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Does your doll fill the void?

Mar 31, 2010

    1. You know when you go to sleep at night, with nobody around, and you think to yourself, "Something is missing." Than when you are with a loved one. In their arms or just next to them, trying to sleep, that feeling isn't there. Do you feel that what with your doll? When I got my doll I thought maybe the void would be filled, but I was disapointed with the doll so it didn't really do much. Does sleeping with your doll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
      When you feel all alone, do you go to your doll and feel better?

      *if there is already a thread like this feel free to delete mine*
    2. I hate being alone, so having a room full of dolls does somewhat fill the "void", obviously not the same as being around a human, but, it is nice to know that something is around which can help.
    3. there's no one to hold me at night when I sleep, my cats are fussy sometimes and dolls don't have giant claws lol
      so work a tad more
    4. Nah, my void is absent. I have two cats and a boyfriend that spends most of his time here.
      They do however give me something to do. They keep me busy and I can put my creativity in them, while my cats don't really like me putting them in clothes and such ;)
    5. I don't know if they fill a void per se, but they do make me very happy. I live alone (except for my pets) but I'm seldom lonely. But when I'm home I do get a sense of contentment having my dolls all around me. I don't ever sleep with any of them in my bed, but I do enjoy having them all out where I can seem them. I like seeing them as I come in the door from work or when I'm just at home hanging out.

      I'm sure there are some people who feel like it may be wrong or inappropriate to use a doll to fill a void in one's life, but I'm definitely not in that camp. As long as they make you happy and allow you to feel better about yourself, I think it's just fine!
    6. This is a discussion rather than a debate topic :)

      If people would like to discuss specifically sleeping with dolls try this thread.

      I agree with Landlocked Mermaid that using a BJD to 'fill the void' when you are lonely is not wrong or inappropriate, but I do believe very strongly that a human being needs some social interaction with other living creatures to feel involved with the world around them. The problem with focusing on a doll rather than a human friend is that you may miss out on rewarding human relationships because of your doll.

      What I most love about this hobby is the social aspect; I enjoy collecting and I enjoy miniatures, but I really love talking to my doll friends online and going to meets. Rather than just use your doll to cuddle when you feel lonely, perhaps use your doll to get talking to other people in the hobby and build friendships that way, particularly since you will share an interest in dolls to begin with, so finding a topic of conversation isn't going to be so daunting.
    7. This , ... a doll cannot do much more than a teddybear or a pilow in your case and maybe even less as a pilow is softer,cheaper and keeps better a warm temperature.

