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Does your doll "smoke"? Why?

Jan 18, 2006

    1. There's one thing I find very off-putting about some photoshoots in the gallery, and that's the proliferation of dolls posed with cigarettes. I must admit I do slightly boggle that in this day and age when just about everyone is aware of the health risks from smoking, people still think smoking is "cool" - or at least, cool enough that they want to pose their dolls with cigarettes.

      Smoking isn't cool; it's a filthy, disgusting, antisocial habit and I really don't understand why anyone would want to pose their doll indulging in it. :-? Nothing is more likely to put me off someone else's doll than to see it with a cigarette in its hand; and I've been totally put off Luts' Breakaway because the site photos show him with a cigarette in his mouth.

      Does your doll smoke? If so, why? Does your doll smoke because you do? Or because you simply think it makes your doll look bad-ass and cool (FSVO)?

      I just really don't get it.
    2. (rephrased) There's some shots where it isn't focused on, it's just a part of that character where he/she happens to smoke, and some where I feel it does add to the mood. I haven't personally used a cig for Sonya, because it doesn't suit her character. However, there is just an ambiance you get, a feeling, that is associated with smoking.

      Reminds me of older movies, the smoky air, the feeling of dejectedness, someone alone contemplating their thoughts. I don't smoke myself, and am really allergic to airborn stuffs, so it's interesting that I can find the artistic side of it so appealing.
    3. uhm..it could be that the character of the doll simply smokes. It doesn't have to say anything about the owner, and I think it's pretty rash to attack owners of smoking dolls like that-it's their doll-their character. Characters aren't perfect, nor do doll owners have a responsibility to show others that smoking is bad. I personally am intrigued when I see a doll smoking, I always wonder why, what in the character made him smoke.

      Sumiya smokes sometimes, but only because he has a hard time expressing his feelings-he usually uses sex to get rid of feelings he can't show, but when, for whatever reason, he can't have sex, he smokes. I suppose he'll be smoking when he arrives here, with only his brother there, but when he feels at home and comfortable, he'll probably stop. Now, am I a bad person?
    4. I've smoked and a few of my boys and girls (BJDs included) smoke, I have a boy who managed to quit and one struggling to quit ^ ^ I agree that it's a bit rash to attack smoking and smokers, but it is your opinion of the habit. It's my opinion that it's NOT that filthy and anti-social, but I do agree it is very unhealthy and I prefer to see that some characters *do* experience those aspects of smoking, whether it's a yellowing of the teeth or something as serious as cancer. Similarly, if someone's said to be a coffee addict I hope they're making several trips to the bathroom XD
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    5. I think one of the attractions of posing your doll with a cigarette (oops, was about to say fag, but that might be misinterpreted by the US people here... ;)) is that it's just about the easiest and quickest prop to make! I'd also agree with frzndaqiri that it's good for creating mood.

      I once took some photos of my boy with a cigarette in hand, and I don't smoke or approve of it (though have become used to the smokers in clubs). I think I was trying to get across a certain devil-may-care attitude. I certainly wasn't trying to make it look like an admirable or cool thing to do - it was the last thing on my mind! I just thought of it as a useful prop in that photoshoot.
    6. My guy is trying to put his fags away but he has an oral fixation... >D
    7. I smoke, (though incredibly lightly) and even though I know the health risks, I LIKE smoking sometimes. I don't think it's dirty or antisocial at all; I've made a lot of friends standing outside of places with smokers! lol. (but I'm not the type who NEEDS cigarettes and has to take a break every 10 minutes).

      My doll smokes because it's something his character would do, simply. And yes, I do think it looks "cool". As people above said, it does portray a certain atmosphere and attitude that's just come to be commonly associated with smoking.

      I'm sorry smoking offends you, and I completely respect your not wanting to be exposed to it, but I think it's a little harsh to let one trait turn you off completely to someone or their doll D:
    8. None of my dolls smoke (though my future Shiwoo is good at making things smoke, the little pyro), but I agree that it's a character thing. Some dolls just have the characters to smoke. Haze does have that nature, being rather filthy and antisocial himself, but he doesn't see the point. Human vices. Other people might like the idea of their dolls having some flaws in character to make them seem more real, and smoking really is a common bad habit. Everyone in my family but me are smokers.

      And hey, it's not like they've got lungs to ruin. Or brains. Well, Haze has half a walnut in his head, but... ...That's entirely besides the point.
    9. My dolls don't smoke, simply because I was a hopeless cigarette addict for years and only recently have begun to make progress as a non-smoker.

      I don't judge someone else who does smoke, or whose doll's smoke however, I mean they are dolls, and are about the fantasy stories we create around them, right?
    10. One of my dolls will be a smoker
      I myself dont smoke and I deeply dislike the smell of cigarettes.
      The only reason I chose for him to be a smoker , is because of smokers are mostly being stereotyped as bad asses and wild , and that fits the character very well :)
    11. I don't smoke, and neither do any of my dolls, nor will they ever. I don't really judge other people who smoke or have dolls who smoke, I guess it just doesn't bother me. :? Though it may be the anti-smoking education and seminars during school, but I just don't see giving your doll a cigarette making him "cool." Its a bad habit, I don't think any cooler than other bad habits, like biting your nails.

      Though, someone already kindof suggested this, it would be kindof neat to have a doll get addicted to smoking, and then make photostories of the trial he/she had to go through to quit. Or to give the doll cancer, or something. Just great ideas for photostories, I think. *hint-hint*
    12. I do find smoking physically dirty...the cigarette smoke leaves grease on every surface it touches...and I've seen what it does to people. And in my future career (nursing) I need to learn to smell the diseases and see from the inside the harm it causes... I feel extremely strongly about this subject.

      I don't like how smoking is continuously glamourised in japanese yaoi but it is. perhaps that affects dolls here picking up the habit ^-^

      personally, in the interest of protecting our younger more impressionable members, I would like to see less of smoking dolls...but obviously it's not my choice what people do with their dolls in the least!

      'disgusting fags' is quite different in british and american english isn't it ^-^
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    13. babytarragon said
      "I don't like how smoking is continuously glamourised in japanese yaoi but it is. perhaps that affects dolls here picking up the habit ^-^"

      My sister lived in Japan for 13 years and has shared with me that in Japan, MANY people still smoke. It's not like it is in Western culture, where we have all but outlawed smoking, and have a very negative view of it. In Japan, it is still very culturaly acceptable, and heavily practiced.

      So I think your point of the Yaoi images having an impact, is a very valid observation.
    14. It seems like in the yaoi I read smokers either look - cool, mature, bad boy, sexy. so many different positive things it implies...so different from British culture. In my area many people see smoking as pikey or chavvy.... but not all of us by any means
    15. Vince smokes because.....well because he's Vince. He's bad. It's all part of the character. Keith smokes because hes got a bad habit and it eases his nerves. I used to smoke on occassion for the same reasons but I stopped because my mom got cancer from smoking herself some years back and I got scared. However, my doll cant get cancer and has no lungs and the only ones getting second-hand smoke are the other dolls who *also* have no innards, so its no biggie to me.....

      Yes, I think smoking is a bad habit, and my mom almost died from it because she smoked for so long.. but when it comes to dolls smoking? Or drawings/pictures of people smoking? Who cares? YES I think smoking looks sexy in movies, books etc.*LOOKS*. In this case, my dolls smoke because it fits their characters.. Wesley however, would completely agree with Arkady, as he hates smoking and is constantly trying to educate Keith and Vince on the effects it has on their health. He's basically taken on the role of a short-lived character I had back when I did this photostory about smoking as a bad habit: http://www.livejournal.com/users/xxkeithxx/2974.html#cutid1 ....Anyways, back to what I was saying.. All of this doesnt mean I encourage smoking or do it myself.. but to each their own. people deal with problems in different ways, and it's your own life and you can do what you want with it, whether it be cigs, drugs, or alcohol.....just dont do it around me and I'm cool.
    16. My doll also smokes, mostly because he's a ball of angsty mush and has a hard time dealing with his own problems. I personaly hate cigarette smoke, and dislike when people smoke anywhere in my general vicintiy due to the fact that it makes me horribly sick. It's a terrible habit with even more terrible consequences. Smoking, however horrible it is, is part of Azazel's character as a way to emphasize his overall depressing existance and his inability to cope with it. I don't feel it makes anyone a bad person if their doll smokes...it's thier doll and their decision.
    17. It's a reasonable point to make, although I do think you were a little harsh in your language, but the simple fact of the matter is: People do stupid stuff sometimes. They don't always know why.

      I must admit it creates a certain ambience, and says something about a character. I mean, Breakfast At Tiffanies wouldn't be Breakfast At Tiffanies without that godawful cigarette holder. If you were going for a photoshoot reminiscent of that era of Hollywood, a cigarette holder would be the most obvious prop to use.

      There's nothing wrong with the fact that it repulses you - If someone found a way to give their dolls a third eye or modified their ears to look like stretched lobes, I'd be creeped out to the point that I wouldn't want to look at it even if it was a sculpt I normally really like - but surely there's more to a character than whether or not they smoke?
    18. I think if someone wants to subject their doll to mock-smoking, or if they want to smoke themselves even, they already know the social (and in the case of people) and physical drawbacks. I don't think people are going to cater to what other people want or don't want them to do, regardless of what they might know is right or wrong.

      You said, "people still think smoking is 'cool' - or at least, cool enough that they want to pose their dolls with cigarettes.", But I don't think that's the case. So far being on the forums, I don't see many people worried about what's "cool", or popular, it's just what the person wants their doll to do.

      Really, I think smoking adds a realism and sense of adultness in a lot of peoples' eyes, not that it "makes [their dolls] look badass/cool". That and people are interested in characters that don't always follow the social norms and the accepted rights and wrongs because of personal interests and experiences. Even though it may be a bad thing in a general sense (though I don't particularly see it as "filthy, disgusting, or antisocial", though), it's someone's personal choice, and other people's opinions shouldn't have to infringe on what decisions they make for themselves &their own dolls.

      But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I do see where you're coming from. It's just some of your supporting statements that I don't really agree with.
    19. Frank and some of his soon-to-be-here buddies smoke. They're characters from a story I wrote, and they always have smoked. Frank started when he was 13 (he's 23 now) because he was a rebellious pain in the behind (still is for that matter), Liam is depressed, angsty and doesn't care about his own health, Lorry smokes a lot when he's stressed, I don't remember why Rory smokes other than it fits his character *shrug* Frank would be very cranky if I took his cigarettes away. After all, bjds don't have to worry about lung cancer ; )

      Hikaru and Fumiki (my two minis) don't smoke, because it doesn't fit their characters.

      I don't smoke myself. I did briefly in college and stopped--there's too many health risks involved especially since there's a history of asthma in my family anyway. I enjoyed smoking quite a bit, but I care about my health a bit more. However, if the dolls can do do it, they might as well. Ah, resin people get to indulge and never worry.
    20. Its just a prop.
      Like if a doll is posed with food.
      Its just there to make the picture pretty ^~^