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Dolkot Junior Lai + Lai's Make-up Half Price Event + Daisy, Yuna

Nov 15, 2007

    1. I'm not sure if Daisy and Yuna are new news, but I searched and did not find a post for them. First of all, Dolkot has a new Junior boy named Lai.

      The girl version of Day that caused a lot of confusion back in August is now named and is called Daisy and is supposed to be Day's older sister. Yun has a girl version named Yuna now and is Yun's older sister. Both girls have sale pages marked as sold out. Dolkot has also added information on who these kids belong to. Day and Daisy are the kids of Kiss, while Yun and Yuna are the kids of Dai and Yui-- hence the resemblances.

      There are more Junior outfits, including two "antique" dresses and two matching sets, and one new limited called Yun(white) Royal Family.