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Does your age reflect on the dolls you purchase?

Oct 22, 2005

    1. Waaay back when, when I joined DoA as the Yahoo Group, I was one of the younger members (I'm 30 now eep) Over time I have seen more and more younger people join up in this great hobby!

      My questions is: Does your age reflect on which dolls attract you?

      Like me, I like the mature looking boy dolls. I don't really go for the tiny dolls, and I think it's because I don't currently have children.

      How does your age affect the dolls you enjoy? How does it affect the style of dress they wear?
    2. What a great question. I'm also in my 30's, I don't know if my age really reflects in my doll. She's about 19 years old (if I were to give her character an age). She's goth like I am so that might have something of course to do with her dress...but she dosen't wear things I would. Perhaps for me she's a reflection of different parts of my through out my life. She's supper mopey, something I was when I was around 14 and lost my dad...However she's got a hidden streak that people wouldn't expect and I suppose I do too.

      As for children, I don't intend on having any and I don't see her as my child. More like she's my ward or someone I can mentor without having a family attachment. However in a sense more then a family attachment because it's like i'm looking after her for someone special so I've got to be more protective, if that makes any sense.

    3. I'm 23, and don't have any children. It would be impossible for me to have children as old as 19, but that's the way I see Edric (future Lahoo.) It's like they've been placed in my care, as family members. It's in a different sense than children, but I don't see them as wards or boarders either. Does anyone else feel this way?
    4. I'm 30 and own a SD and a tiny. I don't have kids...Mike is actually older than me! He's 82,, but looks 21...and Aiden is only 2...it just depends...
    5. 14 with a soulkid. i guess so... even though i strongly dislike children. i doubt i'd ever get a tiny, i'm horrid with babies. and i want the older boy dolls cos they remind me of my older bro and he's a rolemodel for me.
    6. I'm 18, my boy will look around 14-16 (not sure how his face up will change the mold) but I plan on him being hundreds of years old. I'll treat him like a son despite the huge age difference <3 Oh sorry forgot to add what he wears..he'll probably wear goth/punk/vkei type styles in mostly black or white or combined.
    7. Well generally, I go for the older dolls. Like, late teens, early twenties. And I'm fourteen myself. (Fifteen in February!) My boy Polaris will be around twenty, so I'd expect him to dress his age.

      That's the way I see Polaris. Family members, but not quite children. Though, all my characters are like that with me, I love my boys.
    8. I'm 39 and don't have any kids (I have 4 cats, though, who might count!)

      I have three BJD living with me right now, with another on the way hopefully early next year. Pippa is around 12, and she loves to wear what I'd call "tomboyisly cute" outfits--kind of a toss up, really, between girly and tomboy. Stig, being in his early 20's but being time-displaced from the 1970's, dresses very much in late 70's punk rock styles, and occasionally even glam. Athos appears to be in his early 20's as well, but he was actually born in 1431. He's cast aside those old monastery robes these days in favor of a much more relaxed and casual look, though!

      I'd say all of them wear styles I either used to wear myself, or that interest me in some unique way as they suit their characters.


    9. I'm 19, Mizuiro is 18, Mushi is going to be 12, and Lotus is going to be 26. =]

      I don't think my age really affects theirs..

    10. I am 19 and have no kids...
      ...Gerard is 17, Haydee is 18 and Liam is 11. I tend to make my dolls older with more mature looks...even my Liam who is a Yo-SD (and thus a tiny) doesn't really act or dress like a little kid. Even when I get my PF Peter he won't act/dress like a baby. I simply like CUTE or MATURE dolls but not baby dolls.
      I think that my age has nothing to do with my dolls' age...I simply make them the oldest that their molds will allow.
    11. I am 21, and for me I like younger looking dolls.

      I don't know why lol, I love kids and can't wait to have some maybe thats why hehe.
      My boyfriend has 2 and they are great.

      I am planning on my Elf's being about 10 and 9 or 8, and my other dolls I am not sure yet.

      my SD Kun will probably be a teenager. I will have to see them in person!

      I like more cutesy outfits as well.. not sure why. I will probably fluctuate how young or old they look with each new look tho.
    12. Yeah. I have 2 human children, so I've had plenty of experience with babies and toddlers and quite enough of that by now, thank you. (My kids are at least both in their second decade now - *whew*!)

      So, I believe it does have something to do with why I have no interest in buying dolls that look like babies or very young children, such as Yo-SD, no matter how cute they are. I was overjoyed when both of my own kids had finally outgrown that adorable but absolutely exhausting (to the parent!) stage of life.

      My "youngest" doll is Arashi, and to me he is the equivalent of age 13.
    13. I think age plays some role, though it may be that one's stage in life is more of an influence. I work full-time and can buy my dolls reasonably nice clothes I wouldnt have been able to afford when I was a student in artschool.

      Also, I'm in my 30s too and when I was younger, roleplaying and yaoi weren't popular. I kind of just missed that whole thing, so while I think a lot of people base their dolls on their rp characters, this isn't something that would ever have occurred to me. Of course, there are certainly people my age who are into that, and more power to them! (And I don't mean this to ignite lots of replies of 'I'm 54 and I rp a 17yo Japanese rockstar who...') It's just one thing that I personally see as a different between my generation and the next, based on my own experience.

      I think when I was younger, I would have linked my own identity to my dolls' more than I do now. I'd have been more interested in cool or pretty dolls, whereas now I'm more interested in dolls with a lot of expression and character, not necessarily pretty. It doesnt bother me if other people have similar dolls or dolls with the same name in some cases, though that might have bothered me when I was younger.

      I think doll fashions also can be influenced by age. For goth styles, I can often take a guess at someone's age based on their dolls because I'm aware of how the style has changed over time. The oldschool goth look is a little simpler, more DIY and has starker makeup; the newer one is more complex and has more of an asian influence. And I might be dead wrong, but when I see a doll dressed in a sort of velvety rennaisance style, I might assume the owner were a little older as that was popular a few years back.

      That's just my own experience though, and doesn't really apply to anyone else.
    14. My boy is the same age as me (17), and he'll 'age' with me as we go along. :grin: I like him to be a mature young man, not a small little kid, because little kids aren't really my thing.
    15. Kobu is my age (23 going on 24 in November) but only because he is my muse and was therefore born when I was. His sister Jordan is 21.

      Most of my characters are in their late teens early twenties. I have two much younger siblings (11 and 12) so I don't really want dolls anywhere near that age. :oops: I would like to get a kid Delf in the future, but he would really be in his twenties despite being stuck in a kid's body.

      As for style of dress... Kobu only has one outfit at the moment and Jordan is just a head. Kobu does like to be casual. He would like to dress up with a pair of black dress pants or possibly a suit, which is pretty much how I like to see guys dressed. Jordan will either be a litle tomboyish and wear pants all the time (kind of like I do) or she will be completely girly and always wear a dress (the complete oposite of me). I don't think that has anything to do with my age though.
    16. Eh? I have a kid but I don't feel attracted to the small dolls at all. XD

      G and J are in their 20s. I hesitate to say I'd pegged them at that age because of my own age but I do prefer my dolls to act like adults, not kids. I regard them more as equals than as very young children I need to take care of. I like independent characters. =3
    17. Well, most of my charas seems to have the same age as me (well, apparent age. I have this strange thing for vampires..) except one who's 16. In real age too. (16 is such a shitty age. Those going through it, don't worry, it goes away...)
      So that influences the type of dolls I would get, I guess.

      Although I do have an overpowering love for Little Jr Mars, and he'd be 10 or 11. After I swore I wouldn't get any children dolls... and no, I don't have any children, nor do I really want any in the near future, at least.

      I agree with Dezarii, I think age mostly influeces the style we go for rather than the age of the doll characters themselves. You don't see as many 30 year olds into decora than late teens-early tweeners.
    18. I'm 48, my oldest is Lucifer who is thousands of years old, he is a demon after all. However, he looks about 12, same age as Merlin and Audie. Perigrine is a year older, Wen is 8, and Kestrel is 5. Kolya is almost 20. Toddy is a changling, so who knows, but he looks about 12 like Lucifer. Then there's the big boys, Kocha is 18, Ilya 15, and Tsuki'ryu is 17. Lastly there's Temmie and Zeph, the tiny guys, they look about 10 and 11. However, they live in a fantasy world, where they share a house together...and their next door neighbors are a pair of jointed bears about the same size, 3 inches and 5 inches.

      I have never had any children, don't have any now, and have no intentions of ever having any. My relationship with my dolls is that of a close older friend/mentor.

      As for dress, well they all have their own sense of style and taste, I've probably influenced them somewhat...LOL, I control the credit cards after all. :lol: As for my own style, well it is sort of an elegant Asian/goth fusion, with an occaisional dash 60's hippie, and maybe a pinch of rebel punk. :wink:
    19. My dolls are based on characters who have been around for a loooong time. They could have been any age, but for some reason I immediately thought of wanting a peer and they ended up being SD13 and in their 20's.

      (Later though, I realized I missed one of them as a kid and bought a Mars to represent him when he was 8-11. So technically I have two dolls now who represent one character at a different age.. don't ask, major story fiddling going on :lol: )
    20. I'm thirty, have a kid, and would actually like to have another. Whether or not this reflects in which dolls I prefer, I don't know. I think it has more to do with the sort of person I am, not my age.

      My crew is all college-age, and living in that state of limbo where you can find a great many young people that age (I was one once upon a time, so this is of course a reflection of my own experience...) They aren't adults yet, with as many responsibilities, but they aren't kids anymore. It has always been a fascinating time of life for me, so it is natural that my dolls would be in that age bracket.

      I've recently been struck by a desire to get a couple of mini girls to be in that whole eight-to-eleven age bracket. I loved books like "Anne of Green Gables" and "A Little Princess" when I was younger (and still do, to be honest ^^;; ) and thought it would be pleasant to have a couple of younger girls to dress up in those sort of roles. I've always wanted a Sara Crewe of my own. ^__^