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Dolkot boys Bera and Amon!

Sep 22, 2007

    1. Wow, they're both so beautiful! I really love Amon's mold. :D
    2. I love Bera, but I am kind of put off by negative Dolkot body reviews. Anybody out there have any reviews?
    3. I love Amon. I dunno if I'll ever get him but when I see him he makes me luuuuurve him!
    4. Yes, I've been hearing about some of the bodies being "meh." I hope that Dolkot gets it's act together. :|
    5. Amon looks great! :D
    6. Yeah, I'm also kinda put off by the bad Dolkot body reviews, I'd probably get a different body
      O.O Bera is just gorgeous.
    7. :drool Amon :aheartbea
      You could always swap with another body?
    8. Hello, I have a few Dolkot dolls and I've never had any issues with their bodies at all, at least not yet.:) So far so good and I just love them. I have the new Bera in the glamour body and I think they did a wonderful job on the entire doll. Yes, Amon is gorgeous too...I don't have him but I wouldn't mind him as part of the collection!:)