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Dolkot Abel

Mar 15, 2007

    1. Okay, what do you think?
      I think . . . *falls over dead* I like him even better then Kiss, I believe. But, more importantly, can we get those sunglasses.:D

      Anyone already have plans for getting one?
    2. He's SO CUTE! If I could take any more uke boys in this house, he'd be on the list. But alas and alack. No. :d
    3. LOL He might be just right for me. Someday, anyhow. I don't suppose there's an English language version of the Dolkot shop?
    4. Ahhh I love him! He's so close to a member of my doll plans that it sorta hurts. But maybe that's just those sunglasses calling to me X3

      Chihaya I'm actually pretty sure those sunglasses are the same ones offered at Dollmore. Also I know that Dolkot is working on an English site, found at dolkot.com, but it's not set to "open" until April 1st. Hopefully Abel will still be around by then!
    5. Hey, thanks for the info! I wonder if they'll do a sale to commemorate the opening of the English language shop? *hint hint to anyone in Dolkot who may be reading this*
      I'll have to get some of those sunglasses.
    6. I was planning in getting a Kiss...but now I'm seriously considering getting Abel instead. He suits the character in question a bit more, I think....

      He should probably be showing up on Dollmore soon, since they carry all of Dolkot's other dolls....
      I'm definitely looking forward to Dolkot's english page opening! =3
    7. If you get one you have to plaster the site with pictures! I can't wait to see more of him.
    8. Oh, I'm totally in love! *_* Now to convince myself that my Loon doesn't need a friend... Haha.
    9. This thread is a little (aLOT) old but!
      I bought him from the user sineadmcdos, and he is amazing! He's had a few faceups since, and a few wigs aha.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Plus hes my profile picture!