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Does Volks SD13 Yori come with high heeled feet?

Jul 12, 2005

    1. This is probably a really dumb question, but I can't find the answer anywhere! To the best of my understanding, the basic SD13 girl body comes with feet for high heels, but the Volks pictures of Yori show her with flat feet.

      A little help, please? :daisy
    2. The oldskin SD13 girls had high-heeled feet; I think recent pureskin SD13 girls like Yori and Mimi13 have flat feet.
    3. Drat. Okay, thank you! :daisy
    4. yup. Yori comes with flat feet... but I think Volks has an optional high heel feet for SD girls, maybe that would fit?
    5. The new SD13's come with flat feet? o.o I just assumed they were the same as all the other SD13's. That's very interesting... ^^
    6. Yeah, they fit (I've tried them on other dolls). They're available from the Volks site ATM, much to the despair of my wallet. ^^;