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does trying to find doll accessories ever make you crazy

May 15, 2024 at 6:37 AM

    1. I feel like there are so many options for everything that it's so easy to get overwhelmed ESPECIALLY when none of them are what you are looking for. I was trying to find some good wigs earlier this week and to be fair, I did find a lot of good ones! But none of them were what I was looking for and I started to feel like that emoji that is smiling but has crazy eyes from the memes. Like WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT!! Does anyone else ever feel this way?
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    2. yesss! It drives me nuts! :XD: Another thing is when you found the exact style you want but it's not the right size!:eek: I wish I could just pluck the clothes/accessories out of my imagination and have them in reality!:lol::lol::lol:
    3. Yes, I've been feeling this way the whole uh 14 years Ive been in the hobby. It's definitely worse than before though. There is simply too much and sometimes somehow still nothing I actually like.
    4. Mmhm. Its why i got at least 10 in progress craft projects cluttering my desk orz

      The things i want tend to not be in the right scale, or too pricey for me to take a gamble on.

      Then there is the temptation to peruse the toy section in any given store. Ive banned myself from looking in there tbh.
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    5. Absolutely. :sigh I can't find what I am looking for, I find something and it's the wrong size/scale. Totally have the same issues with shoes! I am very particular about doll shoes looking like scaled down human shoes for my dolls. I can't handle when they are clunky and feel like a doll's shoe.
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    6. Oh man I feel that so hard! Especially with wigs like, everything is always off from what I want in some way - wrong style, wrong color, wrong size. As @AlisonVonderland said, there's so many options and yet none of them are right.

      I haven't done a lot of looking for props, but when I do happen to be on a shop that has props, I look for 1/4 scale baseball bats (I feel like my DV Olivia would have one) and yet, nothing. Which surprises me, I'd thought they'd be more common!
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    7. I feel this way about doll shoes :XD: I was once looking for a specific type, found the perfect ones in the perfect size at a good price - they had been sold out mere months before I stumbled upon the listing and nothing else really fit my criteria. But yes, seconding what has been said above - there are so many options and none of them are quite right, mostly the wrong size or wrong price or wrong colour or all of the above. I can make most other bits so I'm not so concerned about clothes or wigs but I can see how finding fitting ones is a headache. What I do the most internal screaming about, though, is finding the fitting bodies for heads I already have. A true nightmare every time and the wait times are so long, too.
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    8. I recently had this problem as well, I wanted a dark blue curly wig for my 1/8 and I thought surely that's easy... Nope, ended up having to buy a white one and dye it myself. Luckily that went well and the result was exactly how I had pictured it but I was looking for that wig for days and even tried to make it myself, but I just wasnt happy.:vein
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    9. Abso-bloomin'-lutely.
      It's been driving me towards trying to make everything myself. It's bad enough that everywhere I go, I see everything as a potential project. I've built a two-seater sofa out of a plantar before, and one of my dolls is sitting on a candle-holder shaped like a wrought-iron chair. I look at all socks as potential sweater material and is collecting mini Monin syrup's glass bottles because they're SD-sized wine bottles. It's -that- bad.

      My dream right now is to hook up with a friend of mine who has a 3D printer to get him to help me print a SD-sized motorcycle. Wish me luck!
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    10. Oh the motorcycle sounds like such a fun project!! I printed a small model for my dad who's into motorcycles for fathers day last year. Good luck getting your friend on board, if we lived in the same country I would totally let you borrow mine for it!!
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    11. 10000%, either that or you find the perfect wig/item/etc but it takes months to get to you :...( i’m also pretty particular with what i buy my dolls though so there’d be more options if i wasn’t so picky lol. i’ve been thinking of making my own wigs and clothing but who knows if i’ll ever actually do it.
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    12. I haven’t even received my first 1/3 boy yet and I’m already frustrated to find SHORT hair wig:...( I understand it’s difficult to make short one due to the wig construction but really…all short boyish wigs look too lame, outdated, long, emo/punk/rock/manga/fantasy. :eek:
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    13. I feel like a spent the entirety of 2016 looking for Slim mini sized more of less clunky boots doing a star wars cosplay. And I agree with @Lady Maeve on the all short boy wigs are a boring phenomenon. I do like longish emo boy hair though.
      #13 Lyrajean, May 15, 2024 at 5:28 PM
      Last edited: May 15, 2024 at 8:51 PM
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    14. I’m also picky with doll shoes. I know what you mean about them being clunky. They look kind of like baby shoes instead adult shoes :sweat A few of mine go barefoot cuz I prefer it to oversized shoes lol I was happy one of my DC girls had sculpted shoes for feet cuz then I didn’t need to find her any :XD:
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    15. I’m new in this BJD world, (other than some Ellowyn’s that just sit in the china cabinet). I just ordered my first pre-loved Iplehouse FID, which I didn’t think I would ever be able to have, but now I’m realizing that I can’t find things for her. I’ve searched in the forums about what other doll brands of clothes might work for her, but not much success there either. I guess I need to dig out my Sewing for Dummies book and get busy!
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    16. no seriously…. I spent a good month searching for a shoulder length medium-golden blonde wig and only then did I realize that so many blonde wigs are platinum blonde. So many wigs out there, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for! I settled and I like what I got but I still think it’s funny that something so basic was so hard to obtain lol.
    17. I would have recommended Jpop or Monique wigs hands down for a med-golden blonde wig, they made so many styles in various blonde shades but both are out of business.
      Which is the other crazy making aspect of finding the right thing. Sometimes I'll remember seeing something that I could use now, but it's years later and now the maker is gone.

      When I got my first doll I didn't invest in a lot of clothing for him and I thought there'd be no rush to buy him clothing... but I waited way too long. Now that I want a new suit for him, all the 70cm+ clothing is for Huge McBiglarges and none of it fits my skinny weasel man.
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    18. 100% agree!!! Some things I am very loose on like "oh I want white/blue fantasyish outfits" which I can find.
      Others are, "like in that one scene in Rivendell, he needs to look just like that."

      So sometimes I settle. Sometimes I keep looking. Others I commission others to make what I want.

      Shoes are a big struggle though.
    19. Thanks a lot for your good wishes!
      I'm in Canada, I'm way too far to borrow your printer. But I am sure you dad loved your print!
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    20. ALL. THE. TIME!!!

      Clothes. Apparently my style of doll is just not popular at all. I have been saying for the 16 years I've been in the hobby that we need more t-shirts that aren't plain, anime or childish....or just random letters. Bands (I get that licensing may be an issue), attitude stuff, generic but cool masculine stuff, horror--just t-shirts! I want it printed on the fabric, not iron on....I don't have good luck with iron on. Another thing is girl underwear sets. There are a ton that look great when she's not wearing anything else, but they don't look nice under clothes. And most of the panties ride so high, the waistband is far above the waistband for pants and skirts and looks awful. I'm one of those people who wants undies on the dolls whether you see them or not.

      Also wigs! I want to see more short to medium cuts that don't have bangs and aren't babyish. Also curly wigs that aren't ringlets or giant curls or far too thick to look realistic. It has gotten much better since I joined the hobby, but I still can't find the styles I want for my two main dolls.
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