Does your doll have illnesses, scars or similar?

Jun 9, 2020

  1. Yes, visible one(s), same as me

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  2. Yes, invisible one(s), same as me

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  3. Yes, visible one(s), I don't have it

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  4. Yes, invisible one(s), I don't have it

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  5. No

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    1. Hello everyone,

      I was wondering how many dolls out there suffer from illnesses, scars or similar things. Since I have a large scar myself, I thought of giving one of my dolls a scar at the same place.
      I know that many dolls have heterochromia for example. I think it just appears "cool" because it's something only few people know in Reallife.

      So, does your doll have an illness or scar? If so, why did you decide that? Do you maybe have the same illness or is it simply a part of the character?
      If you have several dolls, what is the majority?
      And if not: Did you actively decide that or maybe the thought didn't even cross your mind?

      I'm curious about your answers!
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    2. I guess I like scars because I never realized how many of my characters have them. One of my main OCs has some very visible head scars (old pic but I'm currently redoing his head so I wiped him). They're technically self inflicted because he can turn into a beast and went crazy once. Then I have an incoming head who will have a small scar on one eyebrow and a large scar on his chest once he gets a body. Small one is from a childhood accident, big one is from being attacked. Plus I have one girl whom is in my future plans to shell who has a scar across her neck. Not from attempted suicide but someone did try to kill her and it left a scar.

      For illnesses, I actually have an illness that's commonly found in the hometown of quite a few of my characters that some of them suffer from. It mostly changes physical attributes.
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    3. Not right now, but I've always liked the idea of my doll wearing glasses, so I could say she's short sighted (wow what an illness, lol!). But it's only for fashion's sake, nothing deeper like @Cap'n 's character. I loved your description, btw!
    4. Does lycanthropy count as an illness? And I don't mean the psychological kind...

      On a more serious note, two of my dolls are supposed to have scars that I haven't given them yet because I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it. One will be missing a hand, and the other will have animal attack scars across his torso and forearm. I myself don't have either of these; I've got scars, just not from animals, and I'm not missing a hand. (I'm also not a werewolf lol.)

      None of mine are especially damaged, but if I ever end up with a doll that has scratch marks or broken pieces that I can't fix, I'll probably turn those into scars too.
    5. Me too . I'm planning of buying a ringdoll menghe I think of giving him a scar
    6. Yes! One of my current dolls, who I'm still working on, has two face scars - one over their eye and another on their cheek - that they got from trying to cheat a pirate in cards! They also have severe mysophobia and have burned their fingerprints off, though I haven't painted those tiny finger details yet.

      I've also toyed with the idea of prosthetic limbs for dolls, but the idea doesn't fit any of my current projects. It would probably require modding and/or dyeing and that's just something that intimidates me a good bit!
    7. So the short answer is: Yes, one of my dolls has visible scars on his face. The story is simple, he's a scrappy little goof and someone broke a bottle over his face after he'd mouthed off at them. I requested a visible, textured scar from the FUA and they didn't disappoint. He also has a ritual scar on his eyebrow denoting his gang affiliation. I'd add scars to a doll only if it's part of their backstory, but I like what other people do with their modding. I guess my character with a cybernetic hand counts as well, but he's not complete and I'm eventually changing out his prosthesis for something more realistic.


      Two of my dolls have scars. One has a brand on his right shoulder in the form of numbers and the other has self harm scars along his forearms.
    9. Yes, I have a doll that has a scar which was not based off of myself. It is actually based off of events that happened to the doll herself. She had an accident that chipped only the faceup on her lip. So when I re-did the faceup, I added a scar on her lip as a way of keeping that in her permanent character. I realize that might seem odd, but I was very attached to her first faceup. I was genuinely really upset when I damaged it. I had to put that doll away for quite some time before I could look at her again. The scar suits her character, so it wasn't a stretch for me to add it in that sense, but I suppose it was also a way for me to make my peace with it all. I couldn't imagine her without the scar now!


      (Random side note, I've always found it really funny that heterochromia is so popular in this hobby because my mother has it. So I've always grown up seeing it.)
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    10. Three of my dolls have visible scars that I don't share - all of them from various battles with monsters. Two are very large, one is smaller but still very visible.

      I personally have partial heterochromia but I've never had the desire to share that trait with my dolls.
    11. Mine have a mix. Some have visible scars, some invisible. I have scars, but notin the same places as my dolls (they have scars on faces or limbs, I have surgical scars).
    12. One of my characters has several scars, none of which are based off of any that I have. Her character takes body modification really seriously, and has scarification done along with her tattoos, and some branding. She does it as a form of art on her body - as well as symbols of protection etc-. She does have a large scar across her abdomen where a C-section would be; though this is much more jagged.
    13. Two of my girls have scars but in places they don’t show, kind of a thing where I know and it means something to me and the characters but not something I care to share with the public.

      My first doll has heterochomia, both green eyes but the left is darker.

      Several of my characters have various other illnesses, mostly things I've dealt with myself.
    14. One of my dolls' characters has PTSD from a traumatic event in his past. A different one is supposed to have physical scars from being in a traffic accident. I'm potentially going to re-shell the character, and need to improve my face up skills before I try to do scars
    15. One of my dolls is hyper flexible, so a friend of mine who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome decided that my doll also has it. I'm probably going to add that into the doll's back story as it explains some of her mobility issues.
    16. I accidentally made a doll’s character rapid cycling bipolar, which I later learned I had. I didn’t plan on putting a mental illness I wasn’t actually very familiar with into a character I roleplayed at a tabletop for years, but I kind of decided her emotional and responses were “mine but worse” and accidentally gave her my mental illness. Now that I understand mine, I can see it very clearly in her. Whoops.

      I did the same thing with her completely faulty schemas about what a relationship was supposed to be, her tendency to over-commit, and prove her loyalties until she wears herself down, and her exceptionally manipulative ex. That’s all a story for off-site, and not an illness, but it’s another thing I didn’t know we had in common.

      She also has a lot of physical scarring I don’t have. I have about 5 smaller scars, and one fairly noticeable one that prevents me from wearing earrings. She has a number of very large ones that she’s tattooed over, because she’s not ashamed of them, but she isn’t wild on who she was back then.

      A lot of the rest of them have scars related to how they live their lives. The assassins, the children of a god, everyone from my hell universe, as well as M/Masked Vampire/Moriah. Some of them are also mentally ill, and usually have illnesses either I or someone close to me has, that I understand (as an English/psych major, my greatest fear is seeming like 70% of the English majors bad psych hot takes—there’s a lot of research and not writing anything I can’t hear first person input about).
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    17. Several of my dolls have scars, and two are frequently ill, though none reflect what I have.

      Of my scarred dolls, two have them due to surgery, one from injury, and the fourth by accident. As in I accidentally scratched her with a sewing pin within months of coming home. Part of her faceup has also rubbed off along the eyebrow, resembling a cut scar.

      As for my sick dolls, one is compelled to wear warm clothes as a result, and the other a hearing aid.
    18. It's so interesting to read your stories!

      By the way, there seems to be a trend in the poll. If the doll has any kind of invisible illness, it's often made after the owner or someone they know. I find it interesting since visible ones are rather made up out of nowhere. I wonder why? I'd guess that one often uses the own way of thinking instead of the most common one. Probably even without realizing it as @Chameleon described.
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    19. One of my dolls is deaf - so not visible but a disability that is a part of her story (edit: I am not deaf, I just want the Hard of Hearing community to be represented in my collection).

      Another doll I'm still working on is a Frankenstein type "monster" - so she will have visible stitching/scars. I do man to make her look super adorable so it won't be very realistic, but I think it still counts?

      Yet another doll who I am working on but will be gifting to a friend has top surgery scars, because I wanted the doll to be a trans man.

      I really like making my dolls look unique and represent all kinds of people and stories ^^;
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    20. I don't have her yet, but when dollfie icon gets released I plan on making her based of D&D character. Based on the background I wrote for her, she's going to be malnourished and have a lot of scars.