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dolkot leaf - different versions and eye differences?

Apr 11, 2006

    1. wow... now i do notice that the eyes are different, that is kind of weird....
      i do like the bigger eyes better
    2. I like the bigger eyes too! very elfin.
    3. i don't get it too - two versions labelled 05 and each one is different. as for me, I like smaller eyes version better ;D I wish someone could explain why there are two different looking versions of leaf. it's quite...interesting.
    4. I bump this thread because I always wonder what about eyes size on this Dolkot doll....

      I own myself a Leaf and mine has big eyes!!
      Bigger than many others I saw before buying her... at first I thought that maybe seeing her in person was different and pictures were confusing but then, comparing my own pics and others', let me believe that actually there are 2 different version of eyes.

      Here a pic of my bigger eyes Leaf:

      We could post photos to compare their eyes size :)
    5. I have a Dolkot Leaf she is WS I found a pic of her on the dolkot website she is a Limitation 55 Ekaterina, I guess the limitation is her Face up ? I dont have a good picture of her but will post one asap !