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Dolkot Mini Junior Discussion

Aug 29, 2007

    1. Yup. ;D If you haven't seen the news thread, Here's the doll
      So I decided to make a discussion thread because no one else has.

      I think he's adorable~ Like a minature kiss. I've been wanting a kiss, so this is awsome. Plus, I think he's a little cuter than sd kiss. My dad's getting him for me for my birthday. xP

      Anyway, what do you guys think? xD Anyone else like him? Going to get him too~?

      Mod Note:
      This is now a discussion thread for Dolkot Junior (mini)
    2. Does anyone own a Dolkot girl? If so, how happy or otherwise have you been with the doll's posing ability and general look?

      I actually am looking to put a MNF head on it, so if anyone can help me with that too, let me know if you think it'd work or not, I'd really appreciate it!

      Thank you!:)
    3. I have a dolkot body with a souldol head on it, I LOOOVE the body XD it poses great and it's pretty to, a normal immature body nice details, pretty hands, only the toes are a bit weird in my opinion, they are spaced.

      she stands great, sits great, poses very natural :D

      I did restrung her. I also took that weird part in the middle of her body out, it was gleud to the lower torso part and I dont quite understood what it was for >.<'' She was strung to loose for my taste. She barely had any seams to. She doenst required any seuding to :D

      Her body made me reconsider getting my Hye a different body becous she is a stiff poser

      Edit: oh and her leg joints are great XD love love love the posability they add!

      you can find some of her pictures if you search for souldoll miryu dolkot hybrid in the gallery
    4. the new mini body is double jointed, I think that solved a lot of the posing isseus they had in the past. And like I said, restringed her becous her stringing sucked XD
    5. Does anyone have a dolkot Yuna? ^_^ Or just any dolkot MSD? I'm ordering one soon so I'd like to know what everyone thinks.
    6. I'd like to see too. ^^

      there's also a pic request thread here, in the Requests section.
    7. Does anyone know which shoes fit dolkot junior girls well? If what they said about the foot size is true the feet are big for MSDs, but I'm not sure. Anyone have any idea?
    8. I know Releaserain on ebay sells shoes that fit the Junior boys perfectly. They're very well made, too.
    9. I'm resurrecting this thread because Dolkot Day is absolutely perfect for one of my characters - even the default faceup on the site is perfect. I'm a little wary of ordering him based on the company's reviews, but no other (mini size) doll fits the character right, so I think I'm going to have to cross my fingers and order soon.

      Can anyone tell me what size eyes and wigs the Dolkot minis take?

      Also, how do you think they'd look in a group with DZ's and MNF's? They're shorter than DZ's, right? I'm going to look around for pics, but there seem to be relatively few Dolkot minis on the forum.

    10. Necro-ing this thread, though I think there are so few Dolkot Jrs around that not many people read it! I ended up getting a Day through posting a WTB on the marketplace! He's been here nearly a month so I'm sure everyone's seen him, but here he is anyway!


      To answer my own questions, in case anyone else wants to know, 7-8 wigs work fine, he's actually wearing the Dollzone Mo-2 default. He's got 14mm eyes. He is a bit shorter than my DZ boy, but not by a huge amount even though my DZ has chunkier boots. They look fine together.
    11. Here's my Yuna! Her resin is beautiful and high quality. She poses better than any MSD I've had (granted, I haven't had them all). Her body is slimmer than Volks MSD but not as slim as Narae, for example. The one complaint I have is that her detachable ears keep falling off. I don't even know why they made them detachable since they don't have other ear options for her. Maybe down the road some time they will, but for now it's kind of annoying that the ears like to fall out fairly easily.


      Wearing something modern now:


      I now have her wearing a white wig that's long, straight, and has bangs. I love this look on her! Need to take a picture.

      Here's another of her in the buff so you can see how easily she poses. Great range of motion in the hands, too. I like that.


    12. She's cute! I have the same problem with Crow's ears - I have extra sticky tack in his head holding them in. He's a good poser, though not as good as my double-jointed Dollzone body, but is my least reliable stander. He'll stand, but I won't go more than arms reach from him when he's standing. I did have to tighten him recently, though, so it may just be that he needs to be tighter. He does look nice and natural in most of his poses, which is nice.
    13. Thanks AmyAngel. I wonder if it would work to hot glue in the ears? I might take a look at that tonight when I get home. Or have you already considered that option?


    14. Hot glue might work, I haven't tried it. It's OK for sueding and for some companies to hold in eyes, though, so it should work fine. I have a little extra sticky tack around that area anyway to help hold his headcap on tighter (because his wig is a pain - the goggles are helping hold it on) so that works OK on the ears, too.
    15. I looked everywhere for a Dolkot Junior General Discussion thread but couldn't find one. If there is one, please move this ~

      For Dolkot Junior owners - what size wigs fit best? Are 6-6.5" too snug? 7-8" too big?

      Thank you very much for your help!

      ~ Mint

      EDIT: Thanks for moving this!
    16. Answering my own question and posting in case others are wondering the same thing:

      I asked Dolkot - they said JDKs are designed to wear 6-6.5" wigs the best. :thumbup
    17. That's strange! I haven't tried my other wigs, but I know the Dollzone Mo-2 default wig I have is way small on Crow, doesn't cover the back of his head and barely stays on (lots of stickytack under it, and goggles on top). His head certainly LOOKS bigger than my Dollzone Mo's head. I'll try my actual sized Monique wigs today, but I'll be very surprised if the 6-7 will go on at all, as it won't fit my Minifees.
    18. Really?! Eek. Thank you so much for posting your experiences! :abow:

      AmyAngel, please let me know the verdict on this when you try. I was about to order a 6-6.5" wig for my future JDK and would hate to have it be too small.

      Btw, I love your Crow. He's so handsome! Soon I'm going to start saving for a Day myself to pair with my girl (once she's home safe 'n sound). :whee:
    19. Thanks! I adore Crow, he's so beautiful!

      So, I tried two Monique wigs on him today - a 6-7 Frankie, and a 7-8 Paige (he was not pleased, but that's the only one I had labeled in that size!). The 6-7 did just fit. It took stretching it with both hands while holding him still to get it on his head. Once it was on, it looked good and covered fine, it was just TIGHT. I think a stretchy 6-7 should work fine on a Day, but it will take some work to get it on. The 7-8 went on him fine, as well, it was easier to get on and stayed on fine and did not look too big. I did have a rubber band around his head under both of them, I use that on almost all my dolls to add a touch of grip (it's not a thick rubber band, so it doesn't add bulk, just grip). I really think that the Day at least is closer to 7, since the 7-8 did not seem too large at all (fit him about the same as it fits my Minifee Shushu and Shiwoo girls). I liked the way the 6-7 was once it was on (looked better on him than on my Lati Rucas head, which is smaller), but it did have to stretch. If I was shopping for fiber wigs for him I'd be looking for a 6-7 if the style was short, and either 6-7 or 7-8 whichever was available for anything else.

      I really think the Mo-2 fur wig is just crappy. I'm planning to get Crow a new white fur wig that's nicer soon. I'll probably go with a standard 1/4 size one for him, those so far have fit everyone I've put them on alright, though the one on my Rucas is slightly too big it still works OK.
    20. Thank you so much for testing those wigs. It is a such a huge help! :D

      The wig I'm ordering for him is from For My Doll - I've read they will make wigs in custom sizes, so since they don't offer 6-7" (only 6-6.5" and 7-8") I'll ask if they can produce it in 6-7".

      Thanks again! :thumbup