      It's totaly different temporarily occupy little more or do 1 - 2 silly things with your doll to temporary feel better (fill the void for some seconds just because those seconds you feel truly bad) and it's different and wrong to lose consciousness , is wrong and not safe to think that a thing stops being a thing and becomes friend/cat/dog/child/boyfriend/parrot or anything else that it is not ... it is wrong and of no use to rely to this piece of resin to fill permanently or for a big period a void which must filled otherwise , it is not safe to think that this way you might fill any void for true ... If you feel that you need human friendship and a relationship this is what you must hunt down: friends & relationship, yes it is hard because world sucks , yes many people suck too, but there is no option given to us, a person who needs friends must have friends to be truly ok not dolls same with relationship/cat/dogs etc ... that's the rule.
      As for me I have no voids of such nature anyway. I have my man & friends & I was never the hugging type in sleep anyway.
      So no void here anyway ...
    8. I don't really have a void.
      I have a cat and a dog, and they're nice because they need me and they show their appreciation when I take care of them. The dolls are mostly just for my creativity; they're a creative outlet for me and help me express my ideas more...3D-ish...than just writing them down or drawing.
      But it is nice sometimes when I'm not hanging out with anyone to just sit with the doll and make him clothes and stuff, because he doesn't complain. Or whine. Or yell at me or anything. As an introvert, people are exhausting, so the doll fills the "I don't want to be around people right now, but I'm lonely and bored" moments. They don't last long, because I do have really good friends and I love them all ^__^
    9. This is pretty much my answer XDDD It helps, but it doesn't "fill the void" probably because dolls aren't real people, they're just.. dolls :P
    10. I wouldn't say they fill a void, but they do make me feel safer. At the risk of sound totally nuts, I think spirits don't come around so much when the dolls are there, because they're like my guarding spirits :3 Especially Aurelio, he's ALL man and rather a protective soul so I don't think much could happen with him around.
    11. Hmm...yes and no. Right now, my husband is there for me, but when he is deployed for the army, I know that I'm going to sort of "rely" on my dolls to keep me company and, indeed, keep me sane. One of them was a gift from him and I know that looking at it and holding it will really help me to think of him and remember him. They're not friend or S.O. substitutes, but when there are no other options, they really can help. Just don't let them become your whole world/whole friend circle/whole support system because they will ultimately fail at that in the long run when you really need something.
    12. I don't even know if I have a void, but if I do then no, my doll doesn't fill it.
      Maybe because I don't really play with my doll, it's just a pretty object in my room.
      Now, looking at pretty things can help your mood, and having a hobby helps keeping you occupied and entertained, but it doesn't fill voids.
    13. Im like some of the others, I dont really have a void ^^; I have a wonderful boyfriend who often spends the night with me so I never feel lonely, but on those nights when hes not here I do grab a doll to keep me company. Since all of mine are resin I dont like sleeping with them, but when I get a dd I have a feeling she will share my bed when Im lonely and I think it will help :)
    14. Hahahaha. No. They don't fill any void for me because... they're just objects. :'D </3
    15. They fill my closet, and a couple of them fill my shelf. They EMPTY my wallet from time to time, but that's about it.
    16. I wouldn't say they fill the void.. but they do make me feel better. =)
    17. One day I was really depressed and I started crying...I immediately grabbed one of my dolls, seeking comfort, but found none. His smiling face depressed me even more, I was like: "why are you smiling when I'm in so much pain?" and then I thought 'you're just a doll...' and put him away from me.

      Since then, every time I feel down I try to avoid my dolls at all costs. In my opinion, human contact is the best medicine "to fill the void". I need reassurance and that physical touch to feel better and my dolls are just that...dolls and my imagination.

      So, my short answer is no. My dolls don't fill the void. They make me feel better and happy, yes they do but only when I'm in my 'normal' state... otherwise, they just make me feel lonely.
    18. I actually have been very upset/depressed lately for various reasons, and I didn't even want to take my dolls out of their cupboard at the worst points. I didn't want to play with them or anything, because I had no desire to hold or play with things that I need to be happy or in a decent mood to play with. They just kind of made me feel as if I would feel more alone to take them out and snuggle them, because they can't comfort me with actions or words or do anything back.

      I find my cats are better for comfort. At least they can interact with me and can do things to make me feel better and get my mind off of bad things, because they are happy. A doll just sits and stares, and when I'm upset, I do enough of that myself.
    19. As a lifelong doll enthusiast I was always certain that out there was the "One Perfect Doll" who'd be the end-all be-all of dolls and the perfect possession such that I'd never need another doll besides it ever again.

      Well... after 31 years of doll collecting I've come to the realization (yeah I'm slow) that there's never going to be some "Perfect Thing" that fills "the void" or gives comfort. No amulet, no symbol, no thing, nothing that will answer my version of this yearning.

      So I'm learning to just ignore it! XD

    20. Like so many things in my life, dolls are a 'distraction'. They give me something to do, something to focus on instead of going to bad and negative places. I know those negative places are still there, but I don't have to give them my time or energy. I learned a few years ago, that Harry Potter just makes me happy, I don't know why, it just does. Having Harry Potter themed dolls just adds to that happiness. I can't explain it, and don't have to. I've gotten strange looks and flack for having my dolls (expecially all HP themed), but what does others opinions matter, the dolls make me happy.

      I also do not let the dolls take me away from from social interaction and responsiablities. I think it's abit unhealthy if you turn towards dolls to fill a void, vs actually finding a way to cope with why you feel there is a void in your life in the first place. In the stated senario it's due to a lack of a 'flesh and blood person', so a doll could never fill that hole. Go to dolls when you need to forget about that there is this void in your life, but when you go to the dolls instead of going out and socializing with real people that's a problem, because the dolls are no way useful towards fixing the problem you see. Now if your void was a lack of creativity or creative outlet, then going to your dolls (vs people) as a way to express your creativity would be fine. It just depends on the situation.