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Dolkot Limited Edition Eden of Purity Discussion

Sep 4, 2007

    1. They're both so lovely. But at that price, I'd never be able to afford'em before they get snapped up as OOAK dolls.

      I console myself with the fact that I came home from work to a notice saying my Leaf's at the post office and I can pick her up tomorrow :)
    2. Dolkot releases so many OOAKs that it seems they don't always sell super fast (perhaps also because if say a OOAK Leaf comes up for sale you know you can always get a standard Leaf and dress her up fancy, whereas a OOAK version made from a limited mold may actually be cheaper than trying to find the original limited version).
    3. I do like the boy though.... (it is a boy right? The listing says girl body for both but...?) I actually really want that wig for another one of my dolls...
    4. Oh wow, the girl is adorable. If I had the money to I'd buy her in an instant.
    5. Soo nice. Though I kind of like anything elfy :)