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Does your doll's size affect people's reactions towards them?

Dec 11, 2006

    1. Is it just me or does anyone else find the general public is less "weirded out"/offended by smaller dolls? I find people give me stranger looks if I have Kyo and Raiko who are CP kid-delfs with me, than if I take out Elgyn, our Unola. Elgyn goes to work with Rose or I quite frequently and people want to see him because he's so tiny and cute. Yet people seem generally more awkward if presented with one of the twins.

      Does anyone else find this to be the case? What have reactions been to SD or even Dollshe/DM Model sized dolls being out with you in public?

      I'm really quite curious if the size of dolls is influential in people's reactions towards them.

    2. I have a regular 60cm delf boy, and I've had a few comment about how big or heavy he was, but not too many. My grandmother, who collects porcelain dolls, thought he was really small. She has some that are well over three feet tall
    3. \um...
      lots of people feels " safe" seeing smaller sized dolls...
      i mean, i have hound..and i've heard people saying " oh god that's too big."
      or " er..a little disturbing that doll is" like comments.
      but my friend who has yo-sd always, always gets cute comments.
      people even want to hold hers!!!!!
      yeah. size makes difference.
    4. Heh, yeah. Anything tiny, or with a really cute face will be generally liked. Yo-sd's are like carrying bunnies around. xD
    5. Honestly, I haven't had any differences in reactions between Lewis and Jacques. They both get the same positive responses, and the same awkward glances.
    6. What I've noticed is the "OMG! S/he's so cuuuute!" squeal whenever the tinies are about. :roll: :)

    7. When I told my grandfather that my Nana is going to be nearly two feet tall, he flipped. *_*
      He's used to Barbie-sized dolls and whatnot, and has never even heard of a doll with more than two ball joints, espcially one that's as big as a SD.
    8. I think tinies tend to get a better reaction. All that cute I suppose and they're at a non-threatening size to the human imagination. ^_^;
    9. I've found people react better to Hayes ^^;;
      I have no idea why. I would think Eiji is less intimidating/creepy. Maybe the people around here are just weird.
    10. I do find people are less creeped out by Edward, that they are by my huge CP dolls! ^_-

      But not always- I have one friend who hates Edward, becuase he' *too* small! XD Like a mouse, or something....
    11. If you're just carrying a smaller doll with you, people don't seem to notice as much as they do the bigger dolls. That's my experiece anyway.
    12. To be honest, that's even the case with me. I'm used to 30cm dolls, so I'm pretty wary of the SD size that I plan to get next year. xx I'm sure everyone in my family will hate it, but I'll enjoy it and that's what matters. :3
    13. I introduced BJDs to a girl I met on a neopets themed forum (Kitty = dork), and she was absolutely fascinated by them. But she wouldn't stop complaining about how big they were. "They're too big, too big!" Even MSDs! And then tinies were too small for her. XD; So.. she gave up.
    14. Smaller=Cuter

      Cuter=More appealing/acceptable

      Larger, more realistic dolls, particularly male dolls and if they aren't "cute"-cute, will be less generally appealing and acceptable. That's just how it works. Humans are hard-wired to respond to small, cute things so we will care for our young.

      It's no knock against bigger, less cute dolls. One just has to accept that bigger and less cute isn't going get that instinctive response from most people.

      I have 60cm size dolls. I love them. But I have to say that they are definitely stranger to carry about in public than minis and tinies, particularly if the minis and tinies are frilly and uber-cute! They just have that "awww" factor that the bigger dolls don't have.
    15. I agree with all the people here who have said that the tiny dolls tend to get better reactions from non-doll people. I guess just because they're cuter and easier to hold... and also let's consider the fact that most people with tinies don't usually give them piercings and punk style clothing, or bondage clothes, or etc... :) Not that there's anything wrong with the varying styles often found on the bigger dolls, because that's what's so great about them, but just that outside people are usually more comfortable with small cutesy dolls over larger more stylised ones.

      When my 43 cm Narae arrived and my parents saw her, they were actually disappointed she was "so small"! They had been thinking she would be bigger, hehe. I mentioned the thought of a 60 cm doll to my mother and she likes the idea. But then again she really likes dolls, so! :)
    16. I have my good friend dallabat's AR LF Ren here visiting so I can clothe him. I took him out with me around town and shopping recently, and carried him on my shoulder. When I walked into Wendy's with Ren in a cute blue dress on my shoulder I thought these two teenage-looking girls were going to spit out their sodas..
      The older ladies seemed really interested in him but no-one was willing to admit that Ren was a boy, even when he was wearing pants. :(

      All in all, I love taking dolls out in public.
    17. Well at least in the US, the predominate dolls sold are around 12 inches. Barbie, Bratz, stuffed animals even... they don't tend to get too much bigger, certainly not ones that get carried around by anyone, child or not. So a smaller bjd might seem more toy like and less realistic to the public.

      Bigger dolls however might start pushing the boundaries of realism and the idea that many of them are anatomically correct somehow pushes such dolls into the relm of pervertedness (don't ask me how that works O_o ). They're not what the general public is used to so they'll take adjusting.

      The same could go for collectors who aren't looking at getting a bigger doll or have decided they're not for them. Bigger dolls can also be seen as more cumbersome and they don't always have that "cute" factor that smaller ones can. And again, they're more exspensive generally speaking.

      Personally I love the bigger dolls so much more than the smaller ones (don't get me wrong I still think the smaller ones are adorable but the bigger ones are my priority). I like the maturity of the larger dolls and the novelty of their size. 'Sides, it was a blast showing people just how large a Dollshe really was at the meets I've been to. :3
    18. People were initally afraid of my MSD boy, Leu. They thought he was weird enough--man, their reactions to my big boy who's practically twice his height...Haha. Funny. xD;
    19. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YEP! sooooo true! My Sylvie and Cyndy are "kinda creepy" but Tinatsu is "ZOMG!!! THAT IS SOOO CUTE!!!" Pulled Tinatsu out of my purse once over dinner. After a few moments of conversation one girl started whackin' her bf on the back and telling him to buy her one. Yo's (and similar sizes I'd imagine) convert people; SD13's make people think you do nasty, freaky things when no one is looking.
    20. In general, I think smaller things tend to get better reactions. For example, most people seeing someone with a tiny little dog will tend to think it's cuter and happier (and safer), while a person with a great dane will probably get a few more nervous reactions and less "oh it's so cute!" reactions.
      It just happens to go for dolls too. My mom is sort of passive about most 60+ cm dolls, and thinks a lot of them are weird. On the other hand, Latidoll's Yellow Lea gets her smiling ever time. Size often does matter, and I definitely think it's the fact that smaller things tend to be cuter.