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Does your height affect your doll's height?

Jan 31, 2011

    1. I am what most people would refer to as "short". I'm 4'11'' and unlikely to get any taller. Because of this, I've limited myself to only buying dolls that are 65cm and under (and even that's probably pushing it), because I don't think I'd be able to properly handle a doll that was 70cm or taller. Even though I've seen many larger dolls that I really like, from places like Dollzone or Souldoll or Soom or Fairyland or Iplehouse, I'm barely able to lug around my Iplehouse YID boy, and he's only 63cm! *_*

      So my question is, does your height affect the height of the dolls you buy? Have you ever seen a doll you really liked, but didn't buy them because you felt they were too tall compared to you? I've seen some discussion about this topic before, but never a specific thread.

      (I would like to point out that I am not hating on short people here - I like my height. Makes it easier to sneak throught crowds ;). Nor am I angry at tall people for being taller than me and being able to handle having bigger dolls. In short (ha ha), no height-bashing here.)
    2. It only affects mine in terms of, well, what I find funny. Mostly that I'm 5ft nothin', and my first dolls were Soom MAs, at 80cm. ;) I couldn't help but be amused that they were about half my height, pretty much.
    3. For me my height doesn't really affects my choice (at least for now). I'd eventually like to get an 70cm SD and sometimes I do wonder how cool it'd be if there a life-size BJD that is roughly my height or slightly taller than me XD (But that meant I probably can't be carrying him around @_@)
    4. It doesn't really effect me, but I have one SD (so far) and he does seem pretty big hehe! I'm 5'5ft so I'm not tall and he's 64cm and I do find it kind of funny but I have to say it doesn't effect my choices, I like all sizes :XD:
    5. For me it does. I'm not as short as some, but I really don't like big never have. I have small hands, small things, etc etc. I was really afraid to get into SDs, so I stuck with MSDs. However, I have one now, and I really like 55-65 heights, but I really don't like 70cm, it is way too big. I know only 5cm more, but for me that's like way too much doll. I could force, myself but I'm just like o.O nahh Besides, nice things come in small packages ;)
    6. What an interesting thought. I've sadly, just sat down and worked out what ratio my doll is to my height... and funnily enough she's but 1cm away from being exactly a third my height.
      But to answer, I don't think my height (5'9" OR 175cm) has much to do with the height of my dolls. Like I mentioned, I've got an SD - Caitlin - who's a third my height, then I have little Lissa, a puki.
      I think that each doll height has its own merit, and that I'll probably end up with at least one of each specific category (SD, MSD and tiny) for the variety of it. It has less to do with my height and more to do with the versatility of the doll sizes themselves.

      I think I ended up wildy off topic, but its a habit of mine :P suffice to say, its not my height that decides what doll, its my imagination, creativity, and that inner muse that sees a doll and starts jumping up and down like a tantruming 2 year old "wanting it NOW!!!" Again, great question!
    7. I was pretty sure that my height didn't have anything to do with my doll choice, then I realised that I'm freakishly tall and all the dolls I really love are in the 65-70cm range. MSD-sized dolls just do nothing for me, but tinies are a whole new level of adorable when they're compared for size with one of my giant paws :P
    8. Nope. I'm tall, but that didn't make me choose bigger dolls. I just have older teenager/adult characters, so they needed to be SDs. If I was to buy any of my child characters or toddler characters, I'd get MSDs and Yo-SDs respectively. The size for me just went with the age of the people the dolls were portraying.
    9. Maybe. I don't particularly like small dolls. Not because of the sculpts or anything,
      but I already have difficulty with handling MSDs. Maybe I'm just too tall? *_*
      I'd say 1.70m (5ft 7 I think) isn't all that gigantic.
    10. I wouldn't really say so, I'm 5'9 1.78m and I've got two over 60cm boys coming but I do want smaller dolls as well :) I suppose for shorter people it might be a bit hard if the dolls nearly half your height *_*
    11. I am like 5' 3" so I do tend to like SD ones who I say are like 6 feet tall if they were real. But my son and hubby are tall as are most men in family tree on my side. In fact I am shortest person in family but I have 5 Littlefees and 5 SD's with plans for another 2-3 SD's to join so tall people and dolls are I guess a make up for my lack of height.
    12. For me, as my mother used to say, "when there is a will, there is a way", so no, for me the size it's not restricted by my since, I've seeing myself doing some heavy leafing and resisting some very powerful force, in the case of string the elastic cord or things like that, so not even a 1/1 scale wold scare me to work with...in fact, I'm looking towards that day... ;)
    13. I'm average height (5' 5") and have dolls from about 10cm to 70cm and many in between. They all have their little quirks about posing, but I love them all. So far, I haven't wanted any dolls over 70cm, but I have an open mind about them.
    14. I'm about 5', so I'm doing what the OP is doing pretty much. I won't get any doll taller than 65cm. I have small hands, small things, etc, so it'd be hard for me to lug around anything taller than that. (Though I do have a little bit of trouble lugging around my SD boy sometimes.) There are a few dolls that I like that are 70cm+ but their height is what makes me not want to buy them. That 5cm difference really does make a difference to me.
    15. No, though I'm not particularly short. However, I do tend to avoid the really tall dolls in favor of my guys and girls being able to share clothes and be at least a little easier to transport. However, I have learned in this hobby to never say never, so maybe some day I'll end up with someone truly gigantic. Right now my tallest is 62cm.
    16. Firstly, I'm 5'3" and have been surrounded by people (much) taller than me my entire life. >.>;;

      When I first got in this hobby, I was of the opinion that bigger is better. I loved all the 70+ cm dolls I could find. Even though I only have three full dolls, and two of them are around 60cm, my wishlist is full of dolls that are 70cm and up! I'm pretty sure it's my Napoleon complex peeking through.

      I must has giganormous dolls! >.<
    17. I suppose I never really thought about it till now, but I guess it might affect it. I'm about 5'4" and when I see any bigger than 65cm I'm like "Oh man that's way too big for a doll..." I don't know if that's just a preference or it it's because of my height?
    18. I'm 160cm (about 5'3") and adore getting bigger dolls. I like that the SDs I have are almost half my height and would love to get a bigger doll at some point. I like that I can sit down and have my dolls standing and being the same height as me.
    19. I'm on the short side myself (5'3"), but I don't think it's affected my doll buying either way. At least, it's hard to tell when you have YoSD to SSDF and almost everything in between :sweat!

      I find wrestling clothes onto the big lads does take a bit more work, but then getting anything complicated onto a Yo does, too. :)
    20. I had never thought about it. I'm around 5' 4" (162 cm), and almost all of my dolls are 70 cm. When I bought them I was just thinking of how lovely they were, and how much I wanted them. Then, when I got to carry the first one, I wondered if they couldn't have been a little lighter :D Then I got used to them. I love MSD size, though, since I can carry them pretty easily (Subaru can confortably sit on my hand). And tinies are just the cutest thing (I sooo want one *-*).

      I still laugh every time I stand besides one of my big boys and see how they're almost half my height... For some odd reason it really strikes me as funny :?