Dolcebella Tiny sugar Discussion

Jun 17, 2018

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    2. I just ordered this tiny girl, and want to see yours as well :-)
    3. I don’t have one of these precious tiny girls, but I absolutely adore their aesthetic. Beautiful company faceups too! I might have to look into them more.
    4. Thanks so much for creating this thread @norha! My group fell in love with Peony after we agreed to be Dolcebella's dealer, and with having made the Wiki page for both Dolcebella and Peony, we were worried that we'd annoy the mods by creating the discussion thread for her as well. :sweat I'm really glad that this thread exists, I really want Peony to succeed and that we'll see even more lovely dolls from Dolcebella. :D

      @Castilleja There's an event going on right now for Peony's international release. Because Peony is Dolcebella's first doll, we're all really hoping that she succeeds. More details about the event on my group's site.
    5. Oh wow!!! That’s fantastic to know. Now I definitely need to check it out. The girls in the picture are just precious. I could really see them fitting in with my current collection.
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    6. [​IMG]
      I got my girl in my hand!!!!! she is soooooo ADORABLE
      her tiny little tooth part is literally killing me!! size is smaller than my pinky nail tip but it has bumps!! 4 tooths!! lol
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    7. @Castilleja The event ends at the end of this month, so less than a week left. :) If you like Peony's promo pictures, two of the limited dress sets that she wears in them are available until the event ends. They were discontinued already but the artist brought them back for this event.

      @norha Wow she's so lovely! :D Her tiny teeth part is so remarkable, there's so much detail for such a little doll. I've really not seen anyone else like her.