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Does the doll chose the wig - or does the wig chose the doll?

Jun 3, 2009

    1. I'm a very new BJD owner, I will admit that. The reason I ask this question is because I know that a wig makes a doll - whether or not you have picked the doll for a particular character or you picked the doll because you loved the sculpt. I have two seperate stories:

      My first BJD, my Dollcatch Stella - Marcheline, is getting a wine coloured Leekeworld 'Cody' wig. As soon as I knew I was getting my Marcheline, I spent a couple of hours browsing wigs. Marcheline's half formed personality picked that wig (her personality is currently picking clothes too).

      the other half of my question is about a wig. I spend a lot of time randomly browsing sites and I was randomly browsing SOOM when I found a gorgeous 9 inch wine - really more purplish- coloured wig, that had a personality all of it's own. It's going to arrive tomorrow (most likely) and this wig is telling me that I have to pick a doll for it, so that that doll can have that wig and the personality that will come with that wig...

      So what is it for you - does your doll pick your wig... or does the wig pick the doll? Or do you think you're the one making the descision?
    2. :lol:i have no idea but I have two lovely wigs here and three outfits and no doll:sweat (she's on layby) so in a way the wig may perhaps be choosing the doll, neeed more dolls:drool
    3. The doll comes before the wig. But there have been times when I am unsure about a sculpt until I see it with the right lengh or coloured wig.
      And I do feel I am making the descision. Once I develope a character I pick things based on what they like automatically.. but of course, it is still me really.
    4. I've never bought a doll for a wig. However, finding the right wig for my dolls is important--particularly the pre-existing characters, because I know what they're supposed to look like and it can be frustrating to have details like wigs not right. I have one guy that's given me a lot of trouble in terms of wigs, because there just aren't any that look like his hair. He's on his third one, and I'm considering replacing it with one I saw on the Ipplehouse website.
    5. I buy wigs because I like them, but whether they suit any of my dolls and/or end up ebing used on the doll I originally bought them for is another matter entirely.

      For example, my DollsTown Arin was intended to be a little girl in pretty puff-sleeve dresses.

      I tried dozens of wigs to the head when it arrived and very few of them worked. Every time the head said, "Boy, boy, boy," and the boy wigs were the only ones that looked right.... so I bought the boy 7year body intead of the girl one and have another boy int he family.

      I generally only like "nautural" hair colours on my dolls (so don't buy blue or green etc ones) I was given a peach wig, however, which I tried on one of my girls and it really suited her, so she got to keep it.

    6. The Doll chooses the wig, without question.

      My first doll, a Goodreau Secret seemed to need a certain criteria. Long. Not a natural colour, but not ridiculous grape or eye stabbing blue. I flicked through heaps of wig sites, seeing my I personally liked, but just didn't fit Sabine.
      I eventually found her wig and she was finally complete.

      I've already ordered the wigs for my incoming BBB Mei and FL PukiFee Ante, they both chose their wigs too with similar needs. I guess it's all part of the personality. If you have a really formed personality in mind- usually due to an accutely active imagination, there will be a look to match, if not, anything will do.

      I can't even imagine changing their wigs, it's so intergrally part of who they are to me.
    7. My first doll (the one in my avatar) was supposed to be a blonde named Lorraine. I had picked up an extra long brown wig because I was getting a free event head with her, ended up trying that on her, and Lorraine became a brunette named Margaret.

      My other SD went pretty much the other way-- she was based on a character of mine to begin with, so her hair color and style were pretty much set in stone. I spent a long time looking for the perfect wig to capture it, and managed to find something just about right before she was back from her faceup.
    8. My new goal is to have a doll for each color of natural hair. I've got my blonde and my black hair, and I have my brunette and my redhead planned out. Oh! And white too, she's already picked out too.
      So who am I looking for...Silver/grey...maybe an auburn.

      Then I'll start on the colors of the rainbow ^ ^
    9. While I really adore a lot of the wigs that are available (Dollga has such wonderful colors!) I'm pretty good at resisting the urge to buy a wig unless it suits a doll I already have. I'm still struggling with my liking for lolita-style wigs and outfits but my lack of a doll/character to wear them, and my budget of available time and money pretty much dictates that when I check and see a wig suits no one I have, I will resist buying it, since there's so many other things I might get instead for dolls I already have. Then too, I have a few doll/characters in mind who I am having trouble finding suitable wigs for. Subtle, mixed tones of lavender in pretty unusual as colors go, not very many styles in that.
    10. The doll definitely chooses the wig. I tried to put some differently styled wigs on my newest dolls just to see, but their personalities fit the original wigs I had in mind for them. ^^;;;
    11. Doll chooses the wig, Xavier never changes his, House will never change his. Those that do like to stick with the same color, although the twins have a blond wig that looks fabu on them they perfer the golden auburn ones to the point I can buy them just about any style as long as it comes in their color.

      I have one OT cosuin girl who likes to change wigs so the style goes with the outfit, curls or friz or a bob. My mini girl wants a change of style but the wig we want doesn't come in a color we can work with.
    12. I choose the wig! My dolls have many wigs so often I just swap for the fun of it or buy a new one because it would look cute on them. Wigs are not very connected to their character, they can have more than one, in different styles and colors. Though I've had a doll change hairstyles or color for good-Puppy was supposed to have brown hair, but now he has 3 whisper blue wigs ^^;; And Sumiya used to be a redhead, but now he only wears black wigs(though I do have a pinkbrown one for him..). So, I choose and sometimes they get a say in it ~_^
    13. Oh!! I have countless of wigs....
      Be careful sometimes promotional pictures of the wig in the companies don't look exactly the same, or even color wise. I would do some research.
      There has been alot of times I would buy a wig thinking, wow it looks great on that doll and then when I buy it and try it on my doll, it just doesn't look right.
      So definitely, the doll chooses the wig especially if you have a character look you're trying to aim for.
    14. I do as the doll does. When I bring home a doll I know who he is supposed to be, what his look is supposed to pull together to be so even though there are some truly gorgeous wigs out there and some styles colors I would love to use, I stick to what I know the character has. If he has long black hair, that's all he's going to get and if I'm lucky I'll find that perfect wig right away and not have to shop around wasting money.

      I do cheat a little though and have a couple of boys in the works who like to dye their hair xD They get all the fun, bright colors that no one else will ever wear, though I do still keep very much in mind appropriates style and such for them.
    15. Mine have a wig, or color at least, that suits their character and they stick with it. Even before I knew what sculpt Crow was going to be, I knew he had white hair. One of the reasons I chose a Mo-2 as Riddick, actually, is that he came with Crow's hair. When I saw Devon I was just dying to see him in wine red, and Fitch just has to have silvery hair (I'm not the only one who went that way with his sculpt/faceup, I think!). I had planned for the girl I'm going to get to have a certain hair color, but more than one style wig so I can just pop one on if I want her hair up or down or whatever, but instead i've gotten her one long wig that I'll just have to style myself.

      I seem to have pretty good luck at picking the right wig, so far, as long as I can FIND it. I generally have the vision in my head and then go looking for something that matches. The one time I broke down and bought another wig just because the first one was taking so long to arrive, it REALLY didn't work - the first one I ordered was perfect and the other hasn't been worn since. I did end up with a second wig for Devon, since the one he had was great but not quite as boyish as I liked for him, and it was always in his eyes but covering the opposite one from the one I wanted covered! He's got a gorgeous special faceup, but I wanted the more "normal" side to show more often so he could show the other when he chose. That's still not working, but at least he looks more boyish, now.

      I have a new guy I bought to be faceup practice head No. 2, but I'm thinking he's going to be a character. Not until he has the right wig, though. I'm finding it hard to even name him without it. EDIT: That lasted about 2 more hours before I couldn't stand it anymore. His wigs not here, but he's now Kestrel.
    16. Mostly the dolls seem to pick there wigs. My shiwoo's default braided wig is the only one he looks good in. My El has color changing hair mostly pink. My lahoo was bought with the intention of her sliver wig being worn but oh no as soon as she got her she needed red eyes and a green wig. Same for my godo he is egyptian so you think black hair right Wrong He looks best in Blonde wigs. My F-29 has a unique face up and I had to find just the right color brown/gold wig for him I went threw 4 wigs with him before I found the right one.
    17. Interesting topic...I'm always on the hunt for THE perfect wig for my dolls and so many wigs that I buy are really just hit and miss. I do have quite a few really nice quality wigs that look nice on the dolls I intended them for and then there are others where I'm just like "what was I thinking?" I think the doll definitely chooses the wig. I try a variety of colors thinking one of them will look great, only to find that they just somehow don't suit the doll after all. Thank the maker wigs aren't as pricy as a whole outfit and they can be re-sold but I do have quite a number of wigs all stored away, just waiting for the perfect owner.
    18. without a doubt, dolls choose the wigs.
    19. My dolls all have standard wigs that I've bought with them. For me, I can have them coming naked in the box but they gotta have hair right out of it.

      The right wig can make or break a doll so I have to really question which one I buy before I buy it.... -sigh-
    20. I'm the artistic sort and I CAN be swayed by color...oh yes! On a recent overnight BJD meetup with friends, one of them pulled out a lavender wig from Luts. I about swooned from the color, I swear! It was so shimmery and beautiful. When the light hit it a certain way, it would literally shimmer with deep pink highlights. I absolutely fell in love with that wig. Shortly thereafter, when a minimee GO sprang up suddenly in the marketplace for a Gelfling from the movie The Dark Crystal, (spots filling up in only a few days) I jumped on it because I'd always wanted a gelfling female as an original character. No sooner did I obtain my spot in that GO than I jumped immediately onboard the quickest Luts group order I could find to order her wigs as well. Yep, you guessed it...I bought every Lavender wig style they had in her size! So you could certainly say I'm styling my original character based on Luts lavender wigs!