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Does the basic DOC Petsha come with her white wig?

Apr 28, 2008

    1. This has been on my mind for a while now...I really hope she does because that white wig suits her perfectly:aheartbea.If she doesn't, where are some other reliable (as in you've bought from them) places I can buy wigs that look like hers?
    2. It says the wig is 'random' therefore I can assume that its not garunteed that you will get that white wig. You could always request it in the customer request section when you order, that if they have a white wig similar on hand, if they could use it. ^^
    3. yeah I guess so, but I don't want to spend 400+ dollars unless I know everything it's going to come with.

      i'm also considering tender twing-key, leya and normal twing-key
    4. I just got my Petsha this morning, no face-up or anything, and she came with the same white wig shown in her full-stock photos, but it's a bit big for her oddly. They did include some velcro for it though, which was a nice thing for them to think of. Looks great with the brown eyes they gave her too. I've seen other not full-set Petsha dolls that shipped with blond curly wigs though, so it's a matter of what wigs they have an abundance of at that moment I'd imagine.
    5. I got my petsha a few weeks ago and she came with the white wig.^__^
    6. She does come with her white wig, I also received mine with the white wig ^^
    7. that's awesome!That means I probably won't have to save as much for an extra wig now!yay!
    8. Once I get her another wig, I doubt she'll wear the white one very much- if at all, it's just not right for Loolu's persona. In case your doll arrives with a different one, and if I still have this one, I'd gladly trade.
    9. I hope they've changed what they use for that wig, honestly. My former roommate got one of the very first fullset Petshas off the assembly line, and that wig...still gives me nightmares. It felt hideous, like horsehair, and it tangled if you even looked at it wrong, I was always combing the darn thing every time I got to play with her. Oh, and almost every time I see another friend's Petsha at a meetup, I end up combing her wig out just because it pains me, even though it's a lost cause.

      So I DO hope they've revamped it by now...
    10. spiderallis-If it doesn't come with the hite wig, I'm sure I'll trade with you:)

      OpheliaB-AHHH! I don't want unpretty hair!Was it really that bad? (this question goes to anyone else too.):...(
    11. I'm not even good at dealing with my own hair, so I thought it was just me- I don't think it's changed all that much, I've hardly fussed with her hair and there's flyaways and tangles already.
    12. It *looks* pretty, I'll give it that...just don't ever touch it, lol!!!!
    13. anyone suggest other wigs i could buy from dod?
    14. I don't really like the DOD wigs but I found one that is really elegant! The WC-19 would look great on petsha! Or at least I hope so cause thats what I am going to buy with her xD
    15. When I got my Petsha, which was over 4 years ago, she came with the white wig. I did buy another wig just in case ... the other one I got was from Leekeworld; Karma wig in Milk-White. It's a tad big on her, but Petsha's head is rather small for a MSD so I just make do with a silicone cap.