Does your doll have a personality?

Dec 27, 2020

    1. As a few others have said, I buy the dolls because I love the sculpt. I have some ideas of what I would like them to be but ultimately they show their personality and we go from there because forcing it has only ended in frustration for all.
      I expected Hitagi to be more like her sister Nadeko and while part of her personality is as I expected (they get along well) she's very different from what I planned/imagined for her to be. Hitagi is a lot more attached to Nadeko to the point of it being impossible to get any decent photos of her alone (she'll fall over, pop into crazy poses and will not even sit without falling back) but when she's with Nadeko she poses beautifully with little effort and stands like a rock without issue. She disapproves of almost everything I throw her way, for example, clothing-wise she's quite a bit pickier than I expected and will refuse to wear the majority of things that I get for her.
      Nadeko, on the other hand, is very easy-going and compliant. Anything is ok with her in regard to most things. The only quirk I would say is that she doesn't like standing in heels and she will sort of pout if she is without her bear but nowhere near the level of Hitagi's wrath.
      Koyuki, as most little sisters, has a personality that is a combination of her older sisters and thus far closer to Nadeko's easy-going demeanor than Hitagi's disapproval of all things not Nadeko.
      I'm sure that once the floating heads get bodies they'll develop their own personalities so I'm refraining from making decisions about their characters until then.
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