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Does your doll seem to move by itself? Amusing or a little annoying?

Nov 28, 2007

    1. My doll has only been strung since Sunday, so only a little more than three days. I have him strung quite loosely but he is sueded so he can stand. Anyway, I found him a bit difficult to handle at first because it seems he moves on his own. I think it is quite amusing and have gotten used to it so I don't think I'll drop him or anything terrible like that but some things I don't like. For instance, this morning when I was changing the position of his legs he hit me in the face with his head.
      I want to know if you guys have problems or just fun with your dolls not doing what you expected them to when trying to position them.
    2. I love it when the dolls can "move" by themselves, it just adds to their realism for me. I dislike locking joints and tight stringing, it's too 'rigor mortis' for me!

    3. Yes, I agree, I also love it when they move on their own...it puts a smile on my face. There have been times when I felt like the doll was being stubborn and any position I put him/her in just wouldn't stay the way I wanted but they're their own little dollie self with their own personalities (ha!) and sometimes they just move the way only they want to! The movements definitely amuse me more than anything.
    4. I remember when I examined my girlfriend's first doll (my first time touching a BJD as well), it kicked my nose. To this day I *HOPE* that was just a stringing issue.

      My current doll hasn't had its strings touched. I cannot get it to sit straight and it instead leans back. I haven't figured out if it's a string issue or a clothing issue.
    5. Haha ,I love it when dolls move on their own. One time I was carrying Vaith, and his hand when FWOOP right to my cleavage xD I just kind of looked at him surprised x3
    6. Kiyoshi's stringing is so good he could stand barefoot right out of the box. He doesn't really move all that much and rarely kicks--it's his expressions that change. However...the day he arrived, I was trying on the outfits I'd bought while waiting. I think I was taking off one pair of pants and putting on the other, and he fell back onto the futon with his arms over his head in this "take me!" pose that just cracked me up (particularly since we're both gay!). I should've taken a picture and posted it in the boy/boy matchmaking thread!
    7. I like it--it adds to their expressiveness, and can be quite funny. There's nothing like having your doll smack someone upside the head ;)
    8. the first time my bf held one of my "freaky dollies" Ila doubled up in his hands, hitting him in the face with her head and feet.... that was funny :P
      I like them moving by themselves, its usually comic, and although can be frustrating when you've just got PERFECT pose, it does add to the realism for me.
    9. Neither of my dolls have had anything done to their stringing and whatnot, and while they both stand and hold poses very well, I love their small quirks. Fakia's are the best, for ( while it would probably be annoying to most other people xD ) either one or both of his arms simply refuse to hold a pose for longer than 30 seconds. They always come snapping up, which is so cute since it looks like he's being shy and trying to cover himself up. It's wo wonderfully in character I can't help but giggle :D

      Nazomi is a little more subtle, he doesn't really move all that much, and he poses wonderfully, but the few times he does move it's usually when someone is getting too close to his personal space. He'll be standing fine, then once my sister starts poking fun at him, he flops over, over if she puts the dog too close to him, his arms snap out ( positvely scaring the poor pooch far away xD ).
    10. Lulz, Kano's body has only been home for a few days, so i'm still getting used to him. but, I got him to stand 3 times today! With no shoes cause I need to buy him some ='D

      But, at one point, it looked like he started teetering, then he just stand back up straight, like he was trying to scare me <3

      When he was a head, I tried putting this wig on him, and he rolled out of my hand...nothing wrong with him, it just scared me.
    11. sometimes its difficult to handle ,i have a nice little hole in my head from kandji falling off the counter while i tried taking "looking up at you" pics earlier. but its ok, i gave him a bloody nose! (i joke, he stabbed me with his nose, hence the blood)
      but otherwise its kinda cute. on good days i like to contribute it to him being stubborn, and when im angry, he kicks because he is throwing a hissy....or trying to cheer me up....if thats the case he needs to learn how to cheer up girls...-.-
    12. Yep. I think they want to make their opinions known! I left Orlando and Eli - who are NOT supposed to be a couple - cuddled up like this overnight:
      ...and in the morning, this is how they looked:
      ...yes, they'd "fallen over". Riiiiiiight.
      I think they're trying to tell me something.
    13. I let my friend hold Tora before and he grabbed her braids and yanked on them &#9829;
      I thought that was pretty amusing though she didn't seem to agree xD
    14. Moving dolls are quite amusing - Ezra tends to pull his hands away from whatever I'm trying to put there, and he is a natural exhibitionist....(opens his legs at every opportunity).

      I am a bit disappointed that JD is much stiffer....I miss that torso joint which allows Ezra to curl into my lap. Oh, but in exchange JD lets loose his hands/feet at random intervals. The little troublemaker demanding attention :D
    15. Mine do it all the time! :o Bloody Candy is the worst! *little wandering hands* And Eien and Tori are always somehow cuddled together, even though no ones in the house and their lying next to eachother about 2" apart! :aeyepop:
    16. Elina has a nervous twitch in one leg. If she's in public and you try to pose her, bam. It makes her almost impossible to make stand during meets.

      Mina... Mina doesn't even have to move to be moving. She has these really odd eyes that seem to follow you around the room no matter where you go. It's pretty creepy, really.:sweat
    17. All the time. Every time I even set Siobhan down on say, my bed, she splays out in this "look at me, you know you think I'm gorgeous" pose. And Fionnlagh refuses to pose properly in his default outfit - the sweater is fine, but he hates his jeans. Hates them. And any time I set him down, he always has this arms spread out for a hug pose until I put his bear, Cookie, in his arms, and then he poses perfectly, cuddled around his bear.

      Liam's just shy - he doesn't like his pants being removed. Though he'll pose perfectly any other time, if I try to take off those jeans, his knees go right up towards his chest, and he always curls up!
    18. Oh yeah, my dolls move on their own all the time. Drives me crazy! I'm trying to pose them a certain way, and they just flop all over the place. Or, in the case of my Custom House dolls, they are so stiff that I just can't get them to move the way I want. So I end up yelling at them and talking to them the whole time - thank goodness no one can hear me, they'd probably lock me up :P
    19. When I opened up Joyce's box the first time Kairi just glared at us. She loves to move herself whenever we dress her.
    20. My dolls seem to move into "can we keep that behind closed doors" poses if I put them anywhere near their SOs.

      Though Harry, my Yder, moved himself into the most frightening pose. I walked into my room the other day to find his head sitting on his lap, neck side down, staring at me. He's on a Type 2 body, with that odd twisty-arm thing instead of an S-hook. I didn't take his head off, my mom didn't take his head off, my dad didn't take his head off, and I know my cats don't exact;y have the eye/paw coordination to do it. Apparently Harry just decided to move himself into a Headless Horseman imitation......