Sales Promotion Dolk & Maker Partners Special Promotions [DOLK]

Aug 9, 2019

    1. Dolk & Maker Partners Special Promo
      Check this out, we list all of our special promotions for the month of August.

      For this month of August, we have lots of interesting Events!

      * This second week of August we're going to announce the release date of Attack Of Titan Character BJD Dolls, Captain Levi & Commander Erwin Smith!
      * We also offer now some special collaboration dolls!
      * We have lots of new BJD Dolls in stock, ready to ship!
      * You can also boost your Reward Points, Up 30 Points on our website! Until August 31, 2019.
      * We offer discounts for some of our Outfits, Wigs, & Shoes In Stock!
      * Lot's of maker events where you can see on our website!

      LEARN MORE HERE --> Dolk & Maker Partners Special Promo

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