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Dolkot Leaf Ear Issues

Aug 20, 2007

    1. I'm contemplating a Dolkot Leaf just because I love her beautiful elf ears. However, on this link (below) do i get elf ears with her. It's just the ones to buy seperately are "sold out" and I dont really like the faceups the two that state they come with the extra elf ears have. Any help?

    2. The photos show the elf ears in some cases; you should ask Dollkot directly if the basic Leaf comes with the elf ears.

      And you do get to chose the make-up--click on the drop down box to see descriptions of your possible choices.

      Ann in CT
      and Dark Elf Leaf v.1
    3. I bought the basic leaf from doll n doll before dolkot launch their english site and it came with the elf ears. However your best bet would be to contact dolkot directly, they arnt the most prompt in getting back to emails so I'd suggest trying the message board.
    4. I have a pair of elf ears I got by miscommunication with my kiss and hara...I would be happy to give them to you if you don't get any. The left ear is pierced though.
    5. LEAF ELF EARS!!!!! :)

      Does anyone know if the elf ears were all made to one particular design, or if the earlier ears were different?

      I have a Dark Elf Leaf version 2 whose elf ear broke in transit, just the tip of the ear.
      I tried glueing it back on, it's OK but still wobbles around a bit as there is nothing at the tip to give it support.:(
    6. I had a look on dollndoll and everything looks so much clearer and easier to use than the official dolkot site!

      Not to mention the drop down bar that allows you to chose the elf ear option!

      THanks everyone :)
    7. Oh no...dollitus coming back...thinking of adding one of these dolls to my list....must stop self!
    8. But Leaf is soooooo cute!

      Actually, I don't really care for the Leaf sculpt, and I don't care for smoky Goth make up, and Dark Elf Leaf stole all my money and graced me with her presence. :sweat :blush

      Never can tell, with dolls.

      Ann in CT
    9. quick question..
      the ears are detatchable, yes? she has human ears and you can add the elf ears?
      the site doesn't mention anything about them.
      says she comes with:
      CONTENT::Body / Head / Acrylic Eyes (16mm~18mm) / Special Dolkot Bag
      my gf wants a leaf with normal ears...
      thanks for any info :3

    10. If you look at the dollndoll site - which is so much easier to follow - she comes with both ^^
    11. yes the ears are detachable, the head cap comes off and the ears slide out as well, so you can interchange between human and elf. I could be wrong but I think all the dolkot girls are like that I have a Dolkot Yui as well and my Leaf and she has the same detachable ears :)
    12. thanks! :D

      now it's just finding a body that matches..she wants one with a bigger chest x.o
    13. Oh My Gawd! Now I want that one too!
    14. Hee, I hadn't noticed much recent gushing about Leaf when I was looking for info on her. Then I go and order her, now this thread's taking off.

      She's a lovely sculpt and will be my first big doll after being so enamoured of tinies :)
    15. I've loved Leaf with the Dark Elf face-up for quite some time. Just when I was about to order her, they discontinued that face. It's back now but I'm overextended in dolly dollars. Sure hope it's not discontinued again before I can order her. And I definitely want the elf ears.
    16. Not really sure where to post this, so if it's wrong feel free to move it :sweat

      I really like the dolkot doll, Leaf and I don't really understand the face up options because some are limited and some aren't.. but thats not the problem... I think I almost get that now...

      The problem is, I don't understand the ear thing. On the normal Leaf the company say that elf ears aren't included, it doesn't say you can't attach them though. But when I try and find elf ears for leaf on the site I can only find ears that say 'Abel and Lucifer use'. Does this mean I can't actually buy elf ears for Leaf? Or that they do fit Leaf, it just doesn't say or that they've stopped doing normal Leaf with elf ears?

      I'm really confused so if anyone can help...? Please?

      Thanks in advance :)
    17. Bump for you :aheartbea Dolkot is so confusing :(
    18. I find the dolkot site really confusing and apparently their english isnt too great. Try using the Dollndoll website they sell leaf there too, ive been trying to decide if i should get her myself.
    19. She's hot, you should :)
      I've managed to clear the mess up I think I wanted this http://www.dolkot.com/shop/step1.php?number=582 face up, but I was worried because I thought it was limited so I thought nevermind, I'll request make up like it with a normal leaf doll but then I was like ahhh no elf ears?! Nevermind I'll buy elf ears separately like everyone keeps telling me but couldn't find any so it was very confusing!!!

      But it's ok now, thanks for the concern anyway and you should totally get a Leaf! They're very pretty dolls :aheartbea

      Pyrope: Thanks for the somewhat unnecessary bump :) I love you coz you care have a hug *hugs*
    20. Lol, it saya at the bottom of the page that elf ears are included! You dont need to buy more :)