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Dolkot Kiss discussion

Feb 22, 2006

    1. Hello!

      Just wondering if anyone can help about Dolkot Kiss.

      (1) I went to the dolkot.com website and the pictures they show there of Kiss is the one in "milky normal" skin tone. This is not the same as the "normal" skin tone is it?? And if not, is it possible to get ths milky normal skin tone or are they some kind of limited edition and not for sale?

      (2) Can Dolkot Kiss wear 16 mm eyes? It's default is 18mm

      (3) Can he sit with his legs crossed? or arms crossed in front of chest?

      (4) Does he pose well? As in easy to stand?

      (5) This last question is just me wondering away, no need to answer but I'm just curious, I haven't seen that many Kisses in this forum. Is he unpopular or something? How many Kisses have we got in this forum? show of hands?

      I really love his cat-like appearance. I'm about to get one and he's going to be a kitten trapped inside a boy's body.
    2. I don't know the answers to your first four questions, but the last one: I don't think Kiss is unpopular, quite a few people are saving for him I think..but it's been very hard to get him since he was only available at the Dollkot site..and I don't think they have an english site ^^; he's been avaliable at Dollmore for like..a month or so? So, now, lots of people are buying him there..but they aren't home yet ^^ So, perhaps, we'll see more of this gorgeous guy soon..

      I love him, too ^^ Too bad I only want two dolls and he wouldn't fit in with Vasiley and Sumiya..but I'd loooove to get him and customize him to look like Dilandau from Escaflowne..*dreams* but well..I doubt Dilly would get along with Vasy and Sumi..and well..that would be sad..so I think I'm getting just his head or something..^^; If I can one day save enough and find someone who wants just the body..

      I love your idea, too :D *would love to see him when he gets home* ^___^
    3. My Kiss hasn't arrived from Dollmore yet T^T

      Sorry about the other questions ahahaha =_=" Is the milky normal skin tone the photo of the blond one?
    4. Hrm, I'd heard something about the "milky normal" skintone before, I think it *is* limited, but I'm not sure how. =\

      I'd love to know the rest of these things too. XD As Raouken said, Kiss has been hard to get a hold of. There will probably be a bunch of them on the boards in the next month or so, though; the ones ordered in the past month were supposed to ship at the end of February, though last I heard, that date was going to slip because the batch before it was late, too.

      (Yes, I'm a-waiting on one. ^^; )
    5. Hmmm my Kiss is a kitten in a boy's body too :?

      Well, I can't answer the first couple of questions, but I took some shots for you this morning to demonstrate his posing abilities. I hope it helps!

      ~Please don't mind the random beer cases in the background- they're not mine^^;; they're my dad's heh~




      This shot was too cute not to take, ~Voodoo the cat and Voodoo the doll^__^~

      Wearing a cat charm - a gift from my sister's doll, Ayaka^_^





    6. wow, he's so gorgeous..stop making me want a Kiss! XD

      heeey..I suddenly remembered..wasn't there something with the milky white, that it was only available for Korean buyers? I remember a topic about Kiss a while back that stated that..though I could be wrong of course..wasn't the milky a beauty white version? If so, it's still possible to get that version, because Dollmore sells the white Kiss..but if it's a whole different skine tone, then I really wouldn't know how to get him..
    7. Thanks, morbidollz ^__^ I take it Voodoo stands pretty well? (How would he compare to a luts boy? XD; )

      Hmm, on dolkot.com, if you look at Kiss' page, the "Kiss for Foreign Customer" appears to be the milky white skin color. (I think the color itself is probably similar to Angelregion's Crystal Rose, in that it's pretty pale, but not HELLO WHITE.)

      Other colors? Like tan? :love
    8. Ooh tan!!!!! o(>w<)o I HOPE so coz I want one!!!! <3
    9. Kiss does have some joint locking problems; like when I sit him up, he snaps into position and stays like that until I snap him into another position. He stands with his belly sort of sticking out and that is pretty much the only way he will stand^^;; because, unlike CP boys, he doesn't have that middle piece to keep him straight. Over all, it doesn't bother me much. His arm and leg joints are similar to luts boys and he moves pretty much the same way.

      I'm not sure how much this helps, but I posted comparison pics here:
      My Kiss is Beauty white btw^_^


      and here:
    10. Morbidollz: Hahahaha!!! Is it just coincidence?!?! I saw Kiss and immediately I thought of a kitten! So that's how my boy Seven will be a kitten trapped in a 15 yo boy's body. He can't speak and he still acts like a kitten (lick paws, runs around on all 4, stretches in sunlight), but he's got a developed human mind now so he's confused why he's suddenly thinking about a lot of things (including why he was a kitten before) and wanting to understand how things work.
      Hey maybe Seven can get to know Voodoo some time? I think it's real cute that Voodoo is a black cat, cause Seven will be a white kitty.
    11. Helene: We must think along the same lines...Kiss really does have such feline qualities. I made Voodoo (the doll) my cat because he kind of resembled her in a wierd way - from the big eyes, right down to the flary nose hehe. I feel such a special bond with him now because he is the embodiment of my real life cat, whom I love like crazy. Voodoo does know how to speak, and he has a boy's mind as well as a cat's instincts and playfulness - like he'll start pawing at things or licking himself, completely oblivious and content. I really do think it might be interesting for Voodoo and Seven to get to know eachother. ^_^
    12. ^_^'; I just sent my Kiss off, as I sold him. I think one of the reasons there aren't many on the boards right now is because before Dollmore started selling them a week ago, it was really difficult to get him off Dolkot. x__x Or the ones that Jaewon sold went for outrageous prices.
    13. Aaaaand now that I've got my boy at home, I can pretend like I know all about Kiss. ^^

      But to answer question #2, Jian Mei's eyes are 16mm eye candies, and seem to fit just fine. No gaps or anything. (Please excuse the dust on his face ^^; )


      Hope this helps! ^_^
    14. Gaahh, you people are totally making me love Kiss!

      I haven't found a resin comparison yet and am really looking forward to it. Any of you Kiss owners want to give it a shot? I mean, compared to pretty much anybody.

      He poses really well, his face is freaking gorgeous, and I love his torso sculpt. I'm really glad Dollmore's distributing Kiss now, can't wait to see more.

      Would you tell me who did his face up?!?! Fugg that's gorgeous!
    16. That looks like JB's work ^_^ (Dolkot has one of the nicest makeup artists, IMO. Though, I'm not quite sure if JB still works with Dolkot...)
    17. :D Is Jian Mei normal or white skinned? He's beautiful <33333
    18. Helene, I've been told Jaewon painted him. ^^

      mrssetokaiba, he's normal skin. Thank you! :3
    19. Hmm, Jian Mei looks gorgeous in 16mm...! time to go eye shopping again ^^;

      Okay, random question: Does anyone know if Kiss can wear SD (not SD13!) clothes? ... I guess he'd be too tall for the pants, but...
    20. EA eye candies own my soul, right about now. ^^;

      I have a pair of SD-sized pants I got from Dollmore at home, I'll see how they fit him when I get off of work. ^_^