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Dolkot 16cm Fairy discussion part 1

Mar 12, 2009

    1. Well you can ask them on Q&A about wig, that what Ive done and was going to do about the long brown one.
      For me it seems like they're just about to make quick money with new type of doll without her beeing developed well enough.

      (Like Windows :lol:, they throw out the new versions on the market, and then throw the service packs after that :x)
    2. I am still on the fence about ordering her. I saw the 20IDK is $165.00. Having saw that, I though for sure she would be around $99.00. I was sadly mistaken.
    3. nope, not going to let myself get this one. Must resist. Don't really need her, must win lotto first. Though her latest pics have been better. Wonder what they plan on doing in the future with this new line.
    4. Now they have the fullset. Dress is the same at event one though. Anyone ordered her yet?? I am thinking on it. They have the wig I love now.

      Azraelita........I'm with you, I dont think there is any movement in her hands. I have a Moona, and she appears to be taller. I love those pictures!!!!!
    5. They definately keep tempting us with better photos, nicer clothes & wigs! So far I am still able to resist, but if she were just a little less money I know I would tumble in a hurry. Someone PLEASE get her & tell the rest of us all about her!!!!
    6. The fullset gives me creeps, its even more expensive, for what actually? Albino skin and dress? Ughh :x

      Im selling stuff to be able to get her, she is definitely my next BJD.
      I will take the non fullset though :evil:.
      But face up, that long brown wig (they call blonde :lol:) and eyes.
      293$ with s&h :o.
      Well it depends on how much I have done with my sales, probably Ill take only face up :sweat.

      Id love a white skin one as my second one when it turns out my first Peya gonna be fun :)
    7. I don't think she's anymore expensive than other tinies her size, compared with Sleeping Elf's Moona or the Elfdoll tinies, she's similarly priced. I really like her, but probably not enough to order her right now.
    8. I agree with KayJay
      Elfdolls Banji , Dobiji ...mine ..all around this price

      I would just like the option of not buying the wigs and clothes because I know they will end up in the bin

      but I am gonna have to wait untill May ...:(
      I just wont have the funds this month ...time to buy more fur :)

      (unless that is I sell the couple of bigger dolls I have :) tempting ))
    9. Looked at the prices and realised that you both are right :sweat
      Elfdoll is even more expensive *_*
      Then I must be happy they dont sell her only as fullset :D!

      I hope when I hold her in my hands I think she was every single penny worth :)

    10. I'm with you! I almost tumbled of the fence I was on. But I have my Soom Fairy.:) If she was only $50.00 or $75.00 cheaper like the others, I'd have her ordered. But the price and no fairy ears or wings just keeps holding me back.:...(
      I think I am suffering from dolly confusion torture:doh:...(
      I really am not sure what to do since I have my Soom fairy girl.
    11. Okay just got word, that shipping to the USA is $40.00 and they won't be making any dolls with wings or elf ears, but they thanked me for the advice for it. So I guess if we want a true fairy, make wings and sculpt ears. I sculpt and sew for a living or should I say to support my dolly habit:) I guess I would have to add those. But on the other hand, completely make her over would be fun! Like a true OOAK (one of a kind) doll
    12. Shipping to Germany is 40$ too. I suspect its so much cause of the heavy wooden box.

      And yeah, Muse Star, if she would be 50$ cheaper Id already ordered her, but now I have to save first.
    13. I just ordered real skin Peya with face up and wig YAY :sumomo:!
      They told she'll come anyway with eyes and wig included but random, so I wanted to be sure I get also the styles I like :)!

      Now Im curios how long she'll need here and if Im the only (and first mwahaha) one who got her? :lol:
    14. Congrats Azraelita, I look forward to seeing your pics of her :fangirl:
    15. Thanks :) kayjay, yay be sure I gonna spam ya with her^^
    16. Ooo, good! I am waiting for owner pics before I make up my mind. I just bought a big doll and will have to save for a while to scoop up more tinies. I can't wait to see your new girl!
    17. Great, can't wait to see pictures...
    18. linakauno, catclawtub: Yay :D