Event [DOLCEBELLA] First Doll International Release Event

May 26, 2018

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      We are very excited about our newest partnership with Dolcebella, but even more so to introduce Dolcebella’s FIRST DOLL EVER to everyone!

      Some of you may have heard of Dolcebella’s crystal eyes before. Although the company has existed since 2012, now, in 2018, they are releasing their first BJD: Peony, a cute 17.5 cm child-style doll with an expressive face.


      Peony was first released only in South Korea, but now she is being released worldwide. To commemorate Peony’s international release, as well as BJDivas’ partnership with Dolcebella, our two groups are hosting an event together:


      Order here: Peony
      For more images of Peony's accessories, visit our Dolcebella category: DOLCEBELLA – BJDivas

      Finally, although Peony's basic set is a very reasonable $200, layaway is available. :) All our standard layaway policies apply, see here for more info: Layaway Info & Guide

      As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch!

      I hope that you'll join us in supporting this new doll artist! :D
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    2. Pictures of Peony's body



      Blank head and teeth part installation demonstration


      Doll Measurements:
      Height: 17.5
      Head circumference: 14 cm (takes 5"-6" size wigs)
      Neck circumference:4.3 cm
      Shoulder width: 4.5 cm
      Shoulder to wrist: 4.5 cm
      Chest circumference: 8.3 cm
      Waist circumference: 8.9 cm
      Hip circumference: 10.1 cm
      Waist to ankle: 8.5 cm
      Leg length: 5.8 cm
      Feet size: 2.3 cm
      Eye size: 12 cm

      Peony's basic set is $200 and comes with the following:
      • Assembled body including head
      • Teeth part
      • Fingerless hand parts used for ease of clothes changing
      • COA
      • Genuine product certification headplate (attached to head)
      • Doll box
      • Face protection cap
      • Manual
      • Extra S-hooks
      • Extra elastic
      • Clay for affixing teeth part
      Peony is can share clothes and shoes with most existent 1:8 size dolls.
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