    7. I thought there were 3 but that the 3rd type was smoother ankle/wrists lines and a slightly different neck to work with the shared boy/girl head molds.

      But I just checked and mhdolls is correct -

      Mirebyeol's measurements show that her waist is 1cm smaller than the previous "more mature" body, but the chest and hips are unchanged. This body also has double joints.

      So basically the hips are still the same as Narae's, the new waist is smaller than Narae's, and the breast is still 2cm larger than Narae's (and I think about 1cm larger than large bust Unoa's).

      Mirebyeol body shown here:
      >Normal skin
      >eyes : 16mm
      >height : 43 cm
      >head : 18 cm
      >neck : 7 cm
      >shoulder width : 9 cm
      >chest : 19 cm
      >waist : 12.5 cm
      >hips : 19 cm
      >foot : 5.5 cm

      I wonder why they don't sell the new body separately?

    8. I don't have the measurments for the double-jointed soulkid body (the one that came with Miribyeol), but my Apple is on one, and she can wear clothes for Narae/Unoa. She can fit into some Ellowyne Wilde and Friends 2B made, too. I think there are pictures here of an Ahee with the double-jointed body in jeans made for Narae. :)
    9. my miryu is on the 2nd body and i've gotten a couple of narae shirts that she can wear. the problem with the bliss clothing (if that's what you're looking at) is that none of it stretches, or at least none of the clothing i've gotten does. it fits ok but it takes some time to get on and off hehe pants would most likely not fit though.
    10. thanks for all the feedback. I shall stick to the strechy variety of narae clothings. now off to check out ellowyne wilde.
    11. I have Narae and Soulkid Ahee on the newest double jointed Soulkid body and Ahee can wear all of Narae's things that I have tried on her. She is actually maybe a tad slimmer than Narea............even though she has bigger boobs, she is smaller through the back, so the tops seem to be interchangeable, ditto wigs and shoes.
    12. That's surprising because Souldoll still lists her bust as 19cm (versus Narae's 17cm).

      Could you measure her bust? And a side but side front nude photo of Narae and Ahee would be interesting if that's possible. I wish Souldoll sold the double-jointed body separately - it might make a nice Unoa hybrid too.

    13. I don't know if the Ellowyne Wilde things will fit the 2nd body type. My girl is on the third type of body. Look for things that stretch, I think I have 2 skirts that fit, and the sushi for one pants and kimono shirt. Some things will fit, but don't button all the way. I believe some of the Ellowyne Wilde stuff is even a tight squeeze for Narae, so if your girl is a type 1 or 2 body, it may not fit at all. I'm sorry if my previous comment was misleading. The friends 2b made stuff might fit a type 2 body, though.
    14. Now this is definitely a question I need answered! I'm planning on making Narae/Unoa/MSD clothing, but want to buy a Soulkid as a model. I'm wondering if Apple or Linn will come with the double-jointed body now? I'd really love Linn on the #3 body of its possible. I needed to know if Narae/Soulkid clothes would be transferable, and its great to see that their sizes are that similar. It'd be great to have picture comparisons. Souldoll should really sell the #3 body seperately.:/
    15. I think you would have to ask Souldoll to be sure who comes with which. They do list the #2 measurements for for Linn (with 13.5 cm waist). Narae has a 13.2cm waist and Unoa's waist may be smaller. All of the Souldoll girls have a bust that is 2cm larger than Narae and hips that are the same curcumference as narae (not sure how that is divided between width of hips and size of butt).

    16. Thanks! I just read that they can send Apple or Linn (and possibly others) with the new body! I just hope the bust size isn't too hard to alter for Narae, but I'm totally open for experimentation.:)
    17. When I receive my Unoa I will try to recheck the Unoa measurements becuase they have always looked too suspiciusly even in inches to me (like someone measured to the nearest 1/2 inch).

    18. I have a Linn on the double jointed body on order through Denver Doll. THey also told me they could order Yewon and Miryu on the double jointed bodies as well.
    19. Omgs thanks for letting me know! I love Miryu and was worried I wouldn't be able to get her on the new body. How is your Linn, does she pose well?
    20. It'd be great to be able to make clothes for both!