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Does Tonner Clothes fit Mnf at all?

Nov 16, 2007

    1. I have a MNF boy body coming home soon and I would like to know what would be a good fit. Since the outfit I wanted to order for him was out of stock. Plus I do not want a naked boy around the house.:sweat
    2. They should fit-- but it might be long in places. :)
    3. I see you have a MNF boy coming and though I have a MNF girl, there are still clothes they'd both wear:

      Matt O'Neill's pants
      Matt's shoes
      Matt's coats (roomy, but they fit)
      Tyler's looser tops (she has some great sweaters that could definately be unisex)

      As well:
      There are some great unisex Teen Trends pieces
      Friends 2B made boys items are too big for my girl.
      F2BM regular closing bottoms (closing at the waist) will work. The ones with "stripper" velcro on both legs DO NOT work.

      Hope this helps!
    4. For a boy - do you mean Tonner Matt clothes? I know they seem to fit Narindoll Narin very well, so you could compare your guy's measurements to Narin.

      Narin 43 measurements - next to last column on right, in inches and cm:

    5. Thanks for all the help. I was wondering if any Tonner clothes would work?
    6. If you mean the Tonner Tyler girl stuff, some of that fits Narae but not the slacks, not any tops with very tight non-stretch sleeves, and I think not tight-waisted items. So take a look at Narae's measurements at the link I posted above. I don't know any mini that can wear Tonner Tyler slacks. Narae fits in Tonner Matt slacks, just like Narin. I don't have an MNF but you can compare their measurements to MNF's (MNF measurements are on the Luts site).

      If you don't mean Tonner Matt or Tyler (16 inch dolls), then what clothes are you asking about? Marley size will not fit any mini.

      Here are the measurements of popular large fashion dolls including Tonner Tyler, Matt, and Trent (mostly around 16 inches tall):

      And here are MNF boy body measurements:
      * Circumference of neck : 7.5 cm
      * Circumference of chest : 17cm
      * Circumference of waist : 14cm
      * Circumference of hips : 19cm
      * Width of shoulders : 9cm
      * Length of "from shoulder to wrist" : 12.5cm
      * Length of "from hips to knee" : 12.5cm
      * Length of "from knee to ankle" : 10cm
      * Circumference of ankle : 4cm
      * Foot size : 5.5cm

      And here is the Minifee clothes thread:

    7. I was wondering if the Harry Potter dolls clothes would fit? But I wasn't sure. Thank you Carolyn S. for all the information. I will go look at both links that you listed.
    8. I believe the Harry Potter dolls are Marley size which is smaller (more like Barbie size?). But sometimes if a 12-inch doll has a really big chest and thick arms, the tops will fill slim minis.

      But - there are three threads about Harry Potter in Minis and one says something fits Volks minis. To see the threads, go to Advanced search, select the Minis discussion on the right, in upper left pick Titles Only, and search for: Harry Potter

    9. the harry potter are about 17 inches tall, and their clothes seem to fit nicely on minis. . .im not sure which ones though :?
    10. So just check out the three Harry Potter threads (I described the Potter search 2 messages up) - I was not aware of the 17-inch size so at least one of the threads so be about those.