Does Your BJD Have a BJD?

Jun 30, 2019

    1. I am getting a couple of girl BJD's and I would love for one of them to be into the BJD hobby and photographer her BJD kid. I have the perfect camera and will soon have my first girl BJD a Dollshe Amanda. So the Amanda is 65 cm tall, what is the rule of thumb to selecting her perfect BJD? Also do any of your BJD kids have a BJD as well?
      If so please share photos.

      Mods I am sorry if this was asked before and if so you can delete or move this to that thread.
      Thank you.
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    2. I have a little 24 cm obitsu for my SD boy. And the official Canon miniature camera. So he has his own doll too.
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    3. I have two of the Canons as well. I am wondering how did you select your boy's doll. Was it size ratio and also the ability of the tiny one to pose?
    4. The MaskCatDoll 24cm line was designed to be SD size for SD Doll


      Frances (14)

      They are discontinued, but I think for a 65cm doll, a slim 26-27cm would be good proportions.
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    5. Thank you. That helps a lot. I do hope people will share photos if they have such a combo.
    6. What about the dollzone 19cm? Could that work?
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    7. I would love to do something like that, although the BJD I bought is already a YOSD so finding a doll that would make sense for him proportionately might be difficult!
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    8. Not quite... I've been meaning to buy a bjd for my large MSD (~51cm) who is a toy collector, but as of right now he just has a customized Figma Archetype. She's around 15cm and she reads closer to an MSD for him, I think... she would probably be a good fashion doll for an SD.
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    9. I would think so. I really think it has to be slender otherwise would look like a tiny child.

      You would have to look at Charles Creature Cabinet authors or fairies I would think, or 3d printed stuff from Eve Studio.

      I think a small action type figure would just be a big action hero to a small doll. My 70cm guys are like almost half my height a much slimmer than me. So I think the width measurements are more important than the height ones.
    10. I recently was going to this one as a BJD for my BJD lol


      She's 25cm but has small proportions to look like a doll than a child. YoSD are perfect in height, but the proportions looked like a small child than a doll to me

      I was also going to get this from Dollmore :: Everything for Doll & more

      There is also this super cool that I wish would return event doll from RingDoll

      There is also a book from a Japanese doll artist Koitsuki Hime that came with a small figure

      Some people have painted, sewed clothes and made it a wig to look more like a traditional BJD, its super cute and cool
      Linachouchou Doll / Koitsukihime figure / Toy
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    11. Thank you @GreenTeaSlug The links were very useful. Thank you for helping out.
    12. Blue Fairy has a few tiny dolls— their Pocket Fairy line comes as either 14cm baby sized, or 19cm “Sugar” or “pepper” size. They also have their Nano Fairy, which is 5cm (yes, just five centimeters tall). Their orders are open the first Monday through the first Friday of the month, though they’re slow to open this month (just keep checking back).

      Links here cuz I’m on mobile and it’s being mean to me:
      Pocket Fairy options (you choose the body when you order. Sugar is tall girl, Pepper is tall boy. If you want even more mature bodied, there’s Sister and Brother bodies, and there’s pics of all of these options on each Pocket Fairy page):

      Nano Fairy options (friend Roro is the same size as Nano Fairy; Little Girl Anna is some size as Pocket Fairies on sugar/pepper bodies):

      And if you scroll down the page to the 2nd to last pic, there’s an SD sized doll standing with the MSD, the tall 36cm YOSD, the regular 26cm YOSD, and then the two smallest dolls are the two Pocket Fairy options— default baby and Sugar size:
      Bluefairy International-I will always be here for you

      Hope this was helpful! I don’t work for Blue Fairy, they’re just my favorite doll company <3
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    13. Maybe look out for a Doll Leaves Laura. She's a more mature tiny (I guess 16 cm?)
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    14. Not yet, but I’d like to. It’s just hard for me to justify spending $100+ on a doll that small just to be a doll for a doll. So, Jane has a mini Pullip instead! I’ve also considered getting her an 11cm Obitsu or 12cm Hujoo. It would be like a YoSD for her.
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    15. that is such a fun idea! I've thought about giving my future 65cm an msd little sister
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    16. It was mostly that I got my hands on a little Obitsu and posed it with my guy and it worked. I never really planned it and hadn't really thought about ratios or posing abilities.
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    17. ringdoll had a even doll just called mini ringdoll from like 2016 spring, an they are actually tint, it could be a doll for a yosd and i have a bunch of them as small dolls and modded them to e anie figues and such for my little weeb doll mori
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    18. Looks like this isn't a conversation I have had with just myself or a couple of others. I agree @CloakedSchemer it's hard to justify spending the money on a doll for a doll, but if I can work the tiny into my other group's stories it would be a plus. Maybe my Dollshe Molly cat or my DC Hugh would work. Once they are back from face up artists I can compare them both to my girl to see which size is okay.
    19. Thank you for your reply. I almost didn't see that it was me you replied to. I will try different small dolls I have already, then decide if I need to keep looking.