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Dolkot Kiss available for preorder (?) today!

Jun 3, 2005

    1. I've been eagerly following Kiss ever since his first promo photos were released, and in the past few days Dolkot has been having lots of new promo photos--- and now he appears to be available for preorder! ^^ (Click the first thumbnail on the opening page, the one whose caption starts with Ver. 01.)

      The Babelfish translation of the info is particularly painful, but here's what I've sort-of gathered:
      Starting from June 3rd, 3 PM, you will be able to make "reservation" (I'm assuming this means preorder of a currently avilable stock of already-made dolls?). After June 30th, he will be then available for mass order (the exact wording in the translation is "lump boat song" XD so I have no idea if I'm right here), which means for those who order then that there will be possibilities of the usual delays in making and shipping.
      “Reservation” gets you: body (translation says "reed" XP), head, carry bag, "cotton non" (?), and 18 mm random acrylic eyes, for 550,000 won (about $540 US). For 50,000 won you get a face-up, 28,000 won for a wig. And there’s also something about getting a random 4x6 limited edition photograph…?

      Soooo excited! I’ve been waiting forever to see more pictures of Kiss, who is absolutely going to be my second boy. Now just to figure out how foreign customers can order. Any ideas?
    2. No clue, but I'm going to send them an email to see the process that internation buyers should go through.
    3. Please let us know how it goes. I really like both Leaf an Kiss and am also curious if they can be ordered internationally. :grin:

    4. Argh, he WOULD look like he could be Ephram... -_-;;; (Ephram is Nai's uncle. Blast it all.)
    5. omg.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep us dated on this
      i dont want to miss the preorder
    6. judging by the date on the first post, this happened a month ago...?

      I would love to snag myself a kiss, I've got my fingers and toes crossed that dollkot open an english ordering page or another way we can get him...
    7. I love Kiss and I would like to buy one :chibi
      Please let us know if you have more information about international orders.
    8. Whoa, I didn't realize that this post had been resurrected. XD;
      Liria has said that she would be willing to try ordering from Dolkot!
    9. I wonder if they have any plans on released just his head...lol (Man...what is it with me and disembodied heads?!) I'd LOVE to make a Kiss girl...wonder what other resins match...oh heck, I just hope some users here get him so we can all oogle over pictures! lol
    10. I agree... Sakhmet... oh boy i would love a Kiss girl, I think that face looks like a girl.
    11. That would be so great! Dying for Kiss too... and I'd like to know more about the "adonis" headmold is it a LE?
    12. Who is that in the #74 make-up image? He's so hot, I'm melting!
    13. That Kiss in No. 74 just made my mind up for me. lol I'll have to find a way to have a Kiss girl. Now I just hope his resin matches CP's since I love both of their girl bodies. I'll have to keep an eye out for his head, get an idea of prices...
    14. I wonder how BIG his head is -- if it's overall big, it might look too big on a CP girl body... I can't wait to see!!! I love him!
    15. I almost feel bad for the first person to get Kiss on the board...lol They're going to get buried in questions about him.