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Does your doll wear shoes?

Jul 10, 2014

    1. None of my Bjd's wear shoes! I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same about shoes? I have dolls with tights and bare feet and thin k they look so cute and natural! Relaxed and at home I guess you could say <3

      Iv'e tried to make them as I love the crafting part of owning BJD's
    2. My dolls only wear shoes when I'm taking pictures, aside from that they're always bear foot.
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    3. My dolls always wear shoes unless they're in costumes that don't require them.
    4. My dolls are wearing sock or tabi in my room, but if I take them outside or for photos, they will wear shoes. :)
    5. Yep, one of the first things that drives me crazy is if I don't have shoes for a certain doll.
    6. Sometimes, it depends on the situation.
      If they are leaving the house, they better have shoes on!

      When they're at home, they may or may not wear shoes. I would prefer they not wear shoes as we have a no-shoes-on-inside-the-house rule in our home...but sometimes dollies get away with it!
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    7. Only 3 out of 11 wear shoes and that's only because they were perfect for them. I prefer my dolls shoe-less honestly. They are all creatures (fae folk) and would thus not really wear shoes. They don't need them. I'm considering taking the shoes away from the ones that do have them :B
      I often find doll shoes to look wrong and out of proportion. Companies are getting better at making them look more in scale by adding more details and making them less clunky, but in general I'm not thrilled by shoes. Which is weird, because I love me some shoes for myself.
      Also, two of my dolls have hooves.
    8. My doll wears socks most of the time, I only put her in shoes when going out or for photos since it makes her easier to pose :)
    9. Two don't. One just doesn't. She is an elf but she's also a harpist and is always seated. I think she looks relaxed and free without shoes. The other has no shoes because I can't find any to fit him. He has slim little feet.
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    11. Funny that, they normally wear shoes, but at the moment only one of my eight has shoes on.
    12. my doll loves shoes. she's got several types and colors of converse she just.. loves them!
    13. My dolls almost always wear shoes! I love buying cute shoes for my doll when I've got the spare cash, so of course they wear them!
    14. It varies. My PP doesn't even own shoes because the choices are limited. I intend to fix that soon. My PKF is always in his shoes. My 70cm guy was in shoes all the time while wearing his temp outfit. I had to get him PJs and don't have a proper "outdoors" outfit for him, so he's now barefoot until I get the rest of his clothes. My incoming girl will be in shoes most of the time.
    15. Only my EID wears shoes and she is wearing the ones I made for her. All my dolls are fae folk so they sit around barefoot a lot.
    16. Mostly yes, but not always at home, and Heath hates shoes so he's normally barefoot. Xerxes is a pet, so no shoes for him! Though that would be funny...
    17. For me, it mostly depends on the character and whether or not they would wear shoes (I have a couple who don't due to fantasy parts and one who just doesn't like shoes, lol). I am also really picky about shoes on my dolls. I don't like it when the shoes look to big & clunky on my guys so I'm reluctant to spend money on them unless it's the perfect shoe for them.
    18. I suppose it's half and half for me. Most of my fantasy creatures don't wear shoes, while my humans do. If they are just lounging around I tend to take their shoes off anyways though. I find that some BJD shoes look clunky as some of the other members have stated and that bugs me. I have three pairs of nice BJD shoes that just look slightly off when they are worn. I feel like it's even more noticeable in person than in pictures.
    19. He does wear shoes for photos, because I've found it slightly easier to pose him but I only got him recently so is still early days.
    20. I have sort of a doll shoe problem. :sweat
      I have about 20 dolls and each of them has about three pairs of shoes... but a few of them have more than that. I like the idea of a barefoot doll, but if I did that I'd have no excuse for owning all this footwear. *_*