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Dolkot Dark Elf Leaf discussion

Jul 1, 2006

    1. Can anyone let me if these are limited edition or are they still stocked somewhere?
      Does anyone here own one?
    2. There are at least three Dark Elf Leaf dolls on the boards, or their owners/roommates.

      There have been two very limited releases of Dark Elf Leaf.

      My Betula "Tulle" Lenta is a first edition Dark Elf Leaf. She is just sooo gorgeous. :blush I don't actually much care for the standard Leaf.

      Ann in CT
    3. Aww I only just saw a picture of version 2 and just loved her, but they are all gorgeous.
      Thank you for the responce.
    4. I have a dark elf leaf. If you want I can take pictures of her and pm them to you. n.n She's a Dark Elf Leaf, but her makeup was redone some time ago
    5. Oh thanks so much Strangeangels!
      thank you each for the replies. I will message you, visionsofdolls, thank you for the offer